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  1. NFL Boom ops

    "...with a trip to LensCrafters tomorrow!..."
  2. DIY external bag cart battery

    Me three! Sweet looking rig, Matt.
  3. Cart building day!!!

    Oooo! Them's nice.
  4. Cart building day!!!

    I love those red rimmed wheels! Who makes 'em?
  5. Lectro Nano

    I think Lectrosonics is keeping the technology the same, and just hiring progressively larger hand models.
  6. Magliner Shelf trim

    Here's the stuff I use for cart trim and for taking the sharp edges off my storage shelving... I can't seem to cut and paste the specific part #, so it's "Plastic Edge Trim with Metal Core, 1/16" - 11/64" Inside Width" https://www.mcmaster.com/#trim-molding/=17044uw
  7. What do I do?

    +1 on LoBrutto's "Sound On Film."
  8. Equipment wishes for 2017

    A version of the Sound Devices CL-9 with P&G faders, or a software update/hardware interface to allow the 788T to be used with the CL-12...
  9. Jeff Wexler gets a very unique honor

    "Though the story won't end with the pop-up: A plan to build "an enormous, permanent pyramid," in the desert, of all the "Jerry Maguire" VHS tapes, is in the works." It's like we're trying to rickroll future archaeologists...
  10. Hubbell

    If you want to use your own cable, or run power through a passthrough, you can buy both sides of the Leviton lighted connectors on their own. They're the Leviton 515PV-LIT (plug side) and 515CV-LIT (connector side) respectively.
  11. Stolen Equipment Alert!

    Good friend of mine, a mixer local here in NYC asked me to put this up for him. Keep your eyes peeled for those S/N's, everybody. Thanks so much in advance! Karl Wasserman "I had some gear go missing from my truck, and I would like to share the serial numbers of the stolen items: 1. Sound Devices 633 SN LL0514309002 2. Lectrosonics SRB Block 21 SN 100937 3. lectrosonics UCR411a receiver block 22 SN 22398 4. Comtek M216 transmitter SN 292546 5. IDX charger SN J218635 6. IDX np-1 batts. SN bb52603/25924/52341/52602 7. Zaxcom LA3.5 TX SN 6985, new in box, didn't even get to fire it up"
  12. Found the burger chain for sound people

    Next door to Lou Ping's Noodle Shop!
  13. Lectro HM rain protection

    Unlubricated condom and a rubber band. Or else, use a zeppelin and some kind of rain-resistant cover, which will protect your microphone from the elements as well.
  14. This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Super smart! Easy breakdown, and additional stability to an already robust cart... Nice.
  15. My Custom Sound and Follow Cart

    Looks fantastic! I'm wondering why you chose to use additional rack rails instead of making the horizontal profiles on the left side a little narrower, and going right to the 8020 material with drop-in threaded sockets. Also, what model are those groovy plates that you mounted the wheel brackets to? Great job. Looking forward to seeing the completed project!
  16. $.89 NP1 case

    Slick! You can hold three NP-1 sized batteries in this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016ATL9SG?psc=1
  17. Pelican case dividers

    The TrekPak® stuff is pretty solid. Low profile, and rigid: http://trekpak.com/
  18. MKH50/40 Hollow Foam Windscreen

    Nice, Mark! How'd you shape the internal part of the foam?
  19. Show me your bag

    How about under the 633?
  20. Rates Forum?

    Hey, Jeff! How about something akin to the "Show Me Your Bag" section, like "Show Me Your Rate Card?" Sound people get to show their rates without drawing trolls and flamers. If someone really wants to ask a question, or discuss an undercut or overcharge, there's always the option to use the general forum, or as Joshua points out, a nice PM...
  21. Help With 788T Folder Issue...

    Has anybody else had a 788T-SSD save the first few files of the day into a previous day's folder and then the rest into the current daily one? Not the end of the world, if you aren't in a big hurry at the end of the day, but makes for a messy sound report, unless I transfer files into the correct folder on a laptop, then copy CF card to HDD folder to match. Also, I'd just kinda like to know what happened... Thanks in advance.
  22. Help With 788T Folder Issue...

    It's a puzzler. You're mastering TC from the 688?
  23. Help With 788T Folder Issue...

    Hmm... TOD battery, maybe?
  24. Help With 788T Folder Issue...

    Hi, John! I've never worked with the 688. What I found on the 788T was that, if I generate the new folder first and THEN format the CF, it puts any newly created files in the old folder. If I format a mirror CF card FIRST, then create the new folder for the day, the files go to the correct place. It happens every time I change the order and I believe it has nothing to do with power or anything else. I'm guessing that it has to do with the protocol of the machine once a card has been formatted. I don't know why. A bug? I format the next day's CF card at the end of each night, to avoid this, and so far, all's good.
  25. DIY- Right Angle XLRs

    Nice work, Rachel! Those TA3s are TEENY.