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  1. Good to know, thanks Philip. Sounds like you would agree though that for most situations, a Tentacle feeding TC to a almost any Camera capable of 'EXT TC' is sufficient for Post.
  2. As far as I was aware Tri-Level Sync was normally only required for 'Live' switched situations or 3D acquisition ......... I could be wrong but in my experience (Mainly TVC) having Camera TC Sync matching Audio File TC has been more than sufficient for Post. The Alexa is solid as long as they don't go off-speed, not so much the Mini or the Amira, hence the need for an accurate external feed like the Tentacle.
  3. Yes, have used Tentacles on the Alexa, Mini and Amira, they work as advertised........... lightweight and accurate to within 1 frame per day. Camera Dept love them too.
  4. Depending on table size and number of people, this scenario (unscripted) often requires a second boom......... especially with multiple camera's. They use multiple camera's for the very same reason !!! Steve
  5. In Australia, if there is no VTR on set and playback or monitors are required, the Camera Dept looks after it.
  6. Yes understood, maybe something to work towards in the future............. I have 14 now and have found they pay for themselves fairly quickly.
  7. I switched to Lerctro R1a's years ago and have never looked back.......... expensive but rock solid, I simply never have any problems with them, so worth the money IMHO. Cheers, Steve
  8. The very best reason to do it Mark, keep up the great work. Cheers, Steve
  9. Nice work Mark. Not to diminish your efforts but were you aware of this one........... Cheers, Steve
  10. Me three !!!
  11. Yes, been hoping for a feature update like that for the 788 for some time now. Steve
  12. Yes, you do need to rejam after a battery swap as there is no internal battery and yes, the sound quality is as you would expect......... superb !!! Steve
  13. Correct Mike, the 788T (with charge function on) draws more current than the fuse allows so it needs to be replaced with one of a higher value. I had my mod done by the Tech at John Barry's so I'm not sure what the value of the new fuse is. I would definitely not remove the fuse completely, they are there for a reason, and also bear in mind there are current draw limits on whatever Battery you use. Cheers, Steve
  14. I've used one for years and they are great, however you need to mod the output fuse that supplies the 788T in order to take the extra load when you are simultaneously powering/charging the 788T.