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  1. Gaby de Haan CAS

    the Word

    What does PFX stands for?
  2. Gaby de Haan CAS

    the Word

    XTRA, Even better! SFX is already a widely used term, and this one fits nicely into my list of comments in the sound report. thanks everyone! greetings from the Netherlands!
  3. Gaby de Haan CAS

    the Word

    I also thought about SFX, but that is maybe to much a common word. BONUS looks like a simple good one.
  4. Gaby de Haan CAS

    the Word

    Hello, Here's is something I would like to share with you all. Sometimes when one is recording a sound-take for a feature, drama etc, there is a soundbite in the track that is a worth mentioning in the soundreport. Church bells, door slam, whatever. It even doesn't have to be for the current production, just a nice sound in general. Nowadays we use the metadata in the sound files to make a remark of this. The postproduction sound studio can easily search for keywords in the metadata corresponding with these sound files. Is it an idea to have of a keyword, that's not a common word, but a word we can use in the metadata for soundbites like this. For example the word "gift". If one search on the word gift in all the metadata of the entire production, all these nice soundbites popping in one list... Cheers, Gaby