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  1. Thanks constantin! Must have read over it... Just tested it, definitely the best option! My only worry is the bad wifi environment on set and my 1watt zaxnet-amplifier right next to it. But sure worth a try! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi, thanks for all the responses! The go button app seems interesting but as tom mentioned, i like to have an editing software by hand for quick changes. An other idea: (please help me with the software/hardware part) A pulse trigger at the director's side going to an ew100 transmitter. Receiving the pulse at the cart from an ew100 receiver going to a footswitch input on an audio-cart. Triggering 'play' of a sample in the software. Ending from itsself. The second pulse will trigger play of the second sample. This way i could still make quick changes... And the director would be wireless with good range (better than bluetooth keyboard). Possible? Whats the best hardware/software? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, i find the last years phonak invisible ears are commonly seen as standard in an audio-set. I mostly use them for music-playback or telephone conversations where the other side of the phone has already been filmed. i make a montage of the best take in pro-tools on my laptop, but find myself putting to much time in the right cue's for the playback than recording the good sound of the scene. i am not that big of an expert in protools, but does anyone have a solution i'd just have to enter the spacebar for playback of the next response? so i don't need to scroll with the mouse, but just divide each response in audio-blocks and press space-bar a couple of times. maybe another software than pro-tools is more fit for this? What would be even more interesting is that the director could cue these samples. sometimes the director wants a longer silence in the scene and wants the cue later... so if he'd have hands on an app on his iphone that would connect to my laptop/protools/.... true wifi, bluetooth... (i know delay...) any thoughts?
  4. Hi everyone, I have been using my deva 5.8 pre-amps on set the last couple of years, but sometimes got annoyed by pushing the self-noise up with silent dialogue-scenes. Using the mix-8/ loving the fact of unplugging 1 cable when having to go in the bag and using the zaxcom wireless, i thought about buying external pre-amps going digital into the deva. (avoiding a big mixer-table,lots of cables) I bougth a sonosax sx-r4+ one month ago, loving the workflow of the machine, but gave it back to the dealer after 1 day since it gave much more self-noise then the deva itself. My dealer made tests comparing to a SD744 and came to the same conclusion. Communicated these results to sonosax-suisse whom had comments about how these tests were made, but at the end confirmed that these are normal sx-R4+ results. Anyone having the same experiences with the noise-level of this machine? (heard it are other pre-amps than the big sonosax-tables) Anyone other advice on 4 good preamps? (my kind dealer probably wants to retake the sonosax sx-R4+ since it totally lost his purpose for me) (this one day using the sonosax on set i got les noise on my zaxcom-sanken-lavs then the sonosax-mkh50-boom 20cm's above the talent's head) cant believe the sonosax-response... greetings from belgium arne
  5. Got a similar experience last week, shooting with 2 alexa-mini's on movi. I am using 2 erx's and noticed some bad-morninghabits on cam-B (not taking timecode). Thought it was a bad (new) lemo-cable but during mid-day it suddenly worked. also got complaints from post: day 1 & 2: sync day 3: Cam A: 3 frames off, Cam B: 3 frames off day 4 Cam A: sync, Cam B: 1 frame off I have worked the whole summer with a similar set-up and never got complaints. using the erx2 for cam-A and erx3 for B-cam. guessing i will update them to the latest software and hope for the best...
  6. Well... After going in factory setup on the transmitter and Recalling factory defaults the tx came back on. Strange because as far as i know i didnt change anything in the tx. And after comparig all the setting to a working one, nothing was different. Hope this helps someone else
  7. Just found out when i change the receivers freq from 530.0 to 529.9. And leave te tx on 530. It receives. But with very bad stability. Can you give me the zaxcom contact jack? thanks! 'vins', i dont think it has to do with the encryption menu... In both cases i shut them of on the end of the day/ back on the next one and the failure arrived... the modulation is correct on receiver and transmitter. (Both xr) the new( broken) trx's wot work on the qrx235 either.
  8. Hi all, had troubles last week receiving an trxla2.5 to a qrx200. Ofcourse frequencies were correct gain was open, tried to reboot.... Like the pictures show (receiver it receives signal but wont connect (green ligt) or give info about batt-status, signal-level. All ifb options still work on the transmitter. Anyone had this problem? brought thisone in for repair, but now it happened to another transmitter within the week. Transmitters and qrx200 are 3 to 4 months old. Didnt had any problems with my 2 trx's and qrx235 from over a year old.
  9. Hi, maybe a stupid question. Can 50 ohm's antenna signals pass trough xlr-cables? with a bnc-xlr connector. Idea is to use the xlr stage-reel to get the shark-fins closer to the set. guessing there will be to much loss of signal-strength...
  10. Anyone in the possibility of making a video, comparing the range of the (not updated) qrx100 tot the qrx200?