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  1. Hi all, Stumbled on this on YouTube - not my clip. Just curious about your thoughts on this clip using 2 DPA 4060 lavs as ambience gathering mics. Am I hearing slight phasing? How much reach can these sub-miniature mics get in order to produce useful recordings? Hope to experiment with a 4060 or 4061 as a plant mic. Thanks for your thoughts, as always :-) Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi All, FYI - Link to Sound Devices MixPre Series ver. 2.10 firware update : April 12, 2018 https://www.sounddevices.com/support/downloads/mixpres-firmware Last update Apr 12, 2018 Changes introduced in 2.10 include: New Remix (-3, -6, -10T only). Ability to playback any existing file and create a new LR mix by adjusting its ISO tracks' fader levels and pans. Remix is enabled in the Record menu and is only available in Advanced Mode or Custom Mode with Gain set to Advanced. Remixing requires that the source file include at least one ISO track. Re-record LR (-3, -6, -10T only). Ability to record the LR mix during remixing. All metadata from the source file is transferred to the re-recorded 2-ch LR mix poly wav file. A re-recorded file's name is the same as the original source file name but prefixed with the characters 'R_'. Re-recording requires Remix to be enabled and the source file to have at least one ISO track. Cue Marks. Support for cue marks to allow jumping directly to points of interest within a wav file. Cue marks can be added during recording or playback and can be deleted, named and moved. Jump directly to a cue mark by selecting it from a file's Cue List and then pressing play. On the 10T, skip from cue to cue using FFWD and REW joystick. Cue marks are embedded in the wav file's metadata and can be read and displayed by compatible computer applications (e.g. Adobe Audition, Reaper.) Option to set the USB Audio interface to output only 2 channels in order to increase compatibility with applications that do not support multichannel USB audio. Go to Menu>System>USB Audio and select Stereo Out. Additional channel linking options (-6, -10T only). For the MixPre-10T, additional options include 1-3, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7, 1-8, 5-7 and for the MixPre-6, option 1-3 is added. Link Type menu (-6, -10T only) providing the ability to choose which parameters are linked when linking three or more channels. Selecting the 'All' option links input type, trim gains, faders, limiters, low cuts, record arms, and delays. Selecting the 'Faders Only' option only links the faders. Changed Four button layout is now changed to six button layout in the Channel screens. Rendering start and stop points are now determined by the Play In and Stop cues if set. This is ideal for rendering out only a part of a project. (10M only) Cue markers are now embedded into rendered WAV files. (10M only) Mute now deactivates the input. Previously mute would only mute the input in the headphone monitor. Mute is now accessible via the Channel screen. 10T factory default mode is now set to Advanced instead of Basic. Monitor button is now grayed out when Input is set to Off. (10M only) The track that is using 'Air' is now displayed in the greyed out button of other tracks. (10M only) Fixed Headphone clip indicator was only being displayed when adjusting headphone level Some USB keyboard shortcuts were not working (10M only) Brief audio burst when soloing a channel (10M only) Enabling a track's input monitor would incorrectly enable other tracks' input monitors during record (10M only) Transport stability, media performance and UI navigation have been improved Timecode Menu and USB Drive Status Error Handling have been improved (10T only) Fast Forward and Rewind were not responsive in the Channel screens. (10T and 10M only)
  3. Show me your bag

    Hi All, Re: Bag for MixPre 10T : Can anyone recommend a wide bottomed, fairly deep bag that has enough internal space for the somewhat awkward dual L-Mount battery battery sled for the MIXPRE-10T ? The sled, when attached with one or two batteries, makes the MIXPRE 10-T taller and much wider at the bottom due to the way that the L-Mount batteries are mounted kind of north and south. Essentially, the MIXPRE remains slender on the top and mid section but becomes "wide bottomed". My current Portabrace bag will only allow enough north-south clearance to have only one L-mount battery in the sled at a time - kind of limiting. As always, thanks for your kind advice. All the best, Dave
  4. Hi All, Still gathering assorted gear for my small doc kit bag. Would anyone have any suggestions about breakaway cable assemblies that would do double duty for a MixPre 10T and also a Sound Devices 302 mixer? This is what I've been looking at : https://www.trewaudio.com/product/remote-audio-cabetasd633/ The MixPre 10T trimecode connection is BNC in/out - can I adapt the Lemo to BNC as needed? I believe I read on the B&H website that the BNC timecode part of the cable assembly only transmits one direction - is this correct? If anyone in Toronto might be considering selling a breakaway cable assembly, please feel free to PM. Thanks very much, as always. Best Regards, Dave
  5. Hi fellow MixPre 10T users, Is anyone using their MixPre 10T as an interface into Logic, in full advanced mode? Have you found a fluid workflow? I'm finding the manual lacking when it comes to using the 10T in a multitrack music recording session with a typical DAW. I'm quite used to using the Apogee Maestro control software that controls my Duet, though only 2 channels. I gather that all the control of the MixPre 10T in USB interface mode is done strictly within the MixPre 10T machine itself? As someone already suggested, hopefully Sound Devices might come up with a software control panel. Just trying to wrap my head around the signal flow when using the 10T as a multi-channel audio interface. If you have any workflow, settings tips or resources to share that would be most appreciated. In the meantime, back to the manual and trial and error :-)) Thanks kindly. Cheers, Dave
  6. Not sure if this Feb. 23, 2018 Gotham Sound interview with sound mixer Danny Michael has been posted yet : perhaps of interest? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oauPnytSQ3M&list=PLn6NrfX46lNdA2dpYsXjh1nS1N51Zsqo6 Cheers, Dave
  7. Hi All, Hope everyone is well and having a good week :-) Are there any MixPre 10T users powering their units internally with 8 rechargeable AA batteries in the included sled? Any experience with the runtime with this powering method? If you are satisfied with internal AA rechargeable battery performance, what brand are you having good results with? Sound Devices has an article about the MixPre series powering but not too specific about the 10T model. https://www.sounddevices.com/tech-notes/mixpre-3-mixpre-6-maxbatteryruntime I'm thinking that I should ultimately get the L-Mount Sony style batteries and sled and keep the 10T loaded with rechargeable AAs as backup. If you have any other suggestions that would be very welcome. Thanks for any tips about the 10T and rechargeable AA performance - much appreciated. Cheers, Dave
  8. Hi Kathryn, Thanks for sharing your experience using the MixPre 10T as an audio interface into your MacBook Pro. Can I ask how you powered your MixPre when used in conjunction with your laptop? Did you use the optional wall power supply? I understand that would be the best studio powering option but perhaps you've had success with internal rechargeable AA batteries or external battery powering? I've been curious to hear vocals (and instruments) tracked into a DAW through the MixPre's preamps and limiters. I'd love to hear your vocal tracks and/or finished result, if you'd care to share. I'm assuming your vocal tracking was a musical session as opposed to a voice-over? Can I ask what DAW you used? How did you find the functionality and latency with the MixPre as an interface? Also, great to know that you had success using a USB hub. Was your Hub a USB "C" input version? From your Hub into your MacBook, do you use USB "C" or the older standard USB-A? Thanks again. Wishing you a great day. Cheers, Dave
  9. Hi All, Just perusing the manual for the MixPre 10T - Sorry if I'm missing it in the manual or in the forums, I don't see any mention of power requirements or specific USB connections when the 10T is used as an audio interface into a computer. What I'd like to know is : - can the unit operate solely on bus power, in my case from an iMac with the older USB ports? - does the unit need batteries in the sled or external power when acting as a USB interface, even if it can indeed be bus powered? - is the USB "C" Port the correct one, when using 10T as an interface? The manual doesn't specify connections directly, though the Specs imply USB C - can I go out of the 10T's USB "C" Port and directly into my iMac's USB "2.0" input using a single cable like this : USB C Male (from 10T) to Type A USB (into iMac USB Port) http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=1340_1418_97&item_id=087682 - any issues using a USB extender cable at the standard USB end? - if just recording through the unit, strictly acting as an audio interface into the computer, does an SD card need to be present in the MixPre? Thanks very much for indulging these very specific questions - always appreciated :-) Best Regards, Dave
  10. Hi All, Just noticed that new firmware is available for the Sound Devices MixPre Series. v1.53 released Jan. 18, 2018 Cheers, Dave https://www.sounddevices.com/support/downloads/mixpres-firmware Last update Jan 18, 2018 Changes introduced in 1.53 include: Changed The MixPre-10T transport control's orange LED brightness is dimmed in stop mode to make it clearer when the unit is recording. The Take List indicates which file is playing back by displaying it in green text. Fixed Limiters were not always enabled when switching from Advanced to Basic Mode Pans were not always correct after switching to Basic Mode from Advanced Mode with Inputs Linked. If timecode backup time expired when the MixPre-10T was powered off, TOD timecode was incorrect when next powered on. Rare stuttering of audio during playback of some files Audio crackling noise in headphones when turning HP encoder Incorrect gain values when channels are MS linked Sound Reports were not automatically copied to the USB thumbdrive (MixPre-10T only) New Project Name was not retained after a power cycle if no files were recorded in that project Long file names were not being displaying fully
  11. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Hi Allen, Thanks for your rubber grommet tip - very cool. Will hit Home Depot to get one for my MixPre 10T. Cheers, Dave
  12. Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    Thanks very much guys. Will check all your suggestions and sources - very helpful :-)) Wishing you all a great day! All the best, Dave
  13. Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    Thanks kindly guys. I've been meaning to check DV Shop for competitive pricing. On another note, being from Toronto, would you know of any private sellers in the GTA selling any bits of used gear that would be priced affordably for assembling a small doc bag kit "on a budget"? I've been checking and advertising on Kijiji and have seen some gear, but not quite the right stuff yet. Looking for a boom, blimp/windshield, shockmount, batteries/power, lav or two. I'm down the 401 from you in southwestern Ontario so not fully tapped into Toronto, other than the retailers. Thanks again guys - hope you're surviving winter :-)) All the best, Dave
  14. Hi All, Can anyone recommend good sources for batteries and chargers (re-chargable Eneloop, Sony L-Type, etc.) in Toronto area? Comparison shopping at the moment for what is available locally prior to going online. Thank you for any tips and suggestions. Best Regards, Dave
  15. Hi Philip, Thanks for your kind help and tips - much appreciated. Good to know about the adapters not proving to be reliable in the 7 series machines. I'll assume that this would apply to the HD-P2 and will stick to the official Compact Flash as suggested. I did have a previously well functioning A-Data compact flash card suddenly go down and become unwritable & unreadable, used only in the HD-P2. I gather this happens to cards over time. Thanks again. Cheers, Dave