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  1. I was at my local Home Depot today and saw these really nice cases for small bits of gear. I am a sucker for cases. Removable storage cups, large open compartment in the middle, weather sealing around the lid. About 22x5 inches. Best part $30. Not affiliated with Home Depot or Ridgid.
  2. A Dugan like algorithm will be "taught" to better distinguish dialogue from rustle, speech from clanks, human voice from clatter. A Cedar like algorithm will be "taught" to better remove the undesireable. Ambitious actors will have sub-cutaneous DPA like mics fitted in their nose, wired through to a medical implant Lemo like plug socket. Tiny self scanning, frequency agile, self recording radio links, become common place. The producer will turn up with a wrist worn device that has all the necessary stuff built in, with on, off, record, buttons (with 15 minute pre-record), and an algorithm will monitor for anything requiring human judgement, alert the human, and playback on voice command. If you only knew, there are already some news anchors with implanted mics. No clothing noise. Has made life easier in some cases. YMMV
  3. Fan of the TCB series. The TRx+ will do WC. Wireless and WiFi capable. The Betso is another good one.
  4. Two watts at those frequencies will toast you. Then of course we only use about 10% of our brains so I suppose we have some to spare!!
  5. Soshine have worked well for me over the past several years.
  6. Can't speak for RA, but if you build your own you can go with most any configuration. I personally have stereo return in mine. Some folks even include video return.
  7. for many years now
  8. From time to time I have needed a battery operated speaker and made do with some small off the shelf powered speaker. I have a fairly extensive junk part room so I was able to keep the cost down. The speaker is a small two driver Teac speaker from that auction place. The preamp and amplifier also came from there. I chose to go with V mount batteries because I am invested in that system and the is a D tap on the battery plate giving an additional source of power. You could use any of the small camera batteries out there as mounts are readily available. 1/8", 1/4" TRS and XLR inputs go to the line level preamp, then to a 60w class D amp. An additional bluetooth receiver covers the various client audio sources easily. I choose not to mount the battery internal to minimize change to the speaker cabinet. The preamp and amplifier are very small boards. Everything is mounted to the back plate of the speaker cabinet. My cost was less than 80USD, ymmv. If anyone wants to build one I have another speaker and the two audio connectors available at cost plus shipping. First come on those items. Just post here if interested. Testing has revealed power consumption of about 4-5watts at a reasonable volume so the 70w V mount will last a day or more.
  9. "Mighty Fine Junk" as they are known in some circles has a mag base with cable for $15 or a window mount with cable for $20 just add antenna
  10. I was just offering them as a source of cable manufacture. If you are making your own, then no worries. They just work with a range of materials and connectors. For example if you are basically set on a configuration, then a semi-ridgid set of cables would result in minimal loss and no RF bleed.
  11. You might look at RG142U. Both cables have similar velocity factors, but the major improvement will be in the shielding 100% for the RG142 and only 90% for the 174. If you are really serious about the RF in your bag check with Pasternack about having some cables made. Top quality.
  12. In the US with Uber and Lyft in major cities a car is not always needed. Cut the hose I say. Figured the cost of ownership of a typical car in the US and compare the fares and you might be a convert, I have saved over $6,000 year to date.
  13. Sadly there are bad apples in walks of life
  14. You might consider using a head rig. Totally get away from the shirt, collar and beard. Has worked for me many a time.