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  1. Plenty of Lipos on ebay or Aliexpress. Needed to replace the battery in one of my TCB TRX units. Aliexpress was the answer.
  2. Here is one about five years ago done with two Lectros and DPA's. In fun though. I fear producers will just rent a number of recording transmitters and give them to a PA and says we will take care of it in post!!
  3. Ran across this small speaker/amp/power source. Might be useful for client monitor or whatever. Not exactly cheap, but love the fact the twelve gauge rounds won't hurt it. Made by US Vets. I have no business interest in the product or company. Just plain fun. http://www.ammoaudio.com/
  4. IMT, Leica has been doing that for decades.
  5. Over the years, Leica camera has done very limited runs of their camera bodies and lenses. You pay a premium for those products. Perhaps SD would offer a limited run in a fun color combination for a little bit extra cash. Then you could charge more for your kit!!
  6. The company was started by a husband and wife many years. I bought from them, at the time it was mostly word of mouth with a few choices. They retired and sold it to this couple with deeper pockets and vision. All very solid and well made.
  7. I have had too many microdots fail, due to the fact the adapter plus microdot connect forms a very long lever that works against the transmitter, resulting in failure. So I too just chop them off and go with whatever connector is needed. M2C
  8. If I know the editor that will be editing a sit down interview with two people and if there is no rush or stress on the shoot, I have delayed one person's audio by several seconds, usually for one take only. Gets them all excited. This only works if you know the person very well. Not for the faint of heart!!
  9. Sorry couldn't say anything at that point, now the cat is out of the bag
  10. Life time warranty would be great
  11. You might want to wait till after NAB
  12. A nano nano would be great to have
  13. Thank you for the update got my Johns and Patricks confused. Mojunk was something from the 60's we hams called Motorola products My mind and body are failing!!
  14. Mojunk fan here. Much like Patrick Swaze said many years ago, "takes a licking and keeps on ticking". With the shrinking frequencies, you might want to look at the DMR radios.
  15. I bought one last year, works great.