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  1. Ambient/Denecke timecode disparity

    All Denecke time code products are also world famous for rock solid accuracy. I'm sure you've triple checked all settings, but it sounds like one of them is wrong.
  2. Audix 1280B Shotgun

    Just Kidding Affinity. Senator Mike has been a highly regarded production sound professional both on the set and in the classroom for decades. He has forgotten more about the science of production sound than many of us will ever know. In fact, he generously posted to your article here, "Operating a boom mic", back in April 2011 :>)
  3. Audix 1280B Shotgun

    There's a Senator with teachable production sound experience?
  4. Sprint drops out of 600 MHz auction

    Hey Jim. Are you saying that you have specific knowledge of someone getting busted for using a radio mic on an illegal freq?
  5. Let's talk video monitoring for a minute.

    Don't forget Black Magic Mini Down Converters. $280.00 each to keep using what you already have if for some reason production won't provide. I don't mind the gawkers. That's how I met my wife so I have a soft spot. Sometimes if they invade too much I ask them if they would like to sit on my knee. That usually shames them back to a comfortable distance.
  6. Directional Lavs

    I'm thinking of mounting DPA 4081s to the facial capture camera boom on a MoCap feature I have coming up.
  7. Sample Production Contract

    Thanks Robert, I keep forgetting to save this thing when I get it!
  8. Need urgently 8 Comtek 216 headsets

    call location sound @ 818-980-9891 and follow the prompts to have someone call you back and open rental immediately. Coffey/ Trew probably has that too.
  9. Cancun Wireless Problems. HELP!

    @ Ben, Great post. Much good info. Probably won't help Matt on this shoot, but which peak hold spectrum analyzer are you using? Best, Ed
  10. Wireless Boom Op. Favorite Configurations?

    Hey Jan, Great story with a surprise ending after a year! Curious if you were monitoring directly out of the 788t or a mix panel. Best, Ed
  11. Vancouver boom ops?

    Hey Scott. Thanks for the post. Very big multi location studio feature shooting exteriors in Vancouver 3-4 weeks in March. Probably won't be much opportunity for a fisher. Forgive my ignorance, but do you have a last name for Phil?
  12. anyone have a line on the A- list boom ops in Vancouver?
  13. Venue vs VR Fielld

    You answered your question in the second sentence of your post. Field- portable. Rack mount- not so much. I've put a Field in a picture car on a tow rig, cabled away from the cart on a snake, even quite cool in a bag. Just wish you could power down unused modules.
  14. RIP - Michael Clarke Duncan

    Good one John. Matt, he did. I worked with him a few times very recently. He was gracious, cooperative, funny and fabulous in every way. And what a voice!
  15. Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

    Great find indeed! Glad there are fresh posts on this since I missed it in Feb. John B, what was your newly discovered on cart RF pollution? Hard drives?