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  1. If it is as bulletproof as they claim it is (especially with water), would be nice to have on hand to throw on a camera when needed or to use it in the rain without having to worry about it (especially at that price point).
  2. Oh no, not this whole song and dance again. Can we all just agree that both Lectrosonics and Zaxcom make excellent wireless products which both have their pro's and con's yet both sound great and help get the job done? Do your homework and buy whichever one suits your jobs best, then take the energy you'd normally be using to argue with strangers on the internet about this kind of stuff and try to find jobs that you can actually use your gear of choice on.
  3. If Betso made one of these wireless timecode boxes with a mono scratch mix, I'd instantly buy four of them. Don't the ERX/IFB system use 2.4ghz to broadcast (or Zaxnet rather)? My buddy has a few and the range seemed to be rather limited in comparison to my Lectrosonics IFB transmitter. Right now my solution for timecode and scratch track is to put a Betso box on the camera for timecode, and then I put an old Sennheiser G3 receiver for audio BUT I don't transmit to it via a G3 transmitter. Instead, I tune the G3 receiver to the same frequency as my Lectrosonics IFB transmitter (which is 250mw) and it sounds great believe it or not. Hell, it doesn't even give it justice to call it "scratch" because I've been on productions before where they've used it for their edits.
  4. Yeah the old Mac Mini's hold up pretty well if you throw in an SSD and max out the RAM. My father has one from I believe 2009 which was getting very sluggish so I popped in 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD into it and I've got to say, it's rather damn quick for an 8 year old machine! He's no power user by any means as he mostly just browses the web, but it's perfect for him and should last him several more years before he needs to upgrade to a newer machine (unless the unit fails).
  5. As always, this conversation is filled with a lot of good insights from a lot of great sound mixers. Everyone has their own preferences on what's the best tool for a job, but simply said, you can't go wrong with Lectrosonics nor Zaxcom. To me it's like saying, "What's better, a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?" (although both are WAY more reliable than an Italian sports car...). I'm still using six Lectrosonics SMQa transmitters (I think they were made ~8 years ago before there were SMQV's?). Bought them used, still work great. Even though I might "upgrade" to something newer the next year or so, I'll probably just keep them for backup or if I'm on a bigger show and need more wireless channels. That being said, I'm sure if I had the Zaxcom equivalent from a few years back I would be equally as happy.
  6. It's getting to the point where I'm not sure we're all driving around in cars anymore, just computers. Most of my friends can't even drive my Jeep because it's a standard transmission! They sure know how to text/snap/facebook and drive though....
  7. I agree. I'm not too worried about someone making a "quality" $300 wireless kit because unlike these modern "0 and 1 bit bucket recorders" of today which can easily be manufactured overseas for cheap, quality wireless is something that isn't magically created because you have someone that makes that process not easy nor cheap... that being the Federal Government (FCC). And hell hath no fury like the FCC scorned...
  8. Is this for an invoice that's already overdue? Because if it is, and you didn't state on your original invoice that you would charge extra after xy amount of days, I don't know if you can even do that?
  9. Gotta love Shure UHF-R. I picked up a used single channel "plus" rack and a UR3 as a transmitter for the last show I was on and have been using it as wireless boom with an MM-1. Sounded great and the range was incredible (100+ yards although I was in a more rural area).
  10. It appears that Betso has new wireless timecode (and slate) products coming out ( Trew is listing the SBOX-2RF at $530. I haven't seen the prices of the slate or TCX-2 posted but they all look interesting and a 500m line of sight sounds impressive.
  11. I haven't used an 8070 but my 8060 rarely lets me down in terms of "reach". Even things that are "distant" still usually sound quite usable, especially when on a documentary shoot. Hell, even on the good ol' multi-cam camera department favorite of "wide and tight", the 8060 has saved my butt on many occasions.
  12. Only van in America still available with a manual gearbox...
  13. Yeah if my Wrangler was my DD I would definitely consider one of these. At the moment, I have an old toolbox bolted down behind the rear seats with a padlock on it which serves as my official "trunk". It's not very big but I keep a battery jumper and anything of value I want to take with me wherever I'm going. I unfortunately suffered a stereo theft from the Jeep earlier this year (some moron stole the removable faceplate from my stereo but didn't actually steal the stereo, luckily it was an $85 stereo to begin with) so I've been extra weary keeping an eye on it and making sure to leave absolutely nothing of value in it while unattended.
  14. The Traverse's smaller cousin the Equinox just got announced with AWD + Diesel. Should be interesting to see if that trickles up to the Traverse because it's supposed to get 40+ miles to the gallon. Although my Grand Cherokee WK2 is my daily driver for hauling gear, once in a while I like to take my Wrangler YJ to set. Even though mine's just the two door, once I fold and tumble the rear seats, due to it's literal box shape, I easily fit my fold up cart + two pelicans + sound bag + misc bag in the back. Being that it is a soft top (or in the summer, no top...) I really only take it to a gig once in a blue moon when I know there will be a secure place to park it (and I obviously NEVER leave it unattended with gear in it).
  15. Bought a couple packs of these recently. They work fantastic in Lectrosonics IFB packs. I'm getting ~3 days per pack out of them vs ~1 with ProCell alkaline batteries. At $22 for a 4 pack + dual bay charger, they paid for themselves in less than two weeks of set life.