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  1. A beltworn TX while booming is nothing I like to work with. - Cable handling is annoying - You have to unplug yourself from the unit whenever you want to put it aside - Putting a TX to a bag of water (aka the boom op) instead of a 2m high boom does not really increase range But after all... it depends
  2. For reference Besides the Ambient, Denecke and Mozgear boxes worth mentioning are: - Areitec used to make the Pico48 (optimised for Zaxcoms beltworn TRX, but likely to works with other brands). Unfortunately its discontinued due to the appearance of the ZMT3Phantom. It is a lighter system especially with the build in mounting concept, but the latter is not designed for plug on style TX, so some sort of tinkering might be necessary. - Audio Wireless has the "AW P48 Wireless Boom" - the historic Sennheiser MZA14 - also historic the AKG B18E Then there are system specific solutions. The smallest/lightest I've came across was an active cable for Schoeps' CCMs to Audio LTD2040 (or 2020?) followed by the "Wurst" for the 2020. Both hardly advertised on the internet. Wisycom provides the rather small box called PHA48
  3. Dry condoms + cable ties worked well for me in water risky situations on transmitters. When I experimented with tools back in the days, I've tried one over a 416, but the sound was rather poor above water. The test was mainly to improvise hydrophonic applications, that worked more or less. If you want to go the condom-on-mics-road, for shorter mics, you might try finger stalls instead of condoms. Ask for "Fingerlinge" in you local pharmacy or cut some rubber glove. This will obviously only protect the top of the mic, not the XLR. I've boomed for a sound mixer who pulled out a shower cap (Duschhaube) he got from some hotel room that went over the fur of a WS4. It worked well and was very transparent in light to medium rain (without wind) and did not crackle. Regarding (north sea) beaches, apart from wind and water noises being the biggest enemies, once the prop department had a rake around, that helped making an actors path through crackling shells. Will you be in the mudflat aka Watt?
  4. I just stumbled over this, didn't know where to post it: http://www.listeningearth.com/blog/the-pibo-an-experimental-diy-soundscape-microphone-array
  5. On the CMIT5U+OSIX (and various other Mics + indoor mount) I've used for low wind situations some cheap noname fur sock over the given foam. For mid/high winds I've unhappily used WS4 (including active low-cut, that is AFAIK "hard-coded" into the CMITmini) as (I believe size4 and maybe some other) Rycote WS have a grumbling-noise self-resonacence issue(that exceeds the usual mics of our trades build in low-cut capabilities or physics laws). For mid/high wind situations, I'd compare a weeks experience with rentalware and buying price between pianissimo and whatever size is recommended on the cyclone side.
  6. My initial thought on keeping stuff dry: Silica gel works but is expensive/not widely available. Keep a small bag of cat litter in your vehicle. Put your sensitive equipment in a dust-tight but air transmissive bag (thick cotton/GoreTex? I'd guess you could throw money at Kortwich or your local taylor, but I'd go the DIYroad) and this inside the cat litter. Side effect: Any burglar will ignore the cat litter and what's buried inside. To prevent your "drybag" from continiously soaking humidity every dewing morning use some plastic garbage/shopping bag. Some cheap laundry box is also an option and makes digging more comfortable but might cause "interesting" situations at border crossings. Monitor the situation with some cheap hygrometer.
  7. Ambient should have an Eumel for Microdot and probably for whatever might be hard-soldered to fit your other TX. But would a simple resistor, DIYstyle do?
  8. I dug around on Ebay.com and Amazon for Prestik. Nobody seems to ship to North America. Even bostik.com/us does not advertise this product.
  9. Absolutely agreed. I was referencing the application putty has, not that it is the same substance or of similar properties. Btw I have Blu-Tack on my cars dashboard to hold my mobile phone since half a year. It becomes brittle after a wile and looses its doughy property either due to heat/air/UV. I am not sure if I understand your VHB statement in this kontext. This might be similar to joey's sticky stuff but different to Prestik/BluTack. I use the stuff pictured in #6 (Bostik "Original"/Prestik) if a stronger hold is expedient and the surface is not susceptible to to stain (E.g. a condenser mic on some varnished furniture). To plant a lav on wallpaper, I'd use Blu Tack. Bostik ("Original"/Prestik) does leave a funny film/smell on your hands and I wash my hands after use if possible.
  10. I use the "Prestik" mentioned above as well Blu-Tack. (The South African Prestik mentioned herehttp://www.bostik.co.za/products/stationery/prestik is obviously different in color and packaging, and similar to Blu-Tack) They do have differences, appart from the color and the mere packages size it is sold in. Prestik initially was used in construction applications like these: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Putty I picked this, as the photo in the article shows it's classic application, though it is not clear, if it is actually used here. Blu-Tack's intended market targets household applications. It is less sticky but leaves less stain and Bostik advertises it to be "nontoxic". I think Bostik has changed the composition of its "classic" product somewhere after 2010. Before, it had a lighter grey, was more suceptible to storage temperature and had a different smell and more "smear". The package was rather similar.
  11. For reference: Blue Cow Cables should be able to make one, though they don't advertise. http://www.productionwiring.com/86-usb-power-cables. I have the Hirose one. The USB 5V regulator is a simple car charger.
  12. I Just stumbled over this and thought I'd share it. I Wonder, what the sound person thought that moment. The interesting part is from minute 2:38 to 2:58. https://www.zdf.de/comedy/heute-show/van-der-horst-und-die-cdsu-102.html URL to Video file It is from a German weekly political parody show "heute show". Quick translation: Reporter: Mr Söder, come to the CDSU, thats your only career chance now! Söder: Many thanks, May we keep it? (the mic) Reporter: No Söder: I see, but we've paid the fees. (referencing public radio licence fees, the ones that finance the show) Reporter: When Kosmala (the featured guy in the clip questioning Söders party) is on power, you'll be locked up for that Söder: Here you are, the mic from the "heute show"... Nobody wants it? van_der_Horst_und_die_CDSU_-_ZDFmediathek.mp4 Unlinked for possible copyright issues
  13. Are scythe, clamps, cable etc amagnetic? From http://ktekpro.com/law-enforcement-armed-forces/
  14. Done so with a GP344 with PMMN4024A into a 788t (TA3). Worked flawlessly with some 3.5mm TRS to TA3 cable from some AKG-headphone. The PMMN4024A was the only TRS-out option at the time. The coiled cable was not a blessing in the bag setup. I did not or hardly use PTT/TX
  15. Not sure, if this helps, but isn't Wisycom located there? Edit: Got confused with Venice