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  1. Unfortunately there is no guarantee on a purchase in a forum, only the seller's goodwill. Recently I bought here from other member a device that have a failure, the seller offered me re-buy the item for less money than I paid to him
  2. Happy birthday!!!!!
  3. The Ethercon are great, in live sound is one of the most used connectors for transmit multi channel audio. I never had a failure with a ethercon
  4. Very curious, I have 3x 4018 with C preamp and a two 4017 with B preamp and at the moment none of them have any noise with my TX743 or TRX700
  5. Bye bye Rock'n'Roll king :_( http://variety.com/2017/music/news/chuck-berry-dead-rock-n-roll-dies-90-1202011575/
  6. Calculation, but usually, DPA have a realistic technical specs. IMMO the 4099 suspension is a must for the job, but I don't like the angle Best
  7. http://www.euractiv.com/section/digital/news/eu-strikes-tentative-deal-on-700-mhz-band-for-mobile-internet/
  8. I tried both mics with the same preamp (a DAD AX32) (also with a F8) the SPS200 needs 6-7dB more gain for get the same output, but even with this gain diference have less noise than the Ambeo, the Ambeo have the same amount of noise as the DPA 4, IMMO isn't so much I wrote to Svein ;-) Best Suso
  9. Hi John, Where is this Beta?, the last I see is the 1.4 (145) and only have Fuma and Ambix options. Regards Suso
  10. The Ambeo have a higher noise than the SPS200, but the SPS200 is a quiet microphone (12dB equivalent noise per capsule, 6dB more the Ambeo). The SPS200 are more prone to suffer by humidity (is a external polarization condenser) (I had problems with humidity but is very unusual), I belive that the Ambeo is more rugged to humidity due his electret elements. The frequency response is better in high frequency in the Ambeo due his closer capsules (Less phase issues), the rest, much better the SPS200, specially with complex sounds (Music) For ultra quiet noise the best IMMO is the Soundfield ST450 (Large Diaphragm Condenser) IMO, the SPS200 is far better than the Ambeo (As suggest his price difference), but the Ambeo is nice for the price.
  11. This is the B with the low pass filter on (Stock foam windshield)
  12. Me, good for ambiences (considering his price)
  13. Can you upload a recording with the noise?
  14. I never have a humidity problem with any of my 4017, also working in the jungle (With a Nomad)
  15. Hello, I have twins of two years and half old, my wife too have a full-time work. We manage the situation with a kindergarten (9 to 16) (they do the lunch at kindergarten), and some times we have a neighbour that acts as nanny if we need to work after 16:00 (We pay the hours). We pay a average of 800€ at month of kindergarten (public) and nanny. But I know that in USA is much more expensive, my sister lives in Portland and have two childs. Good luck
  16. And probably in Spain too
  17. Isn't illegal in Europe (At least for the time being)
  18. But no monitoring, or not proper monitoring
  19. Ambisonic decoder?
  20. Nice idea and is valid for DPA, a C preamp with low cut
  21. Ambisonic A and B decoder in all recorders (Nomad, Maxx, 788, F8 ....) mkh 8030 too
  22. Mode>multitrim (on, off) Works on my 7.77
  23. The Zoom have Neutrik connectors, IMMO is very good quality connectors, I seen a lot of combo connectors in hard working conditions without a fail, in my opinion is equally reliable than the regulars. Isn't cheaper than the regular XLR3F is a bit more expensive I thought it was a good idea when Zaxcom used the combo XLR on the 3 and 4 Maxx inputs. But I hate the two way input (XLR mic Jack line), I prefer "one way" input with the combo connector The iPad is better than nothing, Is a must in the today mixers (from low end to high end), is a superb tool for do stage monitors. IMMO Should be essential in any current recorder, is very handy
  24. Now take notes and the metadata entry in the Zoom F8 is very easy (On par with the best recorders), but with keyboard will be more faster (Encoder writing is slow)
  25. The 4099 have two sensitivity choices, one with 6mV/pa and other with 2mV/Pa (Drum and trumpet models), the first one have the same the same equivalent noise level as the 4098 (23dBA), the 4098 have more output (16mV/Pa). I don't see any significant differences in noise, just the 4099 need 8dB more gain than the 4098 (This could add a bit of preamp noise)