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    vancouver, Canada
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    Over the shoulder sound guy for the most part. 664, 302, 411s, SRA, SRB, SD , mkh50/60, sanken lavs.

    Like docs and factual stuff. Love travelling. Composing theme songs and ads when not on a gig.

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  1. 664 LCD Screen problem

    Also interested to see how this turned out. My screen gave up a couple of days ago so I borrowed another mixers 664 and when I fired it up the screen turned red just as above.
  2. C300 Timecode Anomoly

    If it's not a bum cable then I second the motion to look at physical connection issues. I've had it happen before too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The Musical Train

    Nice little story. Sounds like riding that train back and forth would yield some good entertainment. Love the beat box / singing combo. There's a guy from my town called CR Avery. Something else for y'all to check out.
  4. Beachtek Pro5180

    I timed the beachteks in my UH TXs and seemed to get me an extra hour to hour 20 over ipower. So worth it for me. Sandor - Vancouver sound guy
  5. Lost Schoeps CMIT

    Tough room. Have a Heart people. Anyone ever get deliriously tired and stupid? I have. How does it help to have a dump on someone's misfortune. Perhaps you could also post him a lemon, have him paper cut himself good and deep with the envelope, then squeeze lemon juice on it. Maybe that would also help. Sandor - Vancouver sound guy
  6. Help support this site

    Happy to support. Thanks for providing the space. Sandor - Vancouver sound guy
  7. hold for the plane ?

    Like the Hidden pineapple. For those who know. Sandor - Vancouver sound guy
  8. hold for the plane ?

    Ancient spacecraft! Sandor - Vancouver sound guy
  9. Beachtek Pro5180

    Andre. Thanks for the practical feedback. Nice to know they play well with other chargers without melting. Senator, thanks for your practical opinion of my real world situation. All Options should be considered. Sandor - Vancouver sound guy
  10. Beachtek Pro5180

    I'm looking at the beachteks for a UHa plug on. I need the longest runtime I can get for a doc where battery changes for planted mics could be impossible. I know I can use lithiums, but I don't need 16 hours of run time, and I'm trying to save them $1000 on lithiums by buying 4 beachteks for $100. Reports with a plug on?
  11. Password Managers

    Last pass was ok, but the flexibility of 1password working on all my devices and saving all my software license info is fantastic. Haven't used last pass die a couple years now. Maybe it's better now, but 1password has made my online life soooooo easy. Love it. And good support. Sandor - Vancouver sound guy
  12. PSC DigiSlate

    Thanks for meeting up in Toronto Al. I'll likely put your bloop slate into service this weekend Sandor - Vancouver sound guy
  13. PSC DigiSlate

    this thread seems to have died. I'm after the PSC one or another variety. Like the idea of hardware over a phone app with a reflective screen and minimal sunlight readability. Guess I'll keep asking google.
  14. Any advice from Vancouverites?

    Check out the local IATSE website, find the list of mixers and call them. Go down to set and get to know them. That's what I did. Friendly bunch. Sandor, Sound Guy (664/411a's/SRb/MKH60)
  15. Small NP-1 Charger for travel

    +1 for the switronix stetup with LP60s. I know you said you had a mix of batts, so this might not be for you, but for the future it's a great setup.