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  1. alidav

    how to solve this, lavalier noises.

    I did exactly this, used a lavstrap very similar to this with a sanken cos 11 and rm11 mounted in. the frustrating thing was that sometimes it worked beautifully but in this case was the cause of suffering. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/audio/features/essential-problem-solving-accessories-lav-mics i have never used the moleskin tape, since where I am located there is not this product or has another commercial name, (is it a dr scholls product?) how thick is it, I read somewhere that the Rycote over covers are much more effective then moleskin so it has any more sense, are you agree with it? another thing that noticed is that when I wrap the sanken capsule into a Rycote overcover and attach it on the skin, and loop the cable, the results are much better than using the rm 11, the problem starts when working on hairy chests
  2. alidav

    Sanken COS 11 cable noise

    It a multichannel file with boom and 2 lavs noisy, the capsule is fully isolated in the rm11 and wrapped into the lav strap. I read here about a gain issue on the TX, I am using sennheiser ew 100 g2 set at -20db, i could low them to to 30. Unfortunately i own 2 sankens and generaly rent what concerning lavs so i get wisi lectro whatever i want, and I Remember with sankens and sennheiser 2000 i didnt have this noise issue. Could be the couple cos11 ew100 one of the causes? Some tx/lav are noisier then others?
  3. alidav

    Sanken COS 11 cable noise

    I asked a seamstress to realize some lav straps, with elastic band and I 've got a lot of noise, with sanken cos 11, quite frustrating, many of you complain about the noisy of sanken cable, lav straps are very useful for hairy chests but probably I made them with the wrong material, an elastic band too much rigid (or just new.) is anyone using the Ursa chest straps? I have seen some video and seems to very efficient, probably due to the material density they are made of.
  4. alidav

    Sanken COS 11 cable noise

    I just reloaded it, and have tested. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-fHctNx2dnFOZijcIFm_D3VK-1r4RqNk
  5. alidav

    Sanken COS 11 cable noise

    please, can you hear this file? this is a sanken cos 11 wrapped into an elastic band around the chest? it is quite frustrating. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-fHctNx2dnFOZijcIFm_D3VK-1r4RqNk
  6. I had some new elastic bands for lavalier, I used Sennheiser ew100 g2 and sanken cos 11 with the rm 11, well fitted in an invisible pocket in the wrapped around the chest, but this is the result, I am quite depressed and will not spend many words, any advice to solve this? this is a clip with a poly file, 1boom 2 lav 1 3 lav2, I have the problem on both the lavs. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-fHctNx2dnFOZijcIFm_D3VK-1r4RqNk
  7. I heard that some renting company can make an electronic update of tx ew100 g2 -g3 Sennheiser system, and get htem to work at 100 mw instead of usual 30 mw, has anyone tested them? is it possible?
  8. alidav

    Which MS stereo solution?

    sorry to resume this old thread, I have a mkh40 and 30 in a Rycote WS kit, the 2 mics are great for ambient effects, but used it also for outdoor orchestras and other music stuff, what if need now is to record a motorbike passing with 2 people from left to right and need to get the motorbike focused and eventually to get the driver and passenger chatting to each indistinctly, would you use an mkh 416 as Mid?
  9. what do you use as carrying bag for daily works to travel with your kit, recorder (in own bag), 1or 2 windshield, radio mic etc. how do you fit all your gear? I actually own a photo small bag with batteries, lavs accessories, transmitters, ifb, tape etc. I fit the photo bag, the zeppelin boom pole, my sound devices 664 in petrol bag, into a pelican trolley, but it is really heavy. Pelican is really great for safe transfers on an airplane, but not for daily small travel by car and or public transportation.
  10. I read the first of two links you posted, I am going to read the other one, probably am saying something stupid, But in i am any article, I read there is no mention at LKFS or LUFS, There is something quite objective in setting levels in a mix? where -23 lufs/ Dolby scale 7 come out? i am right now bussing some film audio via a daw and reading the levels on Izotope insight , and yes all dialogues are around -23 LUFS could this be considered as an objective value?
  11. when mixing what are the audio levels of delivering, - 23 LUFS (Dolby scale 7) is for dialogue? or for the whole mix included effects and music? and or what are the levels normally adopted for feature film and or short movies, indies and docu, for dialogues, music and effects?
  12. alidav

    25 db cable attenuator scheme trs - trs

    I need a solution to attenuate the signal from a recorder to feed a DSLR, no matter if a box with 2 trs females or a cable, a box maybe is more easy to build for me. anyway this UK guy makes this nice tool very convenient. https://www.ebay.it/itm/ATT40-STEREO-AUDIO-ATTENUATOR-40dB-REDUCE-LINE-LEVEL-TO-MICROPHONE-LEVEL/112899580191?hash=item1a4956e11f:g:THUAAOSwE0JY-nza
  13. alidav

    25 db cable attenuator scheme trs - trs

    being an unbalanced stereo cable, line to the mic input, I have to build 2 of them obviously
  14. alidav

    25 db cable attenuator scheme trs - trs

    I found this https://www.ebay.it/itm/Attenuatore-AUDIO-STEREO-SAA25-linea-25dB-per-mic-film-DJ-periscopio-Facebook-/183130225339