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  1. HenriqueORB

    MK8+CMC vs CCM8

    The Immoral Mr Teas I always think the extra HF response from the XT its for all capsules, but in fact, looking at schoeps website the graphic of freq response only exists in front address capsules. but digging in the web there is ppl using the cmcxt with mk8, like Tim Nielsen from Skywalker Sound.. the mk6 are discontinued... soundmanjohn thanks John Wandering Ear pkautzsch indeed the CCM41 should be best for low ceiling situations. "a right angle Lemo connector for the CCM" +1 hope it happens in a near future. I only boomed fig8 when it's with other mics, like CMIT, for MS.. Constantin zgoheen thanks!! I didn't know about the low voltage!! DanieldH thanks Constantin most capsules have a published freq. response of up to 20k with the cmc6, and have also a second published freq response with the cmc 6 xt. it's written in the graphics legend. ex: http://www.schoeps.de/en/products/mk4/graphics Cloud Wang thank you all for the fast reply with good info. I ordered the CCM8.. I can use it in rycote kit4 with CMIT. and it's very light and practice for booming a ms setup. and if later I buy a 41 should be the ccm41 because it's a plus for low ceiling situations.. it's fu*ks a little the idea of down pitch high freq of cmc6xt.. but for for now I think it is the option that I most need. Best Regards, Henrique
  2. HenriqueORB

    MK8+CMC vs CCM8

    Hi, for now my mic collection is basically limited to a cmit5 .. and after I rent a ccm8 to combine a ms with CMIT for a job I get in love with the sound.. so I wanna buy one, mostly for booming and sometimes on tripod. my mic wishlist in long term is in constant changing, but consists in: 2x cmc6; cmcxt(for sfx downing high sample rate purpose) mk41 2x mk4 and a schoeps fig.8 but sadly will be a slowly acquisition.. I need to evolve in other gear too.. but the point of this question is Should I buy a CCM8 or a mk8 with cmc6?? I know it's personal decision but maybe you can highlight some pros and cons versus one another that I didn't know.. CCM8 PROS: 1.very practical and lightweight for booming on ms setup. MK8+CCM6 PROS: 1. after I can buy 1x cmc6 with 2x mk4 instead of a stereo kit 2x cmc6 with 2x mk4. 2. in future if I buy a cmcxt to use it with a mk4 or mk41 I could buy another cmcxt to use with mk8 and make a ms with high frequencies.. CONS: 1. not so practical and lightweight as CCM8, and every weight plus gets heavier with time when booming. Basically the pros of MK8 are related with future acquisition, and as I said earlier my wishlist is always in constant changing, mostly the priorities.. ( I really don't know if I really will buy a cmctx.. and if I buy it, if it's make sense to use a cmcxt for MS.. or how should result if I use cmcxt in a MS but only on Mid mic ( ex: cmcxt+mk4or41 with ccm8) sorry I end up having several questions in this doubt. Do you have any experience with CMCxt? and CMCxt in MS? Do you have a MK8? why didn't you buy a CCM8? or do you have a CCM8? any regrets of buying mk8 instead? Thank you in advance for any help. Best Regards, Henrique
  3. Hello I have a problem, Always when I turn on 702T with the CMIT (schoeps) shotgun connected I hear a disturbing buzz sound What am I doing wrong? I believe it shouldn´t be very healthy for the microphone .. CMIT got connected to channel 1 with phantom power In shooting, when I'm between takes I turn off the 702T and most of the time, when I turn on the 702T, I hear the damn sound even turning on the phantom power after connecting the CMIT with other mics this does not happen.. Link to to the audio sometimes the sound takes more time .. Please, I appreciate any help..