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  1. MixPre 10t output level

    I don't think it is an accident that it only outputs Tape Level.
  2. NEW SMWB and SMDWB Lectrosonic units Announced..

    This will ruffle feathers....
  3. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

  4. Zuca carts

    Anyone have an opinion on Zuca's for sitting on? Comfortable? Which model is best for our use? Photo courtesy of Thomas Petrucci.
  5. sound devices media prices in UK

    How do they compare to suppliers in Europe? They should be very similar as the import costs are the same. The price discrepancy will be down to Shure UK as the UK distributor. Because the UK is still in Europe (for the moment anyway) and the European single Market exists we can buy from European dealer without issues of tax - you may pay more in postage though. If any dealer refuses to sell them to you they are breaking European competition law!!
  6. Traveling With Cart Overseas

    This is partly why my cart designs fold. The MiniCart (Green handles) is also dead easy to take apart for ultimate transportation in a Pelicase.
  7. 600mhz equipment resale?

    I was told this was not possible by Raycom (European Lectro Service Centre).
  8. New 80/20 Follow Cart

    Good job
  9. 16-Channel Analogue to Dante Location Mixer

    By platform independent I meant that the mixer I'd like to see wouldn't require a particular recorder from one manufacturer as the Mix16 or CL-12 does. If it were Dante enabled it could work with a Sound Devices Pix, JoeCo Blackbox etc. Sorry I probably wasn't being clear.
  10. 16-Channel Analogue to Dante Location Mixer

    I have not read up a great deal on Deva24. Will it be platform independent? Will I be able to use it as a traditional console and use the Dante output to feed my SD970? I have no desire to use Zaxcom wireless or their IFB systems with it as heavily invested in other manufacturers.
  11. 16-Channel Analogue to Dante Location Mixer

    Yes the 970 does not have at the mix engine like the 6-series so the integration many are used too on the CL-12/688 is impossible unless Sound Devices open up the protocols (if they have even been written for the PIX series!). To be clear to some the CL-12 uses the processing power from the 6-series as such the CL-12 is purely a data controller which some (as Jeff mentions) call a mixer in the broadest sense. I get your points on the Com1&2. I was trying to get to the bottom of what could or could not be left out to save production costs. As I'm assuming the mixer plugs into a Dante recorder such as the PIX, the recorder would act as the bridge to AES etc. You make good points. I think we may be talking cross purposes. You are correct, if Sound Devices ever produced a CL-16 for the PIX range it would blow out the water anything else on the market. I am a good example of what you've said. I own a 788/CL-9, a 688/CL-12 which both work wonderfully. I'm now at the point I need more tracks so have moved to the PIX range however I'm now stuck for a dedicated location mixer. The lack of 12vDC is a real problem for me as my locations are rarely studio based so there is no AC power. I am therefore facing running an inverter and the issues relating to that. My Audio Development mixers can be upgraded to AES inputs but this doesn't overcome the lack of inputs... I kinda figured I cannot be the only person in this position...
  12. 16-Channel Analogue to Dante Location Mixer

    Sorry Jeff for not answering sooner. I knew what you meant! Yes the 970 does not have a mix engine like the 6-series. What I envisage is a traditional mixer which would be platform independent and could work with any Dante enabled recorder (PIX range, JoeCo etc.).
  13. 16-Channel Analogue to Dante Location Mixer

    Not a bad idea Philip. I have spoken to several manufacturers both big and small. The big companies say the 12v DC market is too small and the small companies say the R&D costs are huge? I have looked at several FOH mixers and your points are very valid but none are 12v DC ;-( and I'd rather not run an inverter.
  14. 16-Channel Analogue to Dante Location Mixer

    If a 16-channel location mixing desk could be created for your SD PIX recorder what features would be a must-have? I am assuming SD are not going to create a CL-16 so if you could design a hybrid control surface / analogue to Dante mixer which features would you include and what would you leave out to keep costs down?? Would you give such a concept crowd funding support if we could find a manufacture to take on such a task? My must have features would be: 12v DC, Dante, 16x Line-in only inputs (save on cost of pre-amps and stick a MixPre in-line for your boom channels), L/R outputs, 2x Aux outputs, Penny and Giles faders. Do we really need EQ or Comms ports? Is AES or MADI really required as we would be interfacing with a SD PIX anyway... Obviously it wouldn't have the feature set of a Yamaha, Midas or Behringer digital mixer - would that be such as issue? Be honest!
  15. Cart building day!!!

    I would highly recommend extending the depth of your handle (if you are not already doing this!) so match the depth of the wheels. By having them perfectly aligned they are easier to push (as you are not leaning forward over the wheels), they are more secure during transport (as they can be tightly ratchet strapped to the side of a van so won't move around as much), if you incorporate wheels they can wheel into vehicles on their back (not necessary if you own a van though and can transport it upright all the time). Did you engineer the holes yourself or did they do it for you?