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  1. SMA 50 ohm termination

    I too have some crazy RF showing up when I power in the Multi. I was told by PSC that terminators on the open SMAs are unnecessary. PSC even sent me a brand new one to test, but it yielded the same results. I'd love to know if you (or anyone else) has success with terminating the unused SMAs. I still can't figure out my problem and I've tried every cable swap imaginable. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  2. Frequency Coordination

    I am constantly running 6-9 Lectro wireless freqs, comtek 216 (and sometimes G3 IEMs) and Zaxnet in different cities across the country (and sometimes globally). What I've grown accustomed to is a mix between receiver scans, Lectro grouping and the FreqFinder app - spending at least an hour in each new city - to find the sweet spot of effective coordination. But, as with all wireless, sometimes even the best efforts yield poor results, because, voodoo. Cheers, Evan
  3. SRb + PSC Rf Multi SMA?

    The SRC or SRB? I've had great results with the Multi and my SRBs for months. Suddenly it's awful. Two of my SRBs just came back from Lectrosonics after a tune-up so everything should be good on their end.
  4. SRb + PSC Rf Multi SMA?

    I'm into trying new antennas - but the ALPs are a little to unwieldy for my bag. I've tried the one-at-time cable disconnect in every possible way. And a since PSC lent me a brand new Multi to test I don't think it's my unit. The whip scans are significantly more clear than the dipoles. Cheers, Evan
  5. SRb + PSC Rf Multi SMA?

    Hello Everyone! I've been using the PSC RF MULTI SMA running 4 SRbs + Lectro SNA600a dipoles with great results for the last 8 months, but very recently the SRs are being sprayed with excessive RF garbage every time I power on the Multi unit. I'll present the specs and the troubleshooting I've tried so far in the hopes that someone here has some advice to get my system back to its proper performance.... Nomad + 4 SRb + RF Multi routed through AudioRoot power distro. Started with SR Blocks 19/21/25/25 using 2 SNA600a antennas (dialed in to middle freq) and all was good for 8 months. Recently changed to Blocks 19/19/20/21 and tried 2 Lectro ACOAXBNC antennas (BK20) - which is when the RF garbage kicked in. I figured it was the ACOAX antennas so i switched back to the (retuned) SNA600s and the unacceptable RF noise continued unabated. I've tried other SMA, BNC and power cables, but no change. Even though my Multi has a 13xxxxx serial number I tried a brand new unit with my same setup and still the noise is overwhelming. I've even tried powering the SRbs from a separate power source in case there was a ground issue but the results remain the same. Am I missing something? I've heard conflicting reports about terminating the open SMAs on the Multi (which I am not doing) but I didn't have an issue before so I don't think that's the problem. I'm on a pretty intense shoot that doesn't leave me too much time to keep breaking down, rebuilding and reworking my bag so any pertinent advice would be a greatly appreciated. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  6. In the market... lectro SMQV vs WM

  7. In the market... lectro SMQV vs WM

    Do you prefer the short cable TA5 connector or the one piece barrel adapter? cheers, Evan
  8. Is anyone here using the TA5 adapter for their WM transmitter? I've seen the short cable version and the barrel type and would like some real world advice on both options. Thanks! Evan
  9. Lectrosonics LT vs SMQV

    I'm considering adding a couple of LTs to my quiver. My SMVs are great, but I'd love some wide-band versatility. Does anyone here use them reguarly? I'd appreciate some real world feedback from reality-docu mixers. Thanks! Cheers, Evan
  10. Worth buying IFB200 for a simple mono system?

    Sent you a DM
  11. Chattanooga TN soundies

    Any soundies here live in Chatty or know of one? I'm in need of a smart slate rental tomorrow (Monday 3/28/17). Please email me: sendittoevan AT gmail DOT com Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  12. What's your day rate?

    I lived in LA from 2011-2015 and worked at least 30 days a year in SD - for full rate, travel, hotel, etc.... Hell, I was flown there from Kentucky last month for a 4 day shoot. Your excuses are thin and your actions are damaging to the industry. I truly hope you listen to the valuable (if sometimes caustic sounding) advice from the professionals above and learn from their extensive experience. Together we are strong. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  13. Show me your bag

    I used fingerless gloves under bigger snowboarding mittens but they have gloves with fingertips designed for touch screens. As for moisture, yeah - there was moisture. A lot of it. I have a waterproof setup for my phone but not for my iPad, so I used the phone more often. If I were to seriously consider a setup like this, a durable tablet case is mandatory. Cheers, Evan
  14. Show me your bag

    I tried an interesting experiment with my backup rig recently and thought I'd share with the group.... Was on location in Jackson Hole, WY for docu-series and scheduled to film 6 cast members riding the deep back country on snowmobiles. Instead of reinforcing my primary Nomad bag setup, I decided to take my (so far unused) F8 travel backup and make a completely wireless backpack rig: F8 / 4 x SRb / Comtek / etc.... but with wireless boom and headphones + Bluetooth mixing via the Control App. Thus, I was able to mix everything from my iPhone/iPad and carry all the weight on my back. Everything was protected in the bag - leaving only the 2 x SN600a dipoles exposed. Due to time constraints it wasn't the most elegant system but it surprisingly worked like a charm. The Bluetooth mixing interface takes some getting used to but was completely usable in my circumstances. In fact, at one point I was driving a snowmobile and had my phone rigged to the dashboard for reference. If Zaxcom made this capability in their Touch App I would certainly use it - often. The bag itself is an older model from Case Logic that has been my workhorse for years. (The hard rubber bottom is a god-sent feature that I cannot live without). I was able to get a couple of pics: Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  15. 4 Pin Hirose to USB Cable

    Thanks for these links! Not sure why they didn't show up in my search.... I was hoping for a CONUS local for the sake of expediency, but these will work if I can't find one. Cheers, Evan Meszaros