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  1. Chuck

    Nomad Lite

    I noticed on the Nomad Comparison Chart it says the Lite has 0 track mix busses while the 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 have 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 respectively. Does anyone know what this refers to, does this mean the Lite only records ISOs and not mix tracks? Thanks all
  2. Chuck

    Sanken COS11 Servo wiring

    I'm also going to take this opportunity to pick Larry's brain. It's basically on topic so I don't feel too badly about hijacking this thread. I have a few COS 11D's that I wired myself using the servo wiring scheme above. I also have one that was wired professionally and this one has a noticeably higher output than the others. I peeked inside the connector of this one to see how it was wired (it should have been the same as the others) and from what I can tell, it looks like it's wired using the universal scheme (nothing to pin 5) but without a 1k resistor. At least I don't see any resistors and I think the proper universal wiring would have lower output than the SM wiring. Is this just wired for universal and the output is hotter because of that or am I right that it doesn't have the resistor. If I'm right then what are your thoughts about this wiring setup? I like the option for more gain because I already have to turn up my TX pretty high with my other - SM wired - COS11s Thanks!