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  1. Zuca already make an all terrain version here so should not need to mount new wheels. They may also offer a conversion kit if you own one of the original design?
  2. It will be interesting to learn if this is even an option. I guess we won't find out until any settlement is made. Anyone know if Tascam were offered the opportunity to license the patent from Zaxcom?
  3. All very interesting points!
  4. My thoughts were an open (patent-less) standard could be achieved by some or all of the manufacturers as Superslot is. The manufacturers could perhaps then cross-license (with a fee changing hands to a point) and would make money selling hardware (or software) to us! Best of both worlds.
  5. Buy them while you can!
  6. Here is a crazy idea... could an open standard be devised so that a modular radiomic system could be created from any manufacture?
  7. I've been called many things. Brave? No. Fair? I like to think so. Inquisitive? Yes. Stubborn? Absolutely. Should Lectrosonics decide to fight this in court then yes who knows what the ramifications will be.
  8. Litigation is once again the topic of the day. I see from that Zaxcom has decided to sue Lectrosonics over the PDR unit claiming infringement of their U.S. Patent No. 7,929,902, 8,385,814 & 9,336,307 all entitled “VIRTUAL WIRELESS MULTITRACK RECORDING SYSTEM.” Members here I imagine will likely naturally take one side or the other. Personally, I am a former Zaxcom and current Lectrosonics and Wisycom user. I am a supporter of patents as they offer much needed protection to innovators and inventors when used in the correct manner. However, my own view (which I am aware others will disagree with but we are in a democracy with freedom of speech so lets keep things civil) is that this patent is far too broad and should never have been issued in its current form as it is stifling the industry and advances in radiomic technology. Like many, I see recordable transmitters as a natural evolution of the humble radiomic and would like to see other manufacturers (I know Audio Ltd already have a working system available outside of North America) adding features such as this to their equipment ranges. I was hoping that following the launch of Superslot the industry had seen the light and would work towards a greater open-standards (or at worse cross-license patents for the benefit of the end user). This clearly shows those days are not yet here. This topic last came up with Zaxcom sued Tascam over the launch of their DR10's. Tascam withdrew their product from North America rather than enter a lengthy and costly legal battle (who knows what Lectrosonics will decide but my guess is that they took legal council prior to launching the PDR) so to my knowledge this patent has never been tested in an actual court. Questions for the group are: 1.) Would you like to see Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Wisycom, Audio Ltd create an open standard or cross license their technologies for the benefit of end users? 2.) Does anyone know if Zaxcom offer a license for their patents (Recordable transmitter)? If not, why not? 3.) Does anyone know if Lectrosonics offer a license for their patents (Digital Hybrid)? If not, why not? Finally, let us have a sensible discussion about this and the wider topic of open standards and NOT drag this thread down with inappropriate language or insults please!!
  9. Many thanks Jeff, glad you were able to see them in person. For someone as experienced as yourself that means a great deal. Can I quote you on that?!
  10. I use 40x40 in all my range of carts as it allows an 8mm bolt to be used. Think of the weight of the kit you'll be using. Most manufacturers include details of the forces that their products can accept.
  11. Hey Mac, it is based on your Red Bag Cart! I've emailed you about a separate matter.
  12. Yes it does. There will be a shelf that will do just that giving you a 490mm x 310mm area.
  13. This is my soon to be launched Follow Cart concept. I'm still waiting for a few parts to arrive so it can be beta tested. It features 20u of 19" storage space, detachable worktop, compatibility with our range of universal accessories (boom holders, antenna holders etc.) Any requests while we are in the final design/testing/phase? Estimated RRP £1,000+VAT
  14. I did consider designing a bespoke part to do just that but it was substantially more and I've strived to keep the prices of our carts as low as possible.
  15. Yes quality drawer runners were our choice and work very well. Hi Treb, The shelves on the MiniCart (Green) are custom powder coated as are the shelf brackets. They don't lock but do click into position to prevent them from sliding unintentionally. The Production Sound Cart (Blue) uses standard 19" drawers which can lock with a key. My manufacturer of choice is Penn Elcom who make aluminium drawers. Matt