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  1. alidav

    A Set of Wheels (finally)

    I would have changed the wheels with bigger, but I am quite worried about weight and stability.
  2. alidav

    A Set of Wheels (finally)

    this is a cart just found on Amazon https://www.amazon.it/Einhell-2260112-BT-HT-Carrello-Alluminio/dp/B001GU6FYI/ref=asc_df_B001GU6FYI/?tag=googshopit-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=90691205220&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=18416911368194123046&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1008561&hvtargid=pla-125639288715&psc=1 I want to attach the shelf without to lose the extractable functionality, folding the shelf I would lose it. Any advise?
  3. i had to set the meter view mode in the menu and from there finally could see the 12 tracks and arm them. thanks
  4. I have never had the need to record more than 6 tracks, I thought that the inputs 7-12 via TA3 offered the possibility to record in iso mode via the menu. the only possibility is to assign them to mixL mixR- x1-x2 and record. Is that right?
  5. alidav

    MKH40 outdoor - rycote baseball vs babyball

    sorry ive seen the video on smartphone, it seem at the beginning that he tape the holes next the capsule, before taping the switches
  6. alidav

    MKH40 outdoor - rycote baseball vs babyball

    taping of the holes does not affect the polar diagram?
  7. alidav

    MKH40 outdoor - rycote baseball vs babyball

    the babyball and baseball, have a different price and are totally different, the baseball has a windjammer too, so it is intended to be used outdoor, my question what is the baseball performance outdoor, it gives some help more than the basic foam sold with the mic? so there is not differences in buying baseball or baby ball, the first costs 30 $ the second 100$, if working indoor even the basic antipop foam is ok.
  8. what is the performance of both the windshields for a mkh40 outdoor use, (low wind condition). I have used always indoor or in an ms configuration in a Rycote basket with a windjammer, now I want to use it alone for a series of 2 persons interview sitting on a terrace.
  9. What is the correct way to wire the x1 output from sound devices 664 to a sennheiser ew100 g2-g3. I am going to to minixlr 2 to ring, 3 to ring and 1 to sleeve, is it correct?
  10. Now i am travelling on a city documentaries with an dimension insignificant zoom h5 but with boompole and windshield , cable accessories ecc. Problem is mainly to have the windshield basket safe. I thought a simple camcorder bag.
  11. There is a positive update to my thread, the seller has changed the 2 lavs with 2 omni, when producers hire you telling, we have anything you may desire, that is the prelude of a nightmare.
  12. alidav

    Budget carbon fibre boom pole

    I am doing alot of low budget work for web productions, and honestly I don't want to bring my ambient and vdb boom poles, so was thinking to buy some cheaper, we are shooting indoor and need lenght around 2-2,6 meters maximum, has anyone used some china aluminum stuff? I don't think there is a lot of difference with rodes.
  13. I am working on a new project with their gear, and found 2 cardioid lavs http://www.shure.it/prodotti/microfoni/mx150bc, with some Sennheiser ew100, g2 /g3 mixed tx/Rx system, I hadn't any experience with shure lavs (my first love as any of us is with the legendary sm 58). Today the producer owner of many of audio equipment said that since the lavs have a shure connector he want to buy also a shure tx/rx system, honestly I don't feel comfortable in forcing him in this choice, but at the same time I have no experience of shure radio system for film audio purposes
  14. alidav

    how to solve this, lavalier noises.

    I did exactly this, used a lavstrap very similar to this with a sanken cos 11 and rm11 mounted in. the frustrating thing was that sometimes it worked beautifully but in this case was the cause of suffering. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/audio/features/essential-problem-solving-accessories-lav-mics i have never used the moleskin tape, since where I am located there is not this product or has another commercial name, (is it a dr scholls product?) how thick is it, I read somewhere that the Rycote over covers are much more effective then moleskin so it has any more sense, are you agree with it? another thing that noticed is that when I wrap the sanken capsule into a Rycote overcover and attach it on the skin, and loop the cable, the results are much better than using the rm 11, the problem starts when working on hairy chests
  15. alidav

    Sanken COS 11 cable noise

    It a multichannel file with boom and 2 lavs noisy, the capsule is fully isolated in the rm11 and wrapped into the lav strap. I read here about a gain issue on the TX, I am using sennheiser ew 100 g2 set at -20db, i could low them to to 30. Unfortunately i own 2 sankens and generaly rent what concerning lavs so i get wisi lectro whatever i want, and I Remember with sankens and sennheiser 2000 i didnt have this noise issue. Could be the couple cos11 ew100 one of the causes? Some tx/lav are noisier then others?