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  1. Social skills of the Sound Mixer

    Hi Jan..... trying and succeeding in being a poet, a wit, a mentor, an inspiration, and an all round cool dame. Actually.... it has a good ring to it.... Dame Jan McLaughlin - I shall have a word with the powers that be over here now ;-) Simon B
  2. Naked Audio

    ISO trax?
  3. Sound Devices Wireless (rebranded Audio Ltd)

    I am so confused........ sb
  4. NAB 2018 Products update

    Oh go on then - spread the rumours??? sb ;-)
  5. Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    As it happens. I am currently running a Sonosax SX R4+ as my bag recorder. I am loving every minute with it. Great mic amps and it is so, SO, tiny and neat.
  6. Viviana or Ursa?

    First Sense in the UK were doing integrated belts about 20 years or so ago (I just checked their old website on waybackmachine). I am not sure how long Neopax have been at it but I am pretty sure they were not the first (their earliest website on wbm is 2011) . That said, they may well have been the first in the USA. ;-) Simon B
  7. Sonosax SX-R4+

    A classic maintenance update. I shall give it a try out tomorrow ;-) sb
  8. Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I am with Chris - have a listen. If it sounds nice then use it ;-) sb
  9. Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    Maxx preamps will have NeverClip if I remember correctly. Fusion does not have NeverClip. It has to be said that Fusion is pretty much a legacy machine - they have not been made for some time now. The only real issues I ever had with my Deva 5/5.8/Fusion were with the touch screen, and the power supplies. If dirt gets between the screen and the bezel then it can play havoc with the touch screen. This is fixed with cleaning. Some people have had issues with the internal power supplies, but it is an easily fixed issue. Fusion is/was a great machine - I used mine happily for 10+ years. Simon B
  10. Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    The problem with very tiny (and thus very light) mics is that it can be very tricky to achieve a successfully isolated suspension, mostly on account of the lack of mass in the mic. I see that Sanken are offering a suspension mount, but to my eye it doesnt look too hopeful, nor does it look like it will integrate with a basket for outdoor use. I'll be interested to see what the windshield people come up with for this. Simon B
  11. Nomad 12 Fader Gain

    Remember that on Nomad/Deva there are essentially three different mix matrices..... input to trax, input (and trax) to output, input (and trax) to headphones. What you set in one matrix may well be different from what you set on another. Input to trax will set what you record and where. Input to output will affect what you get at the physical outputs whilst recording, and maybe different depending on record mode and playback mode. Input to headphones will set what you hear in your headphones. Be aware that almost all crosspoints can be set pre or post fader, and can be in or out of phase. What you see on your meters may well not be what you are hearing in your headphones. The Nomad is an exteremely powerful (and thus complaex) tool. Find an ideal setup (or two) and memorise them so you can always get the machine back to a known state. Good luck, Simon B
  12. Viviana or Ursa?

    Whatever it is - it is absolutely not a confirmation of any sort of innovation or uniqueness. :-(
  13. Dolby card repairer

    Norman Brown may well be your man. I believe he is a bit of a Dolby god. norbro@talk.com
  14. Fostex DV824

    I 'think' that you can get utilities that will allow you to read udf discs within windows etc.... I seem to remember that usually the problem is that the CD/DVD drive on your computer does not read udf formatted discs. iirc, udf is the format on most/many cf cards Have you tried to read it on a mac? v 2.22 is on the Fostex website. no mention of 2.25 there https://www.fostexinternational.com/docs/tech_support/software_updates.shtml
  15. Viviana or Ursa?

    Ironic indeed. I had a fairly heated exchange with Daniele some time ago when he announced them and I dared to suggest that they were an exact ripoff of Ursa. He went to great lengths to explain that they must be completely different because he 'has a patent'. I questioned this, and after quite a lot of bad tempered to and fro we finally got to the facts..... being that he has registered an EU trademark.... which is not exactly the same thing in any way - in fact it is basically a form filling excercise. I absolutely applaud invention and innovation in our business, and the people who work hard and risk their own money, in order to make products that make our working day easier and more efficient. I see neither of these attributes in Viviana Straps, which makes me very sad.