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    Mostly location sound, combined with gear rentals.
  1. Bag with gear in car, In the follow van a Comtek plugged into the stereo with the receiver in the front windshield. Everyone hears, fewer dropouts as only one receiver is needed. If I can get away with it, I mount the Comtek transmitter on the roof. Suction mount plus Cardelini, simple and quick
  2. Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    Reading all of this glowing thread for the Cantar, even though I don't need one, makes me want to go to the store and buy one!!
  3. Just a rant

    Thanks all. I know, been doing this stuff since the early 70's, seen it, heard it, and done it.
  4. Just a rant

    I have been working in this world for many years, with many different individuals. Mostly this about camera persons. Some have a big ego, some really don't know what they are doing, daddy bought them their first camera, they are afraid of someone stealing their client, they don't want to share production information with you, ex news shooters now with a van full of lights and think every light should be used on an interview and you can just keep going....... Currently day playing on the CMT show Pickler and Ben. Camera person won't reveal technical information about a shoot, you have to pull it out, You arrive and find out oops, I should I brought that extra bit of kit. Call sheets (not fault of camera person) don't go out sometimes or late at night. Working tomorrow here are the facts gate 5 8am. Wow could be the airport or.... I know our world changes frequently, but folks this isn't brain surgery. Share other stories? Rant off
  5. Large blimp vs smaller blimp

    Down heah in de south we call im road kill
  6. I love to see these expensive cameras with a $300 Rokinon lens!!
  7. God, I used one of those evil carts. Not the most stable things.
  8. RF Explorer

    Plenty of Lipos on ebay or Aliexpress. Needed to replace the battery in one of my TCB TRX units. Aliexpress was the answer.
  9. Zaxcom recording wireless at work

    Here is one about five years ago done with two Lectros and DPA's. In fun though. I fear producers will just rent a number of recording transmitters and give them to a PA and says we will take care of it in post!!
  10. Ran across this small speaker/amp/power source. Might be useful for client monitor or whatever. Not exactly cheap, but love the fact the twelve gauge rounds won't hurt it. Made by US Vets. I have no business interest in the product or company. Just plain fun. http://www.ammoaudio.com/
  11. Sound Devices Vatican version

    IMT, Leica has been doing that for decades.
  12. Sound Devices Vatican version

    Over the years, Leica camera has done very limited runs of their camera bodies and lenses. You pay a premium for those products. Perhaps SD would offer a limited run in a fun color combination for a little bit extra cash. Then you could charge more for your kit!!
  13. New Boom Pole at CineGear

    The company was started by a husband and wife many years. I bought from them, at the time it was mostly word of mouth with a few choices. They retired and sold it to this couple with deeper pockets and vision. All very solid and well made.
  14. Microdot or Hardwired Connector on DPA

    I have had too many microdots fail, due to the fact the adapter plus microdot connect forms a very long lever that works against the transmitter, resulting in failure. So I too just chop them off and go with whatever connector is needed. M2C
  15. Delay on analog tracks on set?

    If I know the editor that will be editing a sit down interview with two people and if there is no rush or stress on the shoot, I have delayed one person's audio by several seconds, usually for one take only. Gets them all excited. This only works if you know the person very well. Not for the faint of heart!!