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  1. microphones near gunshot

    With adequate microphones for high SPL and a good PAD in your recorder you can record gunshots without problems and with quality. The DPA 4007 are a great microphone for the task https://www.dpamicrophones.com/ddicate/4007-omnidirectional-microphone Earthworks have a nice contenders, but support 10dB less than the DPA https://earthworksaudio.com/microphones/time-coherent-series/ Some info: http://www.sandv.com/downloads/0908rasm.pdf
  2. Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    The Sonosax is in the 5k€ range http://iberalp.es/producto/sx-r4-2/
  3. Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    You have other options such the Sonosax SX R4+ (Transformer free and up to 192kHz fs) and have a 8 preamp expansion (If you want a battery operated device).
  4. Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    If you want a upgrade and you have the Maxx the logical option is the Nomad. My experience with the Fusion is very good, but I'm always have the feel of I lost options that I have with the Nomad, like Neverclip, autotrim, trim with faders, Zaxnet in the box, etc. The only thing that I miss in the Nomad is the PFL (Direct in the screen) and the track arm. My drawback with the Nomad is the hardwire high pass in the preamps (Very high). Good luck with the search
  5. Need recommendation for Ambisonic microphone

    Yes I know this capsule, is typical in the DIY forums, I have not bought any of these capsules at this time, but I do not believe that noise for this size (10mm). But if I get one I'll try do a real test I tried the 3Dio Pro, is much better the SPS200 converted to binaural by Harpex. Best
  6. Need recommendation for Ambisonic microphone

    3Dio isn't binaural, don't have head and by consecuence don't have the acoustic shadow of the head (Important for binaural). In other hand 3Dio uses DPA 4060 microphones (I believe) the equivalente noise is between 23dBA to 26dBA, but any 1/4" microphone have a equivalent noise over 18dBA (Typical more) https://3diosound.com/products/free-space-pro-binaural-microphone https://www.dpamicrophones.com/dscreet/4060-series-miniature-omnidirectional-microphone
  7. Need recommendation for Ambisonic microphone

    Soundfield SPS200, the best sounding ambisonic microphone that I tried (And I have a DPA4), much better sound than the ST350 and ST450 (But these are a bit less noisy). The SPS200 have 6dB less noise than the Ambeo. If you want I can share with you a fragment of a opera recording with KU100 and SPS200
  8. RX12 and Mix8 are old school serial not USB, with the Touch you need use a special USB cables (Converters from USB to serial).
  9. DPA MMP-G Preamp

    I tried the MMP-G with Zaxcom and work perfect. Test against a Maxx (Two closer DPA 4018C and 4018G), sorry, in spanish https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sXQ1SMT9mHHdHH98BqbzLma5CQiGyjxK/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sqcnfzRT-tVZfgqjZJ1Fv613xuaN-yVk/view Tomorrow I'll do for you a recording with both preamps
  10. Show me your bag

    What is your experience with the Lilliputs? (I'm thinking in buy one) Best Regards
  11. Deva 24

    +2, still waiting
  12. Zaxcom STA042 accept spdif 75 ohm Signal?

    Just the transformer usually is enough, but http://www.rane.com/note149.html
  13. Timecard Buddy (iOS) - Giveway

  14. Next level on-camera microphone in M/S

    With a 4ch camera, IMMO the way to go in 2018 is a ambisonic A mic, you can post-process for eliminate noises and focus the sound to the interesting part of image
  15. Remoting Nomads Zaxnet Antenna

    I guess that is a 1/2 dipole, not need ground plane, but anyway with a 1/4 dipole 2,5cm will be enough at 2,4GHz