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  1. Me three !!!
  2. Yes, been hoping for a feature update like that for the 788 for some time now. Steve
  3. Yes, you do need to rejam after a battery swap as there is no internal battery and yes, the sound quality is as you would expect......... superb !!! Steve
  4. Correct Mike, the 788T (with charge function on) draws more current than the fuse allows so it needs to be replaced with one of a higher value. I had my mod done by the Tech at John Barry's so I'm not sure what the value of the new fuse is. I would definitely not remove the fuse completely, they are there for a reason, and also bear in mind there are current draw limits on whatever Battery you use. Cheers, Steve
  5. I've used one for years and they are great, however you need to mod the output fuse that supplies the 788T in order to take the extra load when you are simultaneously powering/charging the 788T.
  6. More likely to be a dodgy BNC connector spraying RF.......... this has been documented on a number of occasions.
  7. Yes, it works as does any HD-SDI connected Video Monitor.
  8. I don't use an SD 702 however a couple of points to consider. Generally speaking, you will get much more detail and clarity using high quality equipment than you will simply by recording at 192K. In fact with what you are doing there would be little advantage recording at 192K compared to say 96K........ unless you were doing significant post production on the files. 1 - You can't make true Stereo from a single Mono Track, you can simulate it in post, but it's not the same.............. are you using a good quality Stereo Mic? If so, what method, A/B, X/Y, ORTF, MS? 2 - The price of a CF Card is almost irrelevant relative to the price of good quality equipment. Having said that, best practice is to record to 2 different Media then backup to 2 different Hard Drives (If you need to archive), then reformat and reuse the recording media. Sounds like you are taking the right approach though if you are looking at using a high quality Mono Mic for interviews mixed over a high quality Stereo Atmos Track. Good luck and have fun. Steve
  9. Not sure about Src but have LT/LR can be done via USB port.......... updates and updater available at Lectro website. There is a Mac version of the updater now too
  10. Fair enough............ in answer to your simple question: No, I haven't actually tried the Lectrosonics PDR as yet. Disclaimer: My opinion is based purely on the stated specifications, my previous experience with Lectrosonics products and how that fits with my current requirements. Have a great day mate.
  11. No, I'm not saying that at all.......... you are splitting straws. The sound quality of both should be fine but the point jhop was making is that it would be incredibly unlikely for Lectrosonics to release a product that falls short of our Professional requirements and expectations. There are of course other things to consider like build quality, the ability to dovetail with existing equipment, workflow, usability and TC interfacing. If you think the Tascam is the right choice then buy the Tascam.......... I'll be buying the Lectrosonics.
  12. Absolutely right jhop........... although for version 1, I think they have nailed it in terms of features verses size and usability.
  13. For a typically bag configuration, I normally run IFB's and Links on BLK24 (LT's) with Talent on BLK25 (411's) and BLK26 (411's) and they all seem to play along nicely.
  14. With an internally wired Boom Pole or even a short cable, the HMa (Wide Band) can be fitted at the base of the Boom Pole instead the Head (Mic end)............ weight problem solved.
  15. Many thanks sun, got myself a pair and love them.