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  1. Thanks!
  2. Do you prefer the short cable TA5 connector or the one piece barrel adapter? cheers, Evan
  3. Is anyone here using the TA5 adapter for their WM transmitter? I've seen the short cable version and the barrel type and would like some real world advice on both options. Thanks! Evan
  4. I'm considering adding a couple of LTs to my quiver. My SMVs are great, but I'd love some wide-band versatility. Does anyone here use them reguarly? I'd appreciate some real world feedback from reality-docu mixers. Thanks! Cheers, Evan
  5. Sent you a DM
  6. Any soundies here live in Chatty or know of one? I'm in need of a smart slate rental tomorrow (Monday 3/28/17). Please email me: sendittoevan AT gmail DOT com Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  7. I lived in LA from 2011-2015 and worked at least 30 days a year in SD - for full rate, travel, hotel, etc.... Hell, I was flown there from Kentucky last month for a 4 day shoot. Your excuses are thin and your actions are damaging to the industry. I truly hope you listen to the valuable (if sometimes caustic sounding) advice from the professionals above and learn from their extensive experience. Together we are strong. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  8. I used fingerless gloves under bigger snowboarding mittens but they have gloves with fingertips designed for touch screens. As for moisture, yeah - there was moisture. A lot of it. I have a waterproof setup for my phone but not for my iPad, so I used the phone more often. If I were to seriously consider a setup like this, a durable tablet case is mandatory. Cheers, Evan
  9. I tried an interesting experiment with my backup rig recently and thought I'd share with the group.... Was on location in Jackson Hole, WY for docu-series and scheduled to film 6 cast members riding the deep back country on snowmobiles. Instead of reinforcing my primary Nomad bag setup, I decided to take my (so far unused) F8 travel backup and make a completely wireless backpack rig: F8 / 4 x SRb / Comtek / etc.... but with wireless boom and headphones + Bluetooth mixing via the Control App. Thus, I was able to mix everything from my iPhone/iPad and carry all the weight on my back. Everything was protected in the bag - leaving only the 2 x SN600a dipoles exposed. Due to time constraints it wasn't the most elegant system but it surprisingly worked like a charm. The Bluetooth mixing interface takes some getting used to but was completely usable in my circumstances. In fact, at one point I was driving a snowmobile and had my phone rigged to the dashboard for reference. If Zaxcom made this capability in their Touch App I would certainly use it - often. The bag itself is an older model from Case Logic that has been my workhorse for years. (The hard rubber bottom is a god-sent feature that I cannot live without). I was able to get a couple of pics: Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  10. Thanks for these links! Not sure why they didn't show up in my search.... I was hoping for a CONUS local for the sake of expediency, but these will work if I can't find one. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  11. Hello All - I am in the market for a 4pin hirose male to regulated USB female cable. (The above link no longer works.) I've scoured the net and can only find some Chinese ones of dubious quality. Pro-Sound has one on their site, but ideally it would be a dual USB output. Normally I would make it myself but I am in the process of moving and have no usable workshop and tools handy, and time is of the essence. Does anyone here have a line on where I could procure one? Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  12. Opinions are all well and good, but the above statements are exclusionary and will not help advance progressive ideas and technology. Many people were wary of wireless mics in the beginning, and look at us now. Countless bemoaned the touch screens of 1gen iPhones ("I need real buttons not a piece of glass") and look at us now. By excluding the tech or even asking that SD or anyone else not even try to advance current technology is Luddite thinking that only hobbles forward motion. Your home must be full of remoteless CRT televisions and rotary dial phones... Which is totally fine just don't force the rest of us to stay in the past with you. Cheers, Evan
  13. You are certainly entitled to your personal opinion.... ... even if it's misinformed. I wasn't to keen on the idea until I tried it. And it worked. And I liked it. Just because you personally don't like something doesn't mean it should be left out of the equation for everyone else. Since wireless mixing is possible, it should also be an option for those who want it. Cheers, Evan
  14. After a brief glance I didn't notice wireless mixing functionality with the app, which would be a real shame - even Zoom offers that... Which BTW, I was able to try the other day with an on-set F8 backup rig + iPad mini and was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the little bit bucket and quite impressed by the ease of operation with the control app. I expect more from SD to be honest. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  15. In my experience from nearly 20 years of location sound work on independent features, doc, ENG, and reality can be boiled down to this: It's always important to have a quick convo with post before shooting about what they would like to have on a sound report. BUT, the reality is, the more down time you have the more detailed the notes you should be able to provide. On features back in the day, my paper reports had all the standard tech specs as well as more specific notes on wild lines, quality of takes, etc... On docs, I found the editors LOVED me for having annotated wild sound and anything non sync. On reality gigs, I find the recorder generated sound reports to be more than sufficient - as long as they have accurate track names and metadata. Hope this helps. Cheers, Evan Meszaros