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  1. Cheers All, Nice to read your helpful and positive posts - very uplifting :-) Thanks kindly for the video link too. Wishing you great progress in your audio businesses as well. All the best, Dave
  2. Hi Gentlemen, Thanks for your helpful responses. You have confirmed what I had a feeling about. I did my due diligence and called Trew Audio regarding a one day rental of a similar kit and with taxes and insurance it was in the $200-ish (Canadian $) range. The request for a CMIT and 3 wireless rigs was definitely pushing it. So minus off the $200 kit fee, if they rented the gear directly, I guess that leaves a whopping $50 for the whole day's labour - not a winning proposition. On a more positive, proactive note, can you suggest any business models or strategies that help newer sound people build toward the tier where the rate is reasonable and fair for all? I certainly don't have a problem paying my dues, but the economics do need to make sense, as does the maintaining of an industry fee standard. I appreciate any tips as I know this can be a delicate subject. Thanks once again. Best Regards, Dave
  3. Hi All, I'm not located in a major center so I've been checking Craigslist regularly for networking opportunities and audio gigs. Below is a description of a what I gather is an "indie"gig offered in a recent posting in Toronto. Rate appears to be "per day" -no mention of the hours involved. What are your thoughts about the equipment and service requirements versus the rate offered? For a newbie trying to build a network from scratch, are these gigs reasonable in their labour and gear expectations? How close or far is this to being in line with current Toronto "indie"rates? I realize the importance of upholding the collective rate standard for local sound mixers and would like to be further informed. Thank you for your thoughts and professional advice. Regards, Dave Job Type: Part-time Salary: $250 /day depending on experience and own equipment Requirements: • Responsible for mixing sound on-set • Responsible for recording all sound on set during a production • Responsible for recording all sound on set during a production • Must have previous live location sound recording experience • Must have own all equipment required to bring high quality sound • Responsible for mixing sound on-set • Understanding of timecode and how it relates to syncing with video and post production. • Able to collaborate with a movie director in developing an artistic vision for a film and then producing it. Equipment: Must have own pro level following kits - • 3 Wireless Lav - (i.e Sennheiser EW-112-PG3 Wireless Lav) • Sound mixer (Edirol Roland R44 Mixer Recorder), • Wired microphones (i.e. Sennheiser MKH 8070, Scheops CMIT5U Shotgun Mic) • Windshield - (i.e. Rycote Windshield Kit 4) • Boom pole - at least 10 feet
  4. Hi All, I've been following the J.W. discussions regarding the changing legal wireless frequencies in the US. Prior to acquiring new gear, I thought it would be prudent to see what the latest and projected frequency situation is in Canada (Ontario). Is Canada tending to follow the US with respect to the reassignment of frequencies? What frequencies are "safest" at this time? I've Googled but have come up with little info. Thanks kindly for any knowledge you care to share. Have a great evening. Cheers, Dave
  5. Thanks kindly Paul. Sounds very nice. Also like the solo piano clip - the harmonics are rich sounding. Will look forward to hearing more examples as they come available. Wishing you a great day! Cheers, Dave
  6. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has done a music tracking session into a DAW using a Sound Devices MixPre 6/3? Thinking of retiring an Apogee Duet Firewire and wonder how the MixPres sound for music tracking. It's ability to do double duty is very attractive if the studio sound is in the Duet league or better. I've seen a video or two demo-ing recording music live-off-the-floor direct into the MixPre - more curious as to how it sounds as DAW interface as compared to others in it's price-point. Would love to hear a full layered session (clean instruments - not distorted guitar) with a wide variety of acoustic and virtual instruments and especially male and female lead and background vocal overdubs. Curious if the MixPres have "musical mojo" as tracks are layered :-)) Thanks very kindly. All the best, Dave
  7. Hi to All in T.O. In the process of comparison shopping for gear in Toronto - am I missing any other (or new) suppliers other than the 2 main "usual suspects"? Have had great assistance from both these very helpful suppliers of course, just seeing if I've missed any other sources to check out. Thanks very much. Have a great Monday :-) Cheers, Dave
  8. "In Mouth" Wireless Mic

    Here's another interesting and maybe strange wireless mic rig - an "in mouth" mic/wireless system. http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2012/06/13/in_q_tel_s_funding_for_spy_and_surveillance_technologies_.html No more futzing with hiding lavs - just don't swallow it :-) Cheers, Dave
  9. Hi All, Found this mic with laser pointing feature kind of interesting: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/StarLight Got me wondering about actual long distance sound transfer via laser and saw this : Perhaps feasible technology to someday just aim "laser mic" at sound source from any distance and pull in sound via an invisible beam that might also track an audio subject's movements, keeping on-axis ? Currently not good for the an actors' eyeballs or camera sensor though. Boom operators might then be called sound snipers :-) Maybe heat seeking mics? And this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_microphone Cheers, Dave
  10. Thanks for the tips guys - will be sure to check out HideAmic :-) Keep well, Dave
  11. Hi All, This is so strange to me - boggles my mind. What's your take on this? They've recreated a bit of England, Paris and left Manhattan unfinished. As the gentleman narrating the video suggests, this has got to have some kind of world wide trickle down effect. People living in squalor in other places in the world and then you have this... humans can be pretty messed up in their thinking. Cheers everyone.... keep well :-)) Dave
  12. Hi All, Just a quick question about your favoured mounting and wind protection accessories for DPA Lavs (4060 - 4061). I just picked up a 4061 and see so many mounting clip options in the DPA catalogue and elsewhere. Are there any versatile mounts that you especially recommend for common uses, hidden and exposed? Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge and experience :-) Cheers, Dave
  13. Hi Guys, Maybe something funky at my end? Can't sign into JW with my email address/password, yet it works with my username/password.... am I missing something or maybe Firefox incompatibility? Thanks. Cheers, Dave
  14. Thanks guys - all great advice. Yes, good point - new products at NAB might be worth waiting for :-) Ciao, Dave
  15. Good Afternoon All, On the verge of upgrading kit. What are your thoughts about keeping my 302 as a backup and to use as a channel expander with a SD633 when required? Or, would it be wiser to just move up to a 664, though budget would probably dictate selling 302. With the 302 as a 633 expander, is it possible to get 3 separate channels from 302 into 3 line-ins on 633 and record 6 simultaneous discreet tracks when needed? I can see feeding sd302 LR XLR outs for 2 channel expansion - how do I best get the 3rd channel out of the 302? Having a backup/second bag 302 rig seems prudent though. I very much appreciate your thoughts and experience. Thanks kindly. Cheers, Dave