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  1. Could the work surface flop down over the front of the drawers, to keep them closed when it is stowed? sb
  2. If you are buying Wisy's for the emulations, then have a really good listen first. Trust your ears ;-)
  3. Go Button, for iPad and iPhone. There is a fully functioning free version, but you can only have one playlist in it. You can take the full convo in one file, and load it into many cues in Go Button. You can edit in and out points for each cue. It makes a big red button on the screen (might be green, I am working from memory) and each time you hit the button it plays the next cue. We were doing 7 and 8 minute long phone calls recently, and it worked brilliantly, 50+ cues......
  4. That went well then ;-) (where is the irony emoticon when you need it. ;-) sb
  5. When you put your furniture pads/sound blankets up, be aware of what the rest of the setups are for the current scene, I'd which walls will be safe on which setups. It can help a lot to enable you to have a similar amount of blankies up for each setup, even if they are on different walls each time.
  6. not forgetting comms, IEM sends, and video. ;-)
  7. There are many different types (models) of Black London Cabs. The one in your photo looks like a vert modern type of Black cab. Be aware that most Black cabs have 3 seats at the back facing forward, and two fold down seats in the middle facing backwards. In your diagram the three rear seats are at the LHS, and the two rear facing seats are on the RHS. In your diagram the driver would be out of the frame to the RHS, and if driving forwards the direction of travel would be left to right. So - it could be argued that one mic in the centre of the cab would cover all 5 seats, so long as the passengers are looking at each other. If it were I then I would try to get two mics for the back row, to be placed just forward of the sat passengers, plus one or two for the rear facing passengers. If the rear facing passengers turn around to talk to the driver then they may go off mic, so maybe one between them for when they are facing rearwards, and another on the dividing screen for if they tun to talk to the driver. Depending on the model of cab, there might or might not be stuff on the ceiling to hide mics in. Good luck, Simon B Picking up on Philip's post. It is highly unlikely that aircon will be needed in London for about the next 3 months. The engines are not overly quiet, they are all deisels so are quite 'chuggy'. Enjoy, sb
  8. I am not so sure that you are being sincere Martin ;-) I think I shall leave you to this thread. My work is done ;-) sb
  9. Apologies. I deliberately didn't go into great detail as to how to do this on a Zaxcom machine, as the OP asked about SD. But..... since you ask, On a Zaxcom you go top the OP routing page, then hit 'more', 'more', 'more' (iirc) and you then get a different set of OP grids that relate to when the machine is in 'stop', 'record', or 'play' modes. On a Cantar X3 there is a special page that allows to you set different OP routing for each position of the main rotor switch. The Aaton has more available options than the Zaxcom, but the Zax has as many as I have ever needed ;-) So now you all know ;-)
  10. I can confirm that SS GB was well recorded (I watched it last night) and is a good mix/dub. So, as ever, the problem would appear to be an actor's performance which is a kind of grunting whisper (a bit like a quiet cough whilst moving one's lips) and the usual spineless combination of director and producers who don't have the balls to mention to said actor that his words are inaudible and/or incomprehensible. I don't understand why Producers in particular don't look at day one rushes, and then give notes to the relevant actors or HoDs before any problems become too great. I know of a TV series that rescheduled after day 2 because the leading actress' wig was awful, and another (BAFTA winning BBC series) where the no 2 actor was replaced after a day because he was a bit 'weird'. Yes this takes balls on the part of the producer or director, but they are being paid fortunes to have balls and to make strong decisions. Why is it different with actors? If the sound was awful, or the focus soft, after a day or two then we'd be long gone. Kindest, sb
  11. I only ever read the manuals 'in the crapper' as we say here in the UK. I dont get disturbed, and I get quality thinking time ;-) sb
  12. Have al;ook at Ambient and see if they make an Eumel to do this. ;-)
  13. I have about 20 of them here in the UK. They are brilliantly designed. Best straps I have found yet, for many reasons. I heard a rumour that a US manufacturer of radio mic straps is trying to 'have a go' legally at Ursa. I am most intrigued to try and fathom quite what you could patent on a radio mic strap - sounds about as unlikely as someone taking a patent out on the colour orange ;-) Anyway - whatever the legals - they are the best straps I have ever used. More to the point they are the go to straps that my regualr assistants reach for, and in my box of 'radio mic stuff' they have the choice of pretty much every manufacturer. I am extremely glad that I can buy them here in the UK. I hope that you can get them in the US soon ;-) sb
  14. Zaxcom has had this for quite a while ;-)
  15. I cant help but think that this will be a huge and steep hill to climb on an iPad. You might want to consider buying one of the cheap Windows pads that are widely available. You may want to check them out first, that they have enough USB slots or whatever way you can get them to read from CF and/or SD cards. Also be careful as they might not have enough guts to power the HDD. Also check what speed they can transfer at. I use a cheap Windows pad for unpacking the data compressed files from my Audio Ltd 1010 transmitters, the unpacking app is really fast, but copying the data onto something I can deliver can be incredibly slow. Have you considered one of the (usually made for) HDDs that they make for photographers to use - they have a card slot, and the HDD, and some even have power built in. They are made to specifically copy the contents of a DSLR card or whatever to HDD. Good luck, Simon B