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  1. Your first sound setup or kit ever

    My first equipment investment in 1984 was a Nagra 4.2 and a Schoeps CMC 4/MK41 everything else I needed to work was either rented or borrowed.
  2. Lectrosonics Sra weak reception

    A couple of years ago, I picked up a second hand SRa from a cameraman who had the same complaints about the SRa as you have. I just thought that he wasn't using it right until I started using it and had the same problems. After trying everything I could think of to figure out what the problem was, I took the case off to check out the insides and found that the antenna connections had never been soldered to the circuit board. Two minutes with a soldering iron and the SRa worked like a champ with range almost as good as my 411s.
  3. Cell phone patch for on camera interview

    I have done this many times and what works best is to put the cellphone on speaker and place it just out of frame. That way both people can hear each other and you can record both sides of the interview without jumping thru too many hoops. Bob S.
  4. Help finding source for this wheel

    Try Harbor Freight, they have a lot of odd ball stuff like that. Bob Schuck
  5. New Lectrosonics SM Remote App, "LectroRM"

    April 1st, 2015?
  6. Shooting in the Philippines

    I've used blocks 21& 22 in Manila without any trouble.
  7. A John Ford western Christmas.
  8. Accepting payment in bitcoin?

    Bitcoins remind me of the junk bond craze of the late '80s, and we all know what happened to them. Bob
  9. Opinions regarding Classifieds vs. WTB - WTS

    +1 for the WTB/WTS it's a much friendlier place than the "classifieds" section. Bob
  10. Using Lectrosonics SRa and SMa transmitters for camera hop.

    I use that same set up when I use a camera hop and I have no trouble getting good levels without overloading the SMa transmitters. Is your cable wired for servo bias inputs, is it wired for line level? Check your cables, my guess is that is the source of the problem. Bob S.
  11. The Nautilus is now shipping

    Is it a golden Ticket?
  12. Freqs in South Korea?

    I've had good luck with blocks 21,22.
  13. Looks like the money pit on Oak Island has lured in another group for a once in a lifetime experience, again. Bob S.
  14. Has the seminar been posted yet? I don't see it on the Trew Audio site. Bob
  15. Maxx update?

    The Zaxcom web site says "Maxx is a powerful new tool for your sound bag. It’s an audio mixer, RF transmitter, recorder and timecode reader/generator. – arriving Winter 2013". If this true, I'm bummed. The Maxx is perfect for a lot of the little jobs I do, and I was looking forward to getting one this spring. Bob