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  1. what is the fastest and easy way to sync a sd664 to 2 cameras? can I do it easily without locket, i will have a complex kit on the shoulder and want to avoid other boxes if possibile, and honestly i am not very used to sync issue in general on film set. What is the basic work flow. I don't know yet if they will have a digital slate, what I know is they want a scratch audio on both camera and audio synced to them and want time code as TIME OF THE DAY , an assistant editor told me by phone that in past they used to jam at beginning of day and go. I am just afraid that with 2 cameras is going to be more complicated then that. What setting I have to make before to jam. setting time code as free run , setting same fps of cameras, and just jamming with both cameras,. I apologize for the confused question.
  2. the wiring issue is only about the Y cable, while the extension (hirose m to hirose f) can be just wired symmetrically right? 1 - 1, 2 - 2, 3 - 3, 4 - 4 ...... 10-10
  3. I NEED TO FEED 2 xlr inputs of a camera from my pd6 (stereo buss) via hirose and return from camera (headphone) with a trs in stereo in on my pd6). seems that the cable made for the alpha mix can work fine.
  4. http://www.trewaudio.com/store/product.php?productid=106&cat=13&page=1 grew audio declares that that cable is for all that devices, but they just mean the hirose connector, what happen if it does not work?
  5. but sammy did? anyway there is any chance to find a cable for pd6?
  6. john you mean that you have used same cable purchased for 442 on the pd6?
  7. thats the point, I should buy TWO cables if i want to use it with a fostex pd 6 and with a 552 sd mixer, this is crazy.
  8. that means i cannot use same cable for other devices as SD 552 or SQN because the wiring is different ?
  9. that means that this cable won't be used on any other mixer?
  10. I need to use my FOSTEX PD 6 to feed a MIX to camera, and want TO do it via the HIROSE stereo bus out/in, my question is related how it is wired internally . If you see the fostex scheme the hirose is wired like the image describes, but the standard HIROSE -XLR'S CABLE IS wired like the second pic, but it is on some web site sold as for fostex pd6 too, ho can help me please? has anyone of you used that cable?