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  1. hobbiesodd

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Are they widely avail yet or was this a special delivery? Cheers, Evan
  2. hobbiesodd

    Laurel v Yanni explained!

    Someone (but not me) suggested that it’s a covert gov’t mind control experiment— wherein the file has an embedded hidden track and they are using social media to test the efficacy of this potential auditory subliminal message delivery system... Someone (DEFINITELY NOT ME) sure has some control/trust issues. Cheers, Evan
  3. hobbiesodd

    Boompole end exit to side exit conversion?

    I have two of those XLRs sitting in my amazon cart but I’m worried about their stability on the end of the pole. I can see the whole apparatus snapping off. And unfortunately I am currently using the setup you describe here and I’m not happy with it. Cheers, Evan
  4. hobbiesodd

    Laurel v Yanni explained!

    I think what they are referencing is that the original source file was a computer pronouncing the word “Laurel”. So, I guess it is, technically, “Laurel.” Cheers, Evan
  5. hobbiesodd

    Laurel v Yanni explained!

    Jay, I read an interesting article that touches on this and the biological voodoo mechanics behind who hears what and why..... https://apple.news/ASs4UNdVSRjCTSDwsYHoPww Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  6. hobbiesodd

    Boompole end exit to side exit conversion?

    I have a smaller internally wired carbon fiber K-tek (can’t remember the model right now) that has a bottom XLR that I would love to get converted to mount my HM running parallel along the side. Unfortunately it’s not the K-tek with the removable end cap so buying the desired KT2AB Sidekick is not an option. I remember one company (Loon, perhaps?) made this 180dg XLR “U” adapter which is exactly what I would want but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any tips on something out there that I might be missing? Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  7. While we’re are at it— some silicone sleeves for my comteks would be amazing as well. The sound of PR216s hitting the floor gives me chills. Anyone have any ideas on how to make silicone sleeves to spec? Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  8. I would absolutely love a thin silicone sleeve that I could slip onto my SMVs and still use the Lectro clips. Different colors would be great. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  9. hobbiesodd

    Show me your bag

    I too would like to know which Antenna Splitter you are using. Cheers, Evan
  10. hobbiesodd

    Nomad error? *B

    I get this error every time I switch between primary folders. I’ve found that if I want to switch folders I need to power down before I record again. This keeps the *B error away. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  11. hobbiesodd

    Soundbag as Hand Luggage

    +1 If they find it, the TSA will absolutely take your Lav Bullet away from you. Their newer “Mic Drop” shape is preferable for flying. Regards, Evan
  12. hobbiesodd

    Soundbag as Hand Luggage

    I travel exclusively for gigs (150K+ actual miles every year) and I have my kit streamlined for it. My two carry ons consist of: 1) my bag rig with 5 transmitters + lavs, all neatly buttoned up. 2) my run bag backpack with necessary accessories, including 4x98mwh batts, a few IFBs and hops. I then check all all other gear in one 1650 pelican. My goal is to have everything I need to shoot for a day or two as carry on in case of lost luggage. The only necessary thing I don’t carry on is a boom pole as I’ve been stopped before and ordered to check the pole so I don’t bother trying any more. Be aware that TSA is different at every airport (and even maddeningly fluctuates within each airport on any given day) and you will more than likely have your rig set aside for additional screening. Leave time for this, as some agents may want you to disassemble your whole bag to run it through again. After years of dealing with this I’ve gotten pretty good at talking them out of that level of nonsense - but there’s always a chance some newbie is too scared to just swab it and let it go. good luck in Dubai Cheers, Evan
  13. hobbiesodd

    Zaxcom Automix with constant boom

    To achieve this, I have AM (post fader mode) engaged on my Lavs (Tracks 2-8) and not on my Boom (Track 1) - all of which are then routed post fader to a mono mix track and IFB feed. Works great for me. Cheers, Evan
  14. I do a lot of bag drop / follow car IFB shoots with my Nomad and in these situations AutoMix has been a great tool. It might take a minute to find the AM setting sweet spot but once you get your talent gain dialed in and the ISOs are good I usually set it and forget it. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  15. hobbiesodd

    Bluetooth sender cheap on amazon

    In an effort to get myself as untethered from my bag as much as possible, I've been experimenting with the Brightech BPX2 Bluetooth transmitter. It needs constant power (which I get from the USB of my Nomad) which affords super low latency - enough for critical listening from my rig. My headphones are (the amazing) PURO Bluetooth cans with an optional AUX in for when I don't need the BT function, so I can be wired if I wish. This has been working beautifully for my more run+gun docu shoots where I can drop my bag in a car and still monitor audio from outside the vehicle (20ft or so), or walk away from my rig to mic an oncoming cast member. The only issue I have found is that sometimes (rarely, in fact) I'll get a digital "jumbling" effect for a few seconds - where it seems to cut in and out and then the last few seconds of audio is played overtop of the current signal. It's obviously not on the recorded tracks so I'm not worried about it really, but it can be annoying if I'm trying to listen for content. But again, it's so rare (once every few days) that its nothing critical. Cheers, Evan Meszaros *a quick note on the PURO cans: they have a wonderfully flat frequency response and this handy LED monitor that lets you know if the output signal is hitting a potentially ear-damaging db level. In 20 years, they are best sounding headphones I've ever used.*