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  1. Several years ago when I was running G2s for hops I had a custom cable made from Remote Audio for line level. I never had any issues once I had my gain structure dialed in.
  2. Hi Mike. I've used my Tram power supplies for my CoS 11's as well with no issues.
  3. I like my LTs. I agree with BAB414 that they are a little clunky body wise. I will probably be getting more once I see how the FCC Spectrum madness shakes out here in Detroit area. As for 100mw vs the 250mw on the smqvs.. I do work sports jobs where the higher output option comes in handy, especially in an RF heavy environment like a football or hockey game. Range seems to be good on the LT. The LR series receiver is definitely much lighter than 411.
  4. Klaus, are the Tiny Nanos compatible with the ACN enabled Tiny Lockits and ACL204 Lockit?
  5. Your transmitter and receiver outputs should be giving you plenty of signal strength at line level.. I have mine almost set up the same way.. Smqvs at 20 from 633 line level with line level cables, to srb at +5 out into fs series or whatever camera at line level in. You mentioned that you hear the noise when you tap your 5pin cable from your sr, do you have another to swap out? Could be the cable.
  6. I did experience a walkie interferring with my SRC in A block. The walkie was in the 470 mhz range and at my cart. I accidentally keyed it and it killed the SRC. My mistake totally. Lesson learned. I find that SRc overall is a good receiver and I also like the LMbs and LT transmitters as well. I plan on adding B block soon.
  7. I don't use Powerex batts. I have never had a problem with either the AA or AAA Storacell holders. I use Energizer Lithium AA and AAA as well as the new I Power AA batts. Some 9volt rechargeables do not like to fit in the 9volt version however. I find if the retaining nubs do break, that the battery falls out of the holder. I too, reverse the batteries in the holder so I know which battery is dead.
  8. http://www.storacell.net/ I've been using these for years with good results.
  9. 2013 Chevy Traverse . Insane amount of room, and all wheel drive which is pretty much mandatory for Michigan winters.
  10. I have my srb set to +5 output to camera line level in. I come out of my mixer at 0db and have the smqvs set to 12 with the -10 light just barely lighting up. It gives me a nice strong signal and sounds good. I'm also feeding the transmitters with a line level cable.
  11. SD service department are straight up people and return very fast.
  12. Glad this topic was brought up. Over the years I've worked hip hop and rock shows for news magazine style shows or for the record labels. I have often had the same experience as Dan, while wearing Remote Audio high noise cans with earplugs as well and it still seemed like my ear drums were being violated. Hip hop style music makes judicious use of bass woofers that literally made me think I was going into cardiac arrest! I talked to the FOH engineer during a break once, and noticing that he did not wear hearing protection asked if he had any hearing problems. He said "no." He then when on to say how he would be mixing a jazz band that was performing the next day in the same venue. I gotta think he's not hearing full range after having his ear drums blasted the night before. He's gotta be fooling himself! Bottom line I guess if you need the work, take as many precautions on your end as possible. Don't rely on production to furnish you with anything regarding hearing protection.
  13. I recently encountered this same scenario on a car shoot. DP for some reason wanted to shoot with a hostess tray with windows down maybe he didnt' understand you can gel the windows for the green cast they give due to the tint or what ever... I used Peter Engh goosenecks on my SMQV transmitters. We were driving at real slow speeds 20 Continuation due to my hitting the wrong key.... Anyway we were at low speeds and the wind/road noise was minimal . When client asked how sound was I informed them. They decided to record lines in vehicle with Windows up just to be safe. I saw the final edit and it sounded good with both windows down or up. Check cleared on to the next:)
  14. I'm curious as to what actually punctured the player, the transmitter or how it was mounted? I've had NHL players mic'd for entire games with zero issues regarding damage to my mic/transmitter or the player.
  15. The window on the SR unit will state "Check Frequency RX1 or RX 2 depending on which FREQ is having issues.