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  1. Many thanks Jeff, glad you were able to see them in person. For someone as experienced as yourself that means a great deal. Can I quote you on that?!
  2. I use 40x40 in all my range of carts as it allows an 8mm bolt to be used. Think of the weight of the kit you'll be using. Most manufacturers include details of the forces that their products can accept.
  3. Hey Mac, it is based on your Red Bag Cart! I've emailed you about a separate matter.
  4. Yes it does. There will be a shelf that will do just that giving you a 490mm x 310mm area.
  5. This is my soon to be launched Follow Cart concept. I'm still waiting for a few parts to arrive so it can be beta tested. It features 20u of 19" storage space, detachable worktop, compatibility with our range of universal accessories (boom holders, antenna holders etc.) Any requests while we are in the final design/testing/phase? Estimated RRP £1,000+VAT
  6. I did consider designing a bespoke part to do just that but it was substantially more and I've strived to keep the prices of our carts as low as possible.
  7. Yes quality drawer runners were our choice and work very well. Hi Treb, The shelves on the MiniCart (Green) are custom powder coated as are the shelf brackets. They don't lock but do click into position to prevent them from sliding unintentionally. The Production Sound Cart (Blue) uses standard 19" drawers which can lock with a key. My manufacturer of choice is Penn Elcom who make aluminium drawers. Matt
  8. Thanks Jeff.
  9. To celebrate SOUNDCART's 1st anniversary (we launched in March 2016) and our British heritage, we are releasing a limited edition MiniCart in British Racing Green. The difference between the standard MiniCart and the limited edition version are the colour of the handles and shelf brackets. Otherwise the price and specification remain the same as the standard version. When ordering your MiniCart please make sure you let us know if you like one of the limited edition models otherwise a standard version will be supplied. Trew Audio ( are now dealers for SOUNDCART in Canada and USA (in addition to Pro-Sound) while A4audio in France is also now a dealer. For further information about the MiniCart and your local dealer please visit our website at
  10. Best answer will be from Audio Developments themselves. Drop Tom an email.
  11. Yep those are the ones!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, it was going to be an option as I have some low profile casters which I use on my other carts that would fit the job. Spinning the cart 90 degrees was also a consideration. My primary reasons for changing my mind were: A. You loose storage space as the rear wheels overlap the rack area (even if you put them below as it raise the working surface height by 12") B. Weight distribution would be "compromised" when tipped back on the larger rearwheels (if the short tide was the back) in so much as it would more likely tip/fall to the side when in motion. This could be fixed make the cart square in size thus increasing the distance between the wheels but then the compact design concept is lost. I may change my mind during prototyping of course as it maybe the solution to a problem yet unknown. I have come to realise it is all a compromise... I'm not familar with Greg Sextro's cart - has it been covered on JWS? I guess the reason why many carts look similar is that the requirements and practicalities are pretty strict (19", strong box design, needs handles to push etc.). All my design have taken influences from many sources - including those in the JWS gallery - and then I have tried to add a unique spin Yes I agree with everything you have said. The casters will definitely be an option (trying to keep as low a entry price as possible) To allow the drawers to open at the front rather than the rear (as shown above) the sliding shelf needs to be able to go above the rear handles which the current design would not allow. The next design change will be to raise the front uprights to the same height of the rear ones. This will allow the sliding lid to be placed and secured centrally if desired or slightly off center if you have nothing particularly heavy. I have also considered splitting the design but the realities are that you loose overall strength - not a huge amount but some - but more importantly cost! As I mentioned above it is all about compromise. Would the extra cost be "worth" the gain. Let me know!!
  13. Yes good shout. Interesting link... cheers!
  14. Yeah good shout. Like these (see attached photos)?? Also good to know. Thanks Robert. I agree. The design change maybe to make is have all the uprights the same height, move the handle down slightly to allow the work surface to be placed over the handles. The orientation of the drawers could be changed to open the other way.
  15. Something like this... Portable-Bathroom-Baby-Toys-Storage-font-b-Net-b-font-font-b-Bag-b-font-with.jpg but without the toys in them. You get the idea though.