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  1. ramallo

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    I'll love a Mix8 with pfl, slate and transport, a add on or new one
  2. I know that is very difficult find a guy that do the right job in this two sides, but isn't impossible. In my school all the teachers are important and awarded drama professionals (probably all except me) before start teaching, some can't be a good teacher and leave the job fast, but the teachers that remain are good professionals and good teachers. The main problem is to adequate the school calendar to the jobs (The price of active professionals as teachers) Best
  3. ramallo

    Zaxcom RX4900 Power input

    The same as the other Zax radios
  4. ramallo

    AETA Audio Systems stops the production of 4MINX

    I not tried side to side the X3 yet, but yes with the X2 or even the Sonosax SX R4+, and is better IMMO
  5. ramallo

    Abisonic Microphones

    Probably because sound awful when compares with better mics, I tried the Ambeo in comparison with others the results are similar to his cousin the Sennheiser E914 (Shares the same capsule) if you compares with a Schoeps or a DPA, super strident with strings, thin, lack of detail. Best
  6. ramallo

    AETA Audio Systems stops the production of 4MINX

    I have one, 4 nice preamps (Probably the best of the market in a portable device), 8 tracks, superb headphone amplifier, but some software flaws. IMMO the software developer was fired/or move for other tasks and Aeta didn't hire a new one. The contiuous request of bug fixes and new capabilities provoked that announcement. Sad
  7. ramallo

    Abisonic Microphones

    I tried the Ambeo and is good for the price, nothing stellar, good for ambiences, but IMMO not for music. I have a Soundfield SPS200 and in my opinion is the best sounding ambisonic A mic that I tried, much better sounding than his bigger brothers (Probably the problem is the A to B converter box), and on par with the DPA4 (I had one). If you want a professional mic, the SPS200 is the option, if you want to try, the Ambeo is cheap option. Just a note, every ambisonic A mic need a EQ and matrix for convert to B, the EQ varies between microphones (Is due by the distance between the capsule to the center of the array)
  8. ramallo

    Best Shotgun Mic for Singing Guitarist on Location

    DPA 4017 Here in a Harp
  9. ramallo

    Stereo Mix - scripted series

    Is very common in Spain, first track for mix booms and second track for mix radios.
  10. ramallo

    microphones near gunshot

    With adequate microphones for high SPL and a good PAD in your recorder you can record gunshots without problems and with quality. The DPA 4007 are a great microphone for the task https://www.dpamicrophones.com/ddicate/4007-omnidirectional-microphone Earthworks have a nice contenders, but support 10dB less than the DPA https://earthworksaudio.com/microphones/time-coherent-series/ Some info: http://www.sandv.com/downloads/0908rasm.pdf
  11. ramallo

    Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    The Sonosax is in the 5k€ range http://iberalp.es/producto/sx-r4-2/
  12. ramallo

    Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    You have other options such the Sonosax SX R4+ (Transformer free and up to 192kHz fs) and have a 8 preamp expansion (If you want a battery operated device).
  13. ramallo

    Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    If you want a upgrade and you have the Maxx the logical option is the Nomad. My experience with the Fusion is very good, but I'm always have the feel of I lost options that I have with the Nomad, like Neverclip, autotrim, trim with faders, Zaxnet in the box, etc. The only thing that I miss in the Nomad is the PFL (Direct in the screen) and the track arm. My drawback with the Nomad is the hardwire high pass in the preamps (Very high). Good luck with the search
  14. ramallo

    Need recommendation for Ambisonic microphone

    Yes I know this capsule, is typical in the DIY forums, I have not bought any of these capsules at this time, but I do not believe that noise for this size (10mm). But if I get one I'll try do a real test I tried the 3Dio Pro, is much better the SPS200 converted to binaural by Harpex. Best
  15. ramallo

    Need recommendation for Ambisonic microphone

    3Dio isn't binaural, don't have head and by consecuence don't have the acoustic shadow of the head (Important for binaural). In other hand 3Dio uses DPA 4060 microphones (I believe) the equivalente noise is between 23dBA to 26dBA, but any 1/4" microphone have a equivalent noise over 18dBA (Typical more) https://3diosound.com/products/free-space-pro-binaural-microphone https://www.dpamicrophones.com/dscreet/4060-series-miniature-omnidirectional-microphone