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  1. Sometimes things slip through

    I was the utility on the movie Gifted with the very young and talented McKenna Grace. All in all we did a great job on that one, but there is one scene near the end where she turns around and there is the square shape of the transmitter under her tight tiny shirt. I think I gasped out loud in the theater! When we shot that scene I remember seeing it on the first take and going in and taking the wire completely off her before take 2. The point being that we have no control of what they use once it's committed to picture.
  2. Run n gun location sound

    Way to go JWSound members. I am happy to see so much constructive input here.
  3. Very Funny, Lectrosonics FAQ

    I will try it today and report back
  4. So, my new used lectro transmitters arrived and I found myself looking for answers to a few questions in the Lectrosonics Wireless FAQ. I notice these are numbered and appear to have been accumulating for many years now. I'm still looking for the answer to my question, but in the process I found this: #053 - WIRELESS - Things are really slow on the set. What has Lectro done to keep me amused and sane? The UCR201, UCR211 and UCR411A (but not the UCR411 -- no room for the code) are equipped with a Pong game. To activate, hold down the UP button while powering on.The Venue has the Whack-A-Mic game. To activate that, hold down button 1 while powering on.The R400 doesn't have a game yet but we are thinking Asteroids, because all it requires is a rotation control and a fire button. Stay tuned.
  5. Soundman: The Art of Grumpy (a short video)

    Maybe I'm too non-confrontational, but that was really uncomfortable to watch. I had to force myself to watch it to the end!
  6. It's in the Details, silly

    Well. Sounds like a fantastic time was had by all... I'm just glad you lived. With all that troubleshooting, the next one can't help but be better. It was good to meet you in person and put a face to the poetry.
  7. Old guys still rockin'

    Almost 47 and still 3rding. ..although I've started collecting gear for the eventual day when I no longer want to carry the eZ-up.
  8. Very sad news today

    Pete, I met you in Savannah a couple of years ago. I am so so very sorry to hear about your wife Robin. You and your family are in my thoughts.
  9. Does anyone use digital mics?

    Hi All, The original poster - several years ago - asked if anyone was using Neumann KM-D series mics on location. I was wondering 1)if anyone is now? and 2)If anyone has found a variety of long length 110 ohm duplex cable that will work with AES 42? I realize that some people are working with Super CMITs using wireless digital transmitters, but was specifically wondering if anyone is cabling their digital mics? PS I have been searching the internet on this topic for the last few days and have also called PSC to see if they had any duplex cable insight. -Elanor
  10. RIP - Haskell Wexler

    Jeff, I am sorry to hear about your father; wishing you peace and comfort. A few of his films are among those that have influenced the path of my life. Swift passage, Haskell Wexler.
  11. For the Analog Dinosaurs here

    3M 2 inch doesn't SMELL as good as Ampex.
  12. New VdB poles 2015

    Be sure to test this new one out wet. My slightly older model (with the colored measurement lines 16ft) is really hard to use when wet, or even on a damp morning. The collars either slip or won't unlock. Indoors its a great, really light pole,
  13. Matthew Bacon - Follow Cart

    Matt, I love it. Did you also post pictures somewhere of your Drama and Bag carts? Best, e
  14. I also loved Hudson Hawk! ....."Bunny, Ball Ball...."
  15. Any women here?

    Well, we have our personal sound department apple box, but since booming often requires freedom of movement, I don't use it as often as you might think.