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  1. 633 Media Offline

    Hi Folks, I got a quick reply and great help from Sound Devices with a couple of things to try. A quick blast of air and a clean with isopropyl and the SD slot is up and running.
  2. 633 Media Offline

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. The CF card is immediately recognised. The machine is not "frozen" so holding the menu button seems to do nothing. Thanks again.
  3. 633 Media Offline

    Hi. My 633 has an issue with not recognising any SD cards. The screen shows SD media offline. The cards are on the approved list and are immediately recognised when inserted into my 644. Has anyone experienced this and know a possible fix? Thanks.
  4. SR Reciever changes to another block?

    Hi all, Thanks for your replies. My SR has always run off a battery sled. The voltage ranges from 8 fully charged and then I switch out batts about 5 hours later when it is about 7 volts. So I plugged it in to my bag power which runs off V locks at 15.5 volts and before my very eyes shift happened. Voila Block 31. When I put the batt sled power back on, bingo block 24. I tried my old um200C Block 24 and it wouldn't talk to the SR receiver. Back it goes to the lectro lab. Bad timing to be 2 channels down but as Larry said shift happens.
  5. SR Reciever changes to another block?

    Hi, Alas my SR needs to see the doctor. Split block personality disorder. It will wing its way back to the Lectro lab for a jumpstart. Yesterday I used it and as usual it was block 22 and then today I turned it on and it has done a kind of overnight frequency sex- change on me. There you go. Thanks, Tony
  6. Hi, I have just turned on my usually trusty Block 22 Lectro SR receiver to find that it has changed its mind and switched itself to block 24! Has anyone come across this? Or does anyone know of a possible reboot method. Thanks, Tony.