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  1. COS-11D SMQV transmitters gain issues

    Even 'Red Dots' don't need that much gain !!!
  2. Camera Hops

    I use a Lectrosonics LT and LR's for Mono Camera Links.
  3. Ground plane antenna

    Beautiful work !!!
  4. Boompole's cable options for SILENT run&gun

    Ah yes, you're probably right......... I wasn't that interested, I already use a HMa.
  5. Boompole's cable options for SILENT run&gun

    Could have sworn I saw one at Lemac last week.
  6. Boompole's cable options for SILENT run&gun

    ........... or you could not have a cable at all and go wireless !!!
  7. Sound Devices Vatican version

    That is just wrong !!!
  8. Quick question about tentacle sync

    Ok, so I decided to go directly to the manufacturer 'Tentacle Sync' to seek some clarification on this........... a little surprised that the original question wasn't directed to them in the first place as they have a 'Contact' page as well as a 'Forum'. Anyway the answer from them is: "Yes it blinks on the 1st frame for exactly 1 frame duration. If you want to test it, you have to use genlock on your camera." So there you have it, straight from the horses mouth.
  9. Quick question about tentacle sync

    Brent, that's all good and well......... except there is absolutely no where in the Tentacle Documentation, either in the Operating Manual' or on their Website, that suggests the flashing/blinking light on the Tentacle flashes on 'the top of the second' !!! Whilst my experience with Tentacles would suggest that they do flash/blink on 'the top of the second' and that multiple Tentacle units will Flash/Blink synchronously, in the absence of any official statement to support that, you would be making an assumption. There is an old saying about how if you 'Assume' it will make an ASS out of U and ME. As your original question was in relation to this, I think it is important to note, not to take issue with others but as a general warning as this is exactly how urban myths or misinformation spreads. Clearly, as a quick visual check the flashing/blinking light serves that purpose well, but to reiterate it should only ever be used in the capacity it was designed for.......... a 'Status LED' which indicates the 'Mode' the Tentacle is in and the 'Condition' of the Battery.
  10. Quick question about tentacle sync

    Thanks Johnny, the whole point of Timecode is to have an ACCURATE timebase sync system across devices............ all this talk about syncing based on flashing lights is madness......... especially when the function of those lights was never intended for anything more than a 'Status Check'.
  11. Quick question about tentacle sync

    Useful yes, I totally agree...... but definitive, no.
  12. Quick question about tentacle sync

    You're probably correct.......... but what if it was a full second out ? How would you know ? At best the blinking/flashing light on the Tentacle may offer some sort of clue as to the relative sync of 2 or more units, but I certainly wouldn't rely on it for anything more than it was designed for which is to indicate the 'Status' of the box and/or the 'Condition' of the battery. That is why it is only ever referred to in the documentation as the 'STATUS LED'.
  13. Quick question about tentacle sync

    Blinking/Flashing, whatever, it's irrelevant. My point is that no human can ascertain the accuracy of a millisecond timebase system simply by observing a Blinking/Flashing light or an LCD/OLED Display. I'm sorry but it is just not physically possible. Think about it, if it were possible, we would have to shoot at much higher frame rates than 25 or 30 fps to fool our brain into perceiving smooth motion. Just to be clear, the Blinking/Flashing light on the Tentacle (or any other Lockit Box) should only be used as a confidence check for the 'Status' of the box and/or the 'Condition' of the battery.............. that is what it was designed for !!!
  14. Quick question about tentacle sync

    I'm not sure anyone would have the super human ability to detect accurate sync down to a 30th of second by watching a blinking light........... it is however useful to show the status of the unit and also the battery condition.
  15. Lectro UCR411a vs. LR

    Although the LR has a Tracking Front End like the 411a, there are inherit differences between the filtering ability of a Wide Band Receiver (LR) and a Narrow Band Receiver (411a)........... it becomes a trade off between Wide Band versatility and Narrow Band performance. Steve