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  1. I dug around on Ebay.com and Amazon for Prestik. Nobody seems to ship to North America. Even bostik.com/us does not advertise this product.
  2. Absolutely agreed. I was referencing the application putty has, not that it is the same substance or of similar properties. Btw I have Blu-Tack on my cars dashboard to hold my mobile phone since half a year. It becomes brittle after a wile and looses its doughy property either due to heat/air/UV. I am not sure if I understand your VHB statement in this kontext. This might be similar to joey's sticky stuff but different to Prestik/BluTack. I use the stuff pictured in #6 (Bostik "Original"/Prestik) if a stronger hold is expedient and the surface is not susceptible to to stain (E.g. a condenser mic on some varnished furniture). To plant a lav on wallpaper, I'd use Blu Tack. Bostik ("Original"/Prestik) does leave a funny film/smell on your hands and I wash my hands after use if possible.
  3. I use the "Prestik" mentioned above as well Blu-Tack. (The South African Prestik mentioned herehttp://www.bostik.co.za/products/stationery/prestik is obviously different in color and packaging, and similar to Blu-Tack) They do have differences, appart from the color and the mere packages size it is sold in. Prestik initially was used in construction applications like these: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Putty I picked this, as the photo in the article shows it's classic application, though it is not clear, if it is actually used here. Blu-Tack's intended market targets household applications. It is less sticky but leaves less stain and Bostik advertises it to be "nontoxic". I think Bostik has changed the composition of its "classic" product somewhere after 2010. Before, it had a lighter grey, was more suceptible to storage temperature and had a different smell and more "smear". The package was rather similar.
  4. For reference: Blue Cow Cables should be able to make one, though they don't advertise. http://www.productionwiring.com/86-usb-power-cables. I have the Hirose one. The USB 5V regulator is a simple car charger.
  5. I Just stumbled over this and thought I'd share it. I Wonder, what the sound person thought that moment. The interesting part is from minute 2:38 to 2:58. https://www.zdf.de/comedy/heute-show/van-der-horst-und-die-cdsu-102.html URL to Video file It is from a German weekly political parody show "heute show". Quick translation: Reporter: Mr Söder, come to the CDSU, thats your only career chance now! Söder: Many thanks, May we keep it? (the mic) Reporter: No Söder: I see, but we've paid the fees. (referencing public radio licence fees, the ones that finance the show) Reporter: When Kosmala (the featured guy in the clip questioning Söders party) is on power, you'll be locked up for that Söder: Here you are, the mic from the "heute show"... Nobody wants it? van_der_Horst_und_die_CDSU_-_ZDFmediathek.mp4 Unlinked for possible copyright issues
  6. Are scythe, clamps, cable etc amagnetic? From http://ktekpro.com/law-enforcement-armed-forces/
  7. Done so with a GP344 with PMMN4024A into a 788t (TA3). Worked flawlessly with some 3.5mm TRS to TA3 cable from some AKG-headphone. The PMMN4024A was the only TRS-out option at the time. The coiled cable was not a blessing in the bag setup. I did not or hardly use PTT/TX
  8. Not sure, if this helps, but isn't Wisycom located there? Edit: Got confused with Venice
  9. Thnx
  10. Having no experience with zaxcom, why do you need bidirectional timecode for zaxnet?
  11. If I remember correctly, CCMs are more sensitive to EMI than a CMC6 setup.
  12. Just to clarify terminology here: Are you discouraging "linear fader" implementations on touchscreens or remotability by devices from that fruity company? My interest is as much remotability as possible, including SuperslotRX (and even TX?), transport, metadata, whatever settings, gain, fader, etc. A water resistant touchscreen could be useful for me, depending on the task. It does not apply for latency sensitive mixing of radioed lavs according to some scripted screenplay, but it does for docu style when lavs are open most of the time and only need to be level-mached. A "linear" wipe for gain and fader does make more ergonomic sense than some rotary gesture. Talking "dedicated hardware": I'd love to see an API/IOcodetable to custom build such an interface or let 3rd parties do so. 1st thing I'd want is boom mounted, "wireless" with tactile buttons and a small display.
  13. My 2 cent: If the thing does the job that CL-wifi promised, I'll buy it. period. Integration for TonmeisterApp, Movieslate or any 3rd party tech would be great, but will depend on 3rd parties even more. @daniel We'll see. The WM connect thing does look like a "generic" BTadapter, though it would depend on what drivers/kernel modules SD implements in their firmware. So it'll depend accordingly and mainly on the chipset used by whatever "generic" device you try. The price (compared to CL-wifi) and SDs fitted USB-adapter would be reason enough for me, not to look for a cheaper rebuild. @Constantin I do not want to chime in the way you've been contradicted before. As I understand, (correct me if I am wrong,) you do mainly fictional cart work. However, if you've ever done a one (sound)man shoot in the wadden sea or documented some alpine hiking trip, you'd be really happy about every gram that's in your backpack (or on a "mule") instead of a soundbag in front of your belly, regardless what harness you use and favour this over responsivity of your user interface. Yes, Idevices are not professional tools, but at least, there is a variety of rugging cases, aquapacs, arm or polemounts, etc to choose from. It would be at least a little step to loosing bellybumping soundbags after all, with future potential, having SuperSlot remotability in mind. It is, yet again, unfortunate, though understandable that SD focuses exclusively on IOS. I guess that's what most people in this industry are familiar with and therefore they focus on this selling point instead of interoperability that generates issues and user support with countless individual devices.
  14. Has anyone experience with these products? https://www.beclickless.com/pages/stiletto-high-heel-covers https://www.thesolemates.com/shop/solemates-high-heeler (not sure, if the material is an elastomere) https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2013-Hot-Sell-Rubber-Shoe-Heel_939302889.html http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Buy-1-get-5-free-Silicone-shoe-High-heel-protectors-High-stiletto-heel-protector-Heel-protector/1967349706.html http://silentsolutionsonline.com
  15. Today, I've stumbled over an aspect, so trivial, that my initial question might matter way more to the general public than to some film industry person roaming around dictatorships in whatever scenarios. A friend of mine is a youth psychologist in training. She needs to film patients for evaluation/supervision ("supervision" in the health industry meaning). Their system is (as far as I understood) to record on some SD card with some consumer grade camera and put it in a "special" computer that copies the files to an encrypted thumb drive and erases/overwrites all content stored on the thumb drive before and currently on the SD card. Technically, the thumb drive has a Truecrypt FS and the "special" computer presumably some sort of script that does the copy&overwrite stuff. How well implemented one thinks this system is or not, there are way more people that carry around sensitive video/audio data beyond our industry. And it's simply a good practice to be aware of potential data breaches and carrying sensitive data in sufficiently encrypted ways. A/Vrecorders that implement such a feature preferably with open source code will do good for their customers.