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  1. Zoom f8 audio files overwritten

    Not sure if this is the case in other sound professions with "No Behringer" Have you seen something like "No Røde" before?
  2. Zoom f8 audio files overwritten

  3. Zoom f8 audio files overwritten

    Put the SD in some linux system, make an image with dd or ddrescue. Make sure, the SDcard is not automounted. This will look somehow like this: umount /dev/mmcblk0 dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=sdcard.image bs=512 Then run testdisk on the image testdisk sdcard.image Alternatively, PhotoRec might find the file. (a sister project of testdisk) If all else fails, in theory, search with some hex editor for any continuous sequences that are not zeros. However, I have not yet done such a thing and this is pure theory. Be sure to understand what the commands you issue do (especially with the "if" "of" options of dd) read the manual and sufficiently current howtos. Work with the image and copies of it. A lot of data is frequently destroyed by rescue approaches. Do not fumble around with the original media, like: BTW which?
  4. 2.4 GHz amp in bag

    As this discussion seems to turn already into a flamewar, here's some funfact: In Germany and possibly a lot of other non North American places, outside the sounddepartment(, and sometimes for simplicity within the sound dep,) a "Comtek" is a common noun derived from a brand name. Funnily, 99% of the time the RX will be some generation of an EK 300 and most people asking for a comtek have never even seem or gave out one before (or any ERX).
  5. True, not sure though if the RFE Signal Generator might be of use.
  6. These situations when a RF-Explorer is useful...
  7. Headphone

    I guess you are being ironic or did I miss some vintage redux from Beyerdynamic?
  8. Headphone

    Surprisingly... it depends. The best HP is the one you're used to and learned to judge with. Best thing to start is to walk into some store that provides professional lines from Beyerdynamic, Sony, Sennheiser and Ultrasone and ultimate ears and compare them with you ears. However you may not find such a store, so order some models with the option of returning them and do a listening test. And ask yourself: For what application doing "location sound"? Booming, mixing? ENG, narrative or documentary? Bag or cart? How important is shielding from the environment for you? Will you be close to the action or close to combo village? Also, there is no such thing as "on location". An airport apron is highly different than a small flat. Tropical weather is different to some winterwonderland. My 2 ct: Most people coming from ENG/bagwork prefer the HD-25 (or derrivates). It was made for disk jockeys. But was one of the few or the only option for location sound if you wanted something lighter than the DT-48. Both became somewhat an industry standard first because of a lack of alternatives, then because everybody else used. If I'm on a cart or at least, if I don't boom, I highly prefer (and advise) something around the ear instead of on the ear. I've been quite happy with the DT-100, DT150, Custom Studio, DT-770 from Beyerdynamic, all come with pros and cons, like any other model. When booming I use cheap ear hooked plugs that regularly die in the laundry.
  9. Zaxcom TRXFB3

    Show hosts, SNG reporters, anchormen, remote guests frequently wear some RX/TX setup. Zaxcom just made a Wisycom RPU300 for belt applications.
  10. Schoeps MiniCMIT

    Standard http://www.schoeps.de/en/products/w140 as mentioned in Posts #67 and #91. It works well and as expected on this suspension: http://rycote.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/041118_INV7HG-MKIII-trans.png. It works also well, if you mount the mic to the back of the Inv-lite with the non-angled XLR between the lyres (this brings up other issues though and is just a quick workaround). This is nothing intuitive. My best guess is some aerodynamic oddity with the lyres in combination of the W140. Who knows... Just don't buy/use the Inv-lite21 for a MiniCMIT for a bit fast moving boom operations. Rather try the K-tek thing or an inv6/7 or wait until Cinela comes up with something. Happy for you though that the inv-lite 19 with the 4017c does not have this issue.
  11. Schoeps MiniCMIT

  12. Schoeps MiniCMIT

    After a week of testing out, I can confirm that the suspension mentioned is highly susceptible to the swoosh when doing larger swings. The unit has a sticker that says "Inv-lite 21". This effect is much worse than this setup with the standard foam: This is not a very elegant solution though, as you loose some "shortness". It may be a great mount, depending on the application. It is not on a swinging boom. My best guess: Its due to the fact, that the turbulences at the lyres are so close to the slot array.
  13. Schoeps MiniCMIT

    Met the Mini today on a shoot I will be booming the next couple of days. This thing seems very susceptible to wind noise. And I mean a lot(!). The (indoor) setup was a Rycote Inv as pictured in with the standard foam (yes, fully applied covering all interference slits). I've handled the 5U for some time, but this felt like it was naked/no foam at all. There is no way to pick up a dialogue with talents being a meter apart and moving the boom is highly impaired. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it due to some funny aerodynamics from the TX/Phantom mounts or a faulty unit?
  14. Need Small Phantom Power Thing (Thing?)

    A beltworn TX while booming is nothing I like to work with. - Cable handling is annoying - You have to unplug yourself from the unit whenever you want to put it aside - Putting a TX to a bag of water (aka the boom op) instead of a 2m high boom does not really increase range But after all... it depends