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  1. codyman

    Smart Slate Preference

    I haven't. I've always been under the impression that that's more geared towards episodic shows?
  2. codyman

    Location Sound Van build

    How are you liking the ProMaster City so far? A seller in Huntington Beach seems to be selling them for less than $19k USD new these days which seems like a sweet bargain for what you get out of it.
  3. I'm not a tin foil hat / Richard Stallman type but it doesn't matter how careful you are on a social network, once your info is up there it is out there following around no matter where you are on the web. Electronic Frontier Foundation article ACLU article I do agree that we are living in amazing times where communication and information is so vast and easy to acquire these days which is absolutely great. That being said, a lot of the current main stream tools to communicate have some very shady practices that shouldn't be overlooked. The good news is that there are alternatives (such as this GREAT forum) and while yes, it might not be as "convenient" as it's not just piled into a never ending stream of photos from your friends, it's still worth it!
  4. The great thing about our industry is that unlike support for consumer electronic goods, you can actually pick up the phone and often get on the line with a real person who can walk you through issues. It's great being able to call someone like Sound Devices / Lectrosonics and talk to someone who actually knows the product and is more than happy to help you.
  5. I don't have a Facebook account either but on my computer, anytime that annoying Facebook login thing pops up, try hitting the escape key. Seems to get rid of it on my end (Mac / Firefox). As for Facebook trying to take over, I agree it's a rather short sighted approach to keeping people in the loop. Even back in the day when I had an account for Facebook, thanks to them always using algorithms to show you a never ending stream of the food your aunt is eating and/or updates on the mundane life of that guy you sat next to in the 2nd grade, I would often miss that actual "good stuff" that was announced to begin with unless you browsed to the appropriate page.
  6. codyman

    legal wireless microphone frequencies

    No 800mhz/700mhz stuff allowed anymore. 600mhz is still legal but dodgy sometimes as they turn on the 5G stuff.
  7. codyman

    Longest lasting

    I've never had anything run longer than an SMQV. I routinely get 8+ hours on NiMH batteries with them and lithiums would add considerable run time to that.
  8. codyman

    Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    That's a cool utility, Jay! I currently have RX4 Advanced. It's a great tool that I use on every project, but would you all say it's worth to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of it?
  9. codyman

    Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    Same. Besides EQ, probably my most used plugin.
  10. codyman

    When the DP goes really wide

    I've dubbed it the "Nagra Shorts" era
  11. codyman

    When the DP goes really wide

    A different era...
  12. codyman

    Wireless Frequencies Germany and Ireland

    According to this for Germany 470-608mhz 614-703mhz 733-823mhz All 50mW max power Not sure about Ireland though
  13. codyman

    Show me your bag

    Cool setup. What antenna splitter is that?
  14. codyman

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    A client was recently confused as to why I wasn't able to sync a Lectrosonic R1A to his wireless Apple headphones. "But it's wireless!"
  15. codyman

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Very cool!
  16. codyman

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    At this point, looks like it might be wise to invest in that new Lectro SRUSB plate to do your own firmware updates rather than paying for shipping/insurance + downtime to get the factory to update the firmware.
  17. codyman

    Farewell innovation?

    Kind of funny that the company that didn't have wireless products till 2001 is suing the company the had them in 1975.
  18. codyman

    camera link

    I've been using my IFBT4 in my bag next to my SRc and SRb for years. No problems so far...
  19. codyman

    camera link

    G3 at +12db and the Alexa's preamp turned up a bit has yielded enough oomph when I send tone to match the level on my mixer's output.
  20. codyman

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    I don't believe it did. I was mostly having screen and back light issues so that part of the unit was replaced.
  21. codyman

    AES inputs on high track machines

    I know you want a DC, AES option BUT Tascam does have a new Dante box (isn't there a Dante option for the X3?). It's 1u and takes 22w which I'd imagine you could rig to a DC inverter pretty easily. Can't beat the price either... Tascam ML-16D Apparently they make a 32 channel version as well. Not too shabby for $2k Tascam ML-32d
  22. Sell it all but keep a c-stand (for locked off interviews) and a stinger.
  23. codyman

    wireless lapel systems for budget

    See if you can't get your hands on some SMQa or SMDa's (250mw and 100mw locked respectively). They aren't backlit but are the same dimensions / have most of the same features as the SMQV's but are currently being dumped on the used market for pretty darn cheap. I picked up a 411a/SMDa recently for $1200 shipped. I have some SMQa's as well although they only get about 4-5 hours on rechargeable AA's, they sound great. The SMDa gets 8 hours since it's only 100mw.
  24. codyman

    Different TASCAM HS-P82 Hardware Versions?

    Weird.... seems like B&H has the photos you're talking about. I wonder if it's a mistake in that it's images from a prototype version before it was finally released? I noticed on the top it seems (pretty blurry) it says "HD-P8" which if you google that, it refers to the rackmount version.
  25. codyman

    Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    Give the 2450 Ladda batteries from Ikea a shot. I've been loving mine and you can't beat the price.