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  1. Such a shame that they bought Midas.
  2. Thanks for this. I have just purchased a D100, so I may well be ordering this suspension in the near future.
  3. RCarew

    New from Rycote: Looks interesting

    I've been using the schoeps for years without a tacit and I've never heard that interference before. I've taken the tacit out of the chain in the last couple of weeks and no instances of interference since. That said it only happened twice, on two different shoots. One with radios up and one without so I wasn't sure what the cause was. Good to know, thanks.
  4. RCarew

    New from Rycote: Looks interesting

    I've experienced this interference as well. Brand new tacit in the bag between a schoeps cmc6/41 and a 633. No walkies, but I've heard it with and without Lectros on nearby. It's quite disappointing.
  5. RCarew

    Cheapo boom pole

    Just saw this suggested on the same page - a knock-off Boomboy : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Easy-Hood-Metal-C-Stand-Audio-Microphone-Mic-Boom-Pole-Holder-Boompole-Support-Stand/32360241096.html?s=p
  6. RCarew

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    AAT is the setting to use
  7. RCarew

    Neumann KMR 81

    I've been using the 81 as my main mic for a few years. Lovely outdoors but can be quite RF prone - it can be virtually unusable near large power lines and masts in my experience. Condensation is another issue to be mindful of, but as long as you know to keep it in a warm dry place overnight and not leave it in a damp rycote (oops!) it'll be fine. Those things aside I much prefer it to the 416.