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  1. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    So my .02 worth. Around here most camera people don't want to doing anything with their cameras that is not video related, even the DIT/AC people to a lesser degree don't want what I want to add to the camera. So, mostly I simply power on the sync units along with the audio receiver, standby while they are building cameras and just jump in with my gear, plug it, check for code and audio, then leave it. Most of the current sync boxes will easily run for the day on their battery, end of day pull it off. Once again camera people don't want to deal with my stuff, so I jump in a pull it off. 99.8% of the time everything is fine. Once in a while something will be unplugged or moved. Just today, after I had rigged the cameras, later into the build stage, I see them moving some of my kit to add Serv Pros to each camera. So really whatever sync method you are using is fine, some have more or less features, bottom line is do they work for you in the environment you work in. I am a fan of simply and work smarter. Can I change something that makes life easier for me.
  2. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    I have been using TCS products for several years and at the end of last year bought a couple of the USO boxes. Used them several times and like them. They integrate very well with their other products. So today using one of the USO boxes and discovered the main function switch (read large) is sticking slightly down in the case. It still worked, so finished the shoot and when I got home took it apart and there in the middle is the broken main switch. I have reached out to TCS for I hope warranty repair as I have only had them for 32 days. Up until now, no issues, from the inside peek, the board level switches could be a problem. Also there is no weather sealing around the switches, so this could be a problem unless you protect them from the elements. Amen to the velcro not sticking. I have cleaned the surface with denatured alcohol and gone to industrial strength velcro. We shall see. I have not used the other vendor products mentioned in this thread, so no comments as to their performance or suitability. There are compromises made for each product and only the user can determine if they meet their needs. YMMV David
  3. Stellavox AMI-48

    I had one of the AMI-48 mixers for a time, sent it to JP, had a time getting it back and not really happy with the service. YMMV
  4. Great explanation Nick!!!
  5. Bag cart DIY build

    Two hip replacements in the past two years and still needing to work, has required some thinking about work habits. Most of my jobs are bag related, very few with a larger mix panel, so my search led me to the various commercial offerings along with mixer op built bag carts. My criteria being weight, size, and cost. One aspect was I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, so I went with a ready made aluminum cart. For ease in building along with the ability to perform modifications I chose to use the 1" extruded aluminum product. There are a number of companies selling this type of product all over the world, 8020, T-Slots, Parker, Bosch, Mainframe, Item, Mayhew and others. What I discovered is these folks are vendors, the manufacturing sources won't sell to individuals. Also prices are fairly high from these vendors. Another decision was to do minimal cutting of parts. The cart I chose has vertical frame members of 12". I finally found a vendor of extruded 1" for about half the price of 8020 and they offer cut lengths in 12" sections. The various vendors I used where Tnutz, Amazon, McMaster-Carr, 8020, Chinda, Modern Grip, and Ebay. I keep a record of costs and this cart as you see in the photos was about $800. Had I used 8020 exclusively the total would have been closer to $1100. If you left off the Chinda and stool, the build would be around $650. Chinda products are well made and for me made cable and headphone support very easy. From the photos you probably have noticed all of the shelves and sides have holes. This was a weight savings and most of what I carry won't be affected. If I need to carry some really small items, then the plastic bins from McMaster-Carr take care of those needs. The left side photo shows boom pole holder, cable and head phone. Back view shows folding tall stool on hangers, design doesn't let the stool swing when the cart is tilted. The right side shows cable and folding cup holder along with a 5/8" pin. The reason for this is as you can see in the two photos is mostly I need a stand for sit down interviews so with a Lowel adapter clamped to one leg I can easily carry a stand. For those times when it is a wireless only type of job, then a Lowel KP pole allows raised mounting of an antenna. Top view shows Roc straps for holding mixer bag in place when rolling about, along with a Nato rail and clamp should a need to attach a Noga arm or other small item. There is a RAM mount for phone or Ipad. On more jobs now I am seeing Serv Pro being used and with the app on my phone I can see what the cameras are shooting. Roc straps are handy because one side is elastic and the other is webbing. Finally, for prepping lavs and transmitters a small folding shelf. Weight sans gear is just under 50lbs or 22.5kg. Footprint is 24" x 27" (62cm x 69cm) I made some mistakes along the way, mis-measured, didn't order quite enough material, or at the last minute decided to add to the cart. The shelf was a total after thought, added cost about $65. All in all a needed item to allow me to continue working more easily and it was fun to build. Happy to share details with anyone, just ask. Merry Christmas from Nashville David
  6. Tripod for Ambience gathering

    Take a look at these. MeFOTO RoadTrip Air Tripod Kit Sirui T-005X Aluminum Tripod with C-10S Ball Head Both are under $150
  7. Signing out comteks

    The most I have ever had out was 40, most times 5-10 units is the norm. No sign out sheet, I just find most times I end up chasing individuals down. I use a small Pelican case with individual pockets for each receiver and a larger compartment for the headsets. At a glance I know how many are out. I agree on agency shoots I have the most difficulty getting them back.
  8. Mic Bra mod

    Bra less? or is less more?
  9. BDS Battery + AC

    One issue I have encountered when running rig on AC and being hardwired to the camera(s) is a ground loop. You, cameras, monitors all on AC and all connected together. Different circuits, a piece of gear missing a ground connection, etc. Has not always happened, just something to be aware of.
  10. Bag with gear in car, In the follow van a Comtek plugged into the stereo with the receiver in the front windshield. Everyone hears, fewer dropouts as only one receiver is needed. If I can get away with it, I mount the Comtek transmitter on the roof. Suction mount plus Cardelini, simple and quick
  11. Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    Reading all of this glowing thread for the Cantar, even though I don't need one, makes me want to go to the store and buy one!!
  12. Just a rant

    Thanks all. I know, been doing this stuff since the early 70's, seen it, heard it, and done it.
  13. Just a rant

    I have been working in this world for many years, with many different individuals. Mostly this about camera persons. Some have a big ego, some really don't know what they are doing, daddy bought them their first camera, they are afraid of someone stealing their client, they don't want to share production information with you, ex news shooters now with a van full of lights and think every light should be used on an interview and you can just keep going....... Currently day playing on the CMT show Pickler and Ben. Camera person won't reveal technical information about a shoot, you have to pull it out, You arrive and find out oops, I should I brought that extra bit of kit. Call sheets (not fault of camera person) don't go out sometimes or late at night. Working tomorrow here are the facts gate 5 8am. Wow could be the airport or.... I know our world changes frequently, but folks this isn't brain surgery. Share other stories? Rant off
  14. Large blimp vs smaller blimp

    Down heah in de south we call im road kill
  15. I love to see these expensive cameras with a $300 Rokinon lens!!