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  1. Lectro SRc field reports?

    Very cool!
  2. Lectro SRc field reports?

    At this point, looks like it might be wise to invest in that new Lectro SRUSB plate to do your own firmware updates rather than paying for shipping/insurance + downtime to get the factory to update the firmware.
  3. Farewell innovation?

    Kind of funny that the company that didn't have wireless products till 2001 is suing the company the had them in 1975.
  4. camera link

    I've been using my IFBT4 in my bag next to my SRc and SRb for years. No problems so far...
  5. camera link

    G3 at +12db and the Alexa's preamp turned up a bit has yielded enough oomph when I send tone to match the level on my mixer's output.
  6. Lectro SRc field reports?

    I don't believe it did. I was mostly having screen and back light issues so that part of the unit was replaced.
  7. AES inputs on high track machines

    I know you want a DC, AES option BUT Tascam does have a new Dante box (isn't there a Dante option for the X3?). It's 1u and takes 22w which I'd imagine you could rig to a DC inverter pretty easily. Can't beat the price either... Tascam ML-16D Apparently they make a 32 channel version as well. Not too shabby for $2k Tascam ML-32d
  8. Sell it all but keep a c-stand (for locked off interviews) and a stinger.
  9. wireless lapel systems for budget

    See if you can't get your hands on some SMQa or SMDa's (250mw and 100mw locked respectively). They aren't backlit but are the same dimensions / have most of the same features as the SMQV's but are currently being dumped on the used market for pretty darn cheap. I picked up a 411a/SMDa recently for $1200 shipped. I have some SMQa's as well although they only get about 4-5 hours on rechargeable AA's, they sound great. The SMDa gets 8 hours since it's only 100mw.
  10. Different TASCAM HS-P82 Hardware Versions?

    Weird.... seems like B&H has the photos you're talking about. I wonder if it's a mistake in that it's images from a prototype version before it was finally released? I noticed on the top it seems (pretty blurry) it says "HD-P8" which if you google that, it refers to the rackmount version.
  11. Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    Give the 2450 Ladda batteries from Ikea a shot. I've been loving mine and you can't beat the price.
  12. Lectro SRc field reports?

    I got my SRc back from the mothership a couple weeks ago (its second trip there). Seems to be working fine for me now...
  13. 1/4 Track Playback Head On A Nagra IV-S ?

    I'd hate to ruin a great working Nagra but maybe reach out to a place that restores them?
  14. Hirose-powered Mac Mini.

    One advantage of these new USB-C laptops though is the fact that you can get battery packs for them that run the machine straight over USB.
  15. Absolute UTC-based Timecode?

    There's a GPS attachment for the Betso timecode boxes.
  16. Tascam HS-P82 Knob Problem

    Tom Duffy is your guy when it comes to Tascam stuff. I had a crappy NP-1 that was a little bigger than normal ones (I guess) get stuck in the back of my HS-P82 once and he sent me the entire shop manual in order to disassemble the required parts to get it out manually.
  17. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Anyone been on an agency shoot where they turned the camera to shoot "vertical" for smartphones / social media? A part of my film school dreams died that day. Friends don't let friends shoot vertical video...
  18. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    I wasn't around for the "good ol days" but one thing I've learned in my so far relatively short career is how it's very important to maintain a good working relationship with the AD on set. The smoothest sets I've been on were ones with capable and understanding AD's whom you basically get to the point where you don't even need to ask them for things, they come to you automatically (Time to wire talent / do you want to turn this noise source off etc). You don't want a relationship with an AD where they just presume things or don't seem to care (Roll Sound! While you are literally mic'ing the main actor right in front of their face). That being said, there are some AD's that are just useless and they'll disregard you (just dealt with one like this recently after a string of great ones) and it just makes you and the boom op miserable and stressed the entire production. Character flaw? Maybe. But often times the "above the line" are trying to shoot that feature that was originally scheduled for 30 days in 25 (without any cuts) so everyone is just running around like a mad man in general.
  19. TalentCell External batteries

    I think my buddy uses that same battery to power his Lectro SRb and he's had good luck with it so far.
  20. camera link

    Trick is to snag a Block 25 one (they can be had cheap) because there's going to be a little bit of a frequency hole between the uplink/downlink of the cell transmitters in the 600mhz range here stateside.
  21. camera link

    Any Lectro transmitter capable of transmitting "IFB" should work with the G3 series.
  22. camera link

    I use a Lectrosonic IFBT4 as a transmitter for my IFB headsets and funny enough, a Sennheiser G3 can pick up a Lectrosonic IFB transmitter signal no problem / sounds great so I use that on cameras. Two AA NiMH batteries in a G3 receiver on camera lasts 12 hours easy.
  23. Signing out comteks

    On narratives, I usually am able to keep tabs on who was given what # IFB, however losing two to an agency gig is not surprising at all. I find when there's an agency on set, it's a game of "me too" where everyone seems to "need" an IFB even though half of them don't actually listen in and are too busy looking at their phones. That being said, of course producers on those gigs always want to bend over backwards for anyone even remotely affiliated with the agency (which I get) so unfortunately it always ends up as a game of hide and seek with IFB's where the agency is given ten hours head start to try to "I put it down somewhere over there" and for you after a long day to try to find them all.
  24. Lectro SRc field reports?

    Anyone having a problem with a flickering backlight on their SRc? My SRc just got back from the shop a month ago and now it's intermittently "flashing" the backlight. It seems the backlight will dim / shut off randomly then come back on, but then be fine for an hour or so before doing it again.
  25. Lectro Duet

    Very cool piece of kit. A little more high tech than my "poor man's talkback" setup of boom op on an MM1 + lectro transmitter + Motorola walkie borrowed from production. We've got a fancy neoprene belt thing for all the accoutrements that we've dubbed "The Bat Utility Belt" which is pretty rad at least though!