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  1. ADR Scene

    What is a scene from a movie/TV show, that is mostly or all ADR that you wouldn't normally expect it to have been done that way? Not an action scene,car scene, stunt scene, wind machine etc, but because of some other reasons/circumstance that day on location/set?
  2. Taping mics to chest

    cool, thanks for the detailed explanation too
  3. Taping mics to chest

    so what did you do?
  4. Drones

    Have drones started to replace helicopters on medium to big size projects? Has anyone here that works on medium to big size projects noticed anything like that happening? Just curious, as I have been seeing some really great footage of drones lately on YouTube, so not a sound question but just curious? Or are sound guys not on set on a day that they would be doing helicopter shots too? Curious about that too?
  5. The Donald addresses the Sound Dept.