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  1. The Ultimate Wireless Frequency List

    good document, thanks for sharing suso. as long as I know... the frecuencies with the red background belongs to TDT and 4G. all the rest are still in use. the frecuencies inside the red rectangle will be assigned to TDT, 4G, 5G... , probably in 2020
  2. DIY Electret

    No powering? I didn't try that, thougth it wont work. I'm agree, they are like most of the capsules mounted in the devices mentioned. They worked for me in that case. When I did it I thought about how to isolate the capsule in order to put it underwater and listen what happens and how it works. (Never did it already) I had tried it before with a piezo and it didn't work very well.
  3. DIY Electret

    I did something similar. I built two capsules (with panasonic transducers, don´t remember the model) with intended low sensibility for an specific use where I had to manage high sound level with lots of peaks. I made it for plugin in a lectro wireless system. they did their job, a take with a close point of view (for sound definition) perfect to mix with the boom. notice that this transducers needs to be powered, I think it´s called "5v plug-in power".
  4. old mixer from an old mixer

    thanks for the info. i had no idea about the opaque resin... what a thing! there´s some issues then... electronic components, faders aging poorly, the opaque resin... most of the info I have read in the web is about the high quality of the mic´s pres, and I am tempted to try it cause the offer is a bargain. I have seen that there´s a guy (or team) in switzerland that still service stella´s devices (http://www.audioprojpg.com) but I guess that puting a hand on AMI will cost like a house in the shore... i´ll try to have a chance to check the unit, and then decide any coments and info are welcom regards
  5. old mixer from an old mixer

    Hi. not sure if this is the right thread to post, it´s an old thread and my query is about an specific mixer. I found this thread diving in the web serching for some info, maybe some of the members writing here can help me. if this is not the place where i should write, let me know and I´ll start a new topic. my situation is... I know a guy who offers me an old stella ami 48 for a good deal. I can´t check it for myself cause it´s in a city far from me. I have some pics and the device looks pretty well, very good consevation. I have been reading a while and I know some of the problems that it can have (like noisy faders cause the age, unbalanced outputs, many chances to have to send it to switzerland for cheking or adjust...) I have been reading about the mic pres, and most of the times it says that they are very good, except one post in this very thread. the information in the web is not plenty and in some cases contradictory. There´s no way to find the manual. my point is, would this device be useful nowadays? is it worth at any way? I´m thinking on it "useful" terms, not about collection thanks and best regards
  6. eela audio

  7. eela audio

    thanks, malcom. there´s almost no info in the web about this brand and it´s a little weird cause... if it is a long known and classic brand, why there´s almost no info or comments from users? the brand continues producing gear. still wondering if it is low end semi pro gear or very hi end top gear and the sound quality of this devices the very few comments I have read are about the good sound of the mic´s pres of the mixers, but... compared to ...what?
  8. eela audio

    very expensive... uses to mean pretty good sound it´s wierd not finding info about this products (there´s no mention in any jwsound thread) being an old known brand of devices being used in the profesional field for many years. anyone using it or who has used it in the past just to hear a user´s first hand opinion?
  9. eela audio

    I have never seen this eela devices before, and in the last two weeks I have seen it a few times. I have seen some old gear like a EA801 compressor/limiter and a EA-S120 mixer. I would like to hear the opinion of anyone who has used this brand just to know how good they sound
  10. eela audio

    Hi you all. I have seen some pieces of gear from an unknown brand for me. This brand is Eela Audio (http://www.eela.nl) I think it's a classic brand so I guess it's an old known for many of you but I have never seen it before. I would like to hear from you about your experience with the devices from this brand and how good (or bad) they are. Regards!
  11. comtek ifb noise

    yes, you are right I´ll try to get another transmitter to check the system. I think I have a bad transmitter and it is all what happens... thanks a lot
  12. comtek ifb noise

    So, it has to be one reciver with option 7 and another one standard. It both recive the same weak signal, and I think it's not about the freq or channel selection (I have tried several of diferent configurations)
  13. comtek ifb noise

    No, it's just one transmitter and two recivers (see model spec. PR-216) But, being the same model... One has antenna and the other one doesn't!! Isn't it weird? Yes, I haven't mentioned it... I have tried changing frecuencies, and nothing, it doesn't work Sorry, Patrick, I don't understand what you mean with "the option 7 flavor"
  14. comtek ifb noise

    Hi. Here I am again asking for your help and knowledge... I had a shooting last week and a friend of mine borrowed me a comtek system (one transmitter M-216, and two recivers PR-216). I had work other times with comtek and no issues, but this time... the comtek system was useless... the system seems to be a little weird for me because the transmitter had the usual antenna, but one of the reciver had it too and the other one doesn´t. first time I see that! the point is that the RF noise is almost the only thing that the recivers recive I can´t guess if the system is wrong, the transmitter is broken or what... other issue is that Comtek hasn´t a dealer or technical support in europe and I would have to send it to the USA just to guess what happens I´m attaching some pics, maybe you have some clue from it... one reciver the transmitter the transmitter transmitter again the other reciver with antenna a closer one of the transmitter with antenna I would appreciate any help regards!
  15. boompole reparation (glueing carbon fibre)

    ok, martin. removing the metal part from the tube wont be easy by hand, it´s strongly embraced and it´s pretty thin, so I think it would be easy to twist it, spoiling the mechanism. I´ll have to be very careful removing it (to apply the glue) and putting it back cause, although it rotates, it´s very tight. I´ll do a research in the hobby shops looking for vectran, kevlar or epoxies "heat proof". I guess the way to go depends on the materials I will find in the store. I´ll write you back then, I´m sure I´ll need some advices with this products. thanks again. regards