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  1. Dare I suggest that you take any MS recording, and play just the M, and then play the decoded. The difference is usually stunning ;-)
  2. The brackets look dead cool. Any chance to make them in black? v3 soft is excellent. nice limiters - thankyou for these ;-) sb
  3. If I remember rightly - Zaxcom recorders communicate with their panels in the realm of RS422 or RS232. Whilst I believe one can convert from USB (most music fader panels connect via usb, yes?) to 232/422 I suspect you would then need to remap the entire function and communication settings of the fader panel. Unless you are an excellent hacker/programmer I genuinely it could ever be financially practical to achieve this. On a related note. I believe that Sonosax are considering making their SX-R4+ look at standard fader panel protocols, which could be interesting. That said - does anyone know of any location practical fader panels with more than 8 faders? From the land of the hung parliament, Simon B
  4. Go on then - you big tease - tell us some more about your new 24 track Dante rig, please!!!! sb
  5. so it would probably cost twice as much !!!!
  6. We may well need a far better mind than mine, but...... I have only ever experienced antenna combining for antennas of similar frequency bands. I have no experience of combining something from 216 with something much higher, like UHF, 606 etc.....Could you explain what you are trying to achieve please? Also - you dont often mount the antennas directly on the combiner. Usually there is a cable between the antenna and the combiner. More details please ;-) sb
  7. Ron is definitely one of the good guys ;-) sb
  8. Well spotted David. These will be significant ;-)
  9. So.... Where are the photos????
  10. I couldnt find those words. I got " Axient Digital combines two discrete RF signals per receiver channel using a quality-based maximal-ratio-combining algorithm. " which suggests to me the 'ratio combining' that Kish mentions in his 1010 video. It must be the new in thing ;-) No portable receiver though!!! Kindest, and envious of anyone who is at NAB ;-), Simon B
  11. I couldn't agree more. I can't decide whether to stick with my existing 1010 6 way rack, which would give the potential for 12 channels of RM, or to go with the new 4 slot rack which would in fact make it easier to swap out from trolley to bag ;-)
  12. Might it be an idea for us to start a brief list of which companies brought what new products to be shown at NAB this year?Feel free to edit/amend/improve etc..... Simon B Audio Ltd - 1010DDX twin digital Receiver/1u 4 slot rack unit with DANTE OP AudioRoot - Quad Charger Ambient - Nanolockit/MasterLockit Plus DPA - D-Vice Digital Audio Interface for phones/tablets K-Tek - Boombox and Sidekick Lectrosonics - Duet IEM Mozegear - QBit tiny TC generator/Mongo HP Amp Rycote - New Stickies and Overcover/Baseball Sound Devices - Mix Pre 3/Mix Pre 6/MD4 Analogue to DANTE 1U interface Timecode Systems - Ultrasync One Zaxcom - Deva 24, Mini Recorder, Mini Tx with 48v Phantom, Mini Tx with XLR IP, Rack Mounted RX12,
  13. 4.5hrs for lunch? I doubt I'd be capable of working after that long ;-) Is it me, or did I notice that Vitec are including Timecode Systems products in their publicity for various of 'their' brands? This, to me, would suggest that they may have bought TCS?
  14. I believe that Fairlight have been building some quite big systems that have been used for big sports OB events, though I have not actually experienced the same in the UK yet ;-). I believe one of the big post audio places in Soho, London, has a lot of (networked) Fairlight kit.
  15. Apologies Daniel, I happened to be passing Audio Ltd on Friday, and thought this might be of interest to a few folks so Kish and I just 'knocked it off. It plays OK on my phone. I should have flipped it in an edit program but it has been a busy weekend. Sorry for the neckstrain ;-) Hi Vas - I do not believe that Audio Ltd and SD have sorted out the comms to enable full control of 1010 Rx's with an SL6.... yet ;-) I believe that the intention is there to do so.