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  1. Remoting Nomads Zaxnet Antenna

    I guess that is a 1/2 dipole, not need ground plane, but anyway with a 1/4 dipole 2,5cm will be enough at 2,4GHz
  2. Remoting Nomads Zaxnet Antenna

    I measured 5dB more with the antenas outside
  3. https://www.sounddevices.com/news/sound-devices-news/sound-devices-acquires-audio-ltd
  4. Cantar X3 Mini

    Because need a different equalization, and this equalization is related to the distance of the capsule membrane to the center of the tetrahedron. I'm not sure if is good, because the main request is get a correct monitoring on the field. Just pass from A to B is easily converted in post production. I want to heard about the mini, probably I'll buy one if have ambisonic A monitoring (SPS200)
  5. Rupert Neve RMP-D8

    Nice device but "only" studio use (IMMO) (For "color" lovers), to big and poor channel count for our needs. I use sometimes (Location music), my DAD AX32, 2U and up to 48 preamps + ADC, much more practical (Size) ) and also a digital pach (Madi to Dante to AES and PT), I just use a inverter (12V to 230V).
  6. Soundfield on the cheap?

    IMMO looks like Soundfield brand will remains doing quality ambisonic mics and Rode will make cheap ambisonic mics, but who knows. Soundfield still work, they repaired my SPS200 the last week
  7. Easily portable mats/carpets/alternatives?

    http://www.ikea.com/es/en/catalog/products/00271874/ and some clamps https://www.amazon.co.uk/Metal-spring-clamps-market-tarpaulin/dp/B008H3RZJQ
  8. Tripod for Ambience gathering

  9. I usually take a room tone (Nice for editors) and a impulse (Nice for ADR)
  10. OT: Best all-round DI box?

    BSS DI boxes, nice and ultra robust
  11. DPA 4017 c vs b preamp

    The C don't have high pass filter, this means more manipulation noise, more boom panning noise, but admits higher max SPL level (8dB more), have a full bandwith (Extended lows) and is small. The B have a permanent filter at 50Hz, plus an additional filter at 120Hz, and a high frequency lift. IMMO for drama or TV work is more adecuate the B (I have both)
  12. WTB 4 Channel Recorder for Tetrahedral Mic

    Why it was a whim (and I need money), also I have another 3 recorders
  13. WTB 4 Channel Recorder for Tetrahedral Mic

    I have a Aeta 4Minx for sale, isn't small footprint, but is light, have SPS200 decoder, the four best preamps of the market (Includes the Cantar preamps) and 8 tracks
  14. Headphone

    Sennheiser HD25, nice sound for a small closed can, very rugged, all spare parts, lasting (My oldest HD25 have 20 years)