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  1. Wireless Frequencies Germany and Ireland

    what is going to be at the end? its a war: Vodafone, telecom, 3, against all sound recordists in the world by 2022 in Italy (i suppose all over Europe) goodbye over 694 Mhz and actually below that range in some areas is impossible to work.
  2. sd 664, time code duration, it reset to zero

    yes, but sounded strange to me it would have reset to zero.
  3. How long should last the correct time code after I turned off?, the blue led keep blinking for 3 hours but if I switch it on I see the time code is reset to 0. is this normal?
  4. Thank you so much for your exhaustive reply
  5. I am a sound mixer located in Naples Italy and available all over the country, feel free to contact me if needed.
  6. Thank you very much
  7. I'll try to be more detailed, I have rented many times the ambient radio link, quite simple and immediate, it is possible to set it as receiver or transmitter, it doesn't generate time code but just transmit it wirelessly from my sound devices to 1 or more cameras. Now the last update is that soon I' ll be doing some work with a production company and they own the ambient lockit, I have seen many videos from ambient but never seen the essential way to set it. Does it generate time code? so my sound devices will have to jam as a slave to it like all cameras? I guess they will have a master lockit and tiny lockit, does the master lockit work as a stand-alone tool and the tiny lockit wired to the cameras and mixer recorder? please if anyone of you that daily use it could explain me this would help me a lot.
  8. Solderable BNC

    how to solder a bnc on this https://it.aliexpress.com/item/LEMO-FGG-0B-5-pin-Male-Plug-Connector-5pin-to-Flying-Leads-Cable-for-Teradek-Bond/32840904979.html?spm=a2g0y.10010108.1000016.1.7e7f5070CjkkSn&isOrigTitle=true
  9. The question is, in this typical scenario where I have to sync one sound devices 664 and 1 or 2 pro cameras in documentaries and tv shows, a time code radio link like this TC-TRXforFAM.png can accomplish the goal? Since I am going to invest some money I want just to make the right purchase, I have seen some video of ambient lockit acl 204, and there is a dozen of other products, I am very happy to accept any your advice.
  10. there was more questions, what has replaced the Ambient radio link? (TC-TRXforFAM.png) is there something similar to it ? is it the Ambient nano kit? is someone using it does it require a tx and rx or it can be used also as single tool to jam to, mixer recorder and camera at once? Thanks, Costantin, The zaxcom is amazing but I am on a budget and so I'll keep using be a ew100 g2 system to send a scratch audio
  11. I rented once 3 small ambient boxes, the radio link, very immediate and simple to use, I worked with one tx and 2 Rx on 2 cameras, I see that it has been dismissed, from what has been replaced? what else besides Ambient you can choose? I heard something about to send time code and scratch audio to a camera? which product has these 2 facilities in same box?
  12. has anyone done a comparison A-B between these 2 systems? distance range and power of the transmitter, sound etc with same lavalier (sanken cos 11 or any other)?
  13. yes I tested it on a usb3 based card reader and it was ok.
  14. I am testing a brand new Sandisk extreme pro 64 GB, I put in sd reader inside my mac book pro, and black magic gives just 18 MBs, my mac is a mbp 2009, the sd reader is usb2 bus based, so I should get at least a higher speed rate than 18. whats wrong.
  15. sandisk extreme pro vs extreme

    i tested the new sandisk extreme pro with blackmagic, it gives only 18mbs, what is happening