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  1. If I know the editor that will be editing a sit down interview with two people and if there is no rush or stress on the shoot, I have delayed one person's audio by several seconds, usually for one take only. Gets them all excited. This only works if you know the person very well. Not for the faint of heart!!
  2. Sorry couldn't say anything at that point, now the cat is out of the bag
  3. Life time warranty would be great
  4. You might want to wait till after NAB
  5. A nano nano would be great to have
  6. Thank you for the update got my Johns and Patricks confused. Mojunk was something from the 60's we hams called Motorola products My mind and body are failing!!
  7. Mojunk fan here. Much like Patrick Swaze said many years ago, "takes a licking and keeps on ticking". With the shrinking frequencies, you might want to look at the DMR radios.
  8. I bought one last year, works great.
  9. I was at my local Home Depot today and saw these really nice cases for small bits of gear. I am a sucker for cases. Removable storage cups, large open compartment in the middle, weather sealing around the lid. About 22x5 inches. Best part $30. Not affiliated with Home Depot or Ridgid.
  10. A Dugan like algorithm will be "taught" to better distinguish dialogue from rustle, speech from clanks, human voice from clatter. A Cedar like algorithm will be "taught" to better remove the undesireable. Ambitious actors will have sub-cutaneous DPA like mics fitted in their nose, wired through to a medical implant Lemo like plug socket. Tiny self scanning, frequency agile, self recording radio links, become common place. The producer will turn up with a wrist worn device that has all the necessary stuff built in, with on, off, record, buttons (with 15 minute pre-record), and an algorithm will monitor for anything requiring human judgement, alert the human, and playback on voice command. If you only knew, there are already some news anchors with implanted mics. No clothing noise. Has made life easier in some cases. YMMV
  11. Fan of the TCB series. The TRx+ will do WC. Wireless and WiFi capable. The Betso is another good one.
  12. Two watts at those frequencies will toast you. Then of course we only use about 10% of our brains so I suppose we have some to spare!!
  13. Soshine have worked well for me over the past several years.
  14. Can't speak for RA, but if you build your own you can go with most any configuration. I personally have stereo return in mine. Some folks even include video return.
  15. for many years now