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  1. love the evolution, and how you were able to add a C stand holder. Something like this would literally be right on the mark for most of my work. Mid feb I plan on getting started on my rig. Thanks again for sharing!
  2. Following. I am looking forward to having a similar setup down the line. I like the rock n roller style but this looks like it would work great as well, just no ideal spot for any monitors.
  3. I'm sure the LA sound mixers would be able to help, if not - at least set up some kind of mixer mixer while you're in town.
  4. If the transmitter shows normal audio levels with a lav plugged in, and the qrx shows signal strength but red light ln the antenna status, it may be your synth chip. Mine went out earlier this month in my trx900LT, factory reset actually screwed me because I had a work aound but after the factory reset it would not work at all.
  5. Are these transmitters block specific, Glenn? It doesn't mention wideband in the announcement
  6. Are there any plans to have that change in the future? if that's the case I may as well go RX200 route over the QRX200 for my next rx
  7. i would assume the QRX235 will only receive one channel also?
  8. I'm doing some testing today at home with various rigs i've seen discussed on the site. the photos on this thread seem to have disappeared, Rado do you have any photos laying around you can re-upload? I have an idea but photos would certainly help. Thanks!
  9. How old is your maxx? I think the TC battery needs to be changed every two years, mine is due soon here.
  10. I have no idea why the site wont let me post a regular reply... Reuben
  11. I wish I could have just made it out there to visit the show for a few hours and then to the jwsound party, but this would have been icing on the cake as i've yet to visit. Maybe next year
  12. Hey Kevin, I am right there with you on this one. I have been doing OMB work with my PSC M4 Mkii and zoom with a 416 as a base kit since Jan 2012 until I upgraded just a few weeks ago. There is always going to be the frustration of taking the gigs that you do a lot as a OMB. I would follow suit of what many of the others here have said, network and make a good impression. I will agree that this site is a great place to learn, not just about the craft but the state of the industry and anything else about what we do from rates to gear. I used to think making $350 a day was killer, until I had my first "real jobs" which according to some of the people here or on facebook sound groups, still isn't up to par. I have had one job pay me what these people normally demand, and I can only hope that the day I worked made an impression for the client so I can keep working for them, or if they have someone who may need me for a similar rate. Keep pushing, buy when you need to upgrade. The G3s are going to be fine for a while, as long as you get some decent mics on them ( I still use them myself.) I am not going lectro until I know they will pay themselves off. Keep pushing.
  13. I currently use a 416, from what I've seen and read around here the mkh50 is the next step for my kit. I just upgraded my main kit to the maxx so from here on out its all mics and eventually upgrading g3s when I can get work that will pay for them!
  14. I just purchased the idk np1 kit at Trew, along with my maxx. I wouldn't mind a smaller battery for a 3rd addition to my kit once I may need them. I currently only run maxx off the np1 - still using G3's so I have nothing else to power and have never needed more than one battery in a 10 hour day. Lowest I've gone in a day was to 13.2 volts
  15. I use this app. It's been good to me for my one man band stuff, I usually write the report after wrap as it's kinda hard to keep track while moving along on a quicker day.