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    29 year TV News Camerman/Editor in NY metro. Station was defunded in 2011, June 30th. Forced into early retirement, time to re invent myself and invested in a pre owned 552 from Jared Simmons and a pre owned 302 from Scott Minor and a pre owned 442 from Devendra Cleary and have been doing freelance sound since 2011. I have recently upgraded to the Sound Devices 633 and 6 Lectro 411/srb units with SMQVs and all the industry standard wired mics. The 552 and 442 have moved on to other owners I now use the 633 and 302 and love going to work every opportunity I get!!

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  1. Are boards going to be made for 411s' and 401s'?
  2. jwill

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    they will go 8....
  3. jwill

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Ive been using Li Polymer 2600mWh I Power aa's and been getting 4 hrs on my smqvs at 100mw
  4. jwill

    View From The Office:

    Cannot match Phils magic...green screen in smallest area ever!! Philadelphia
  5. jwill

    Pro Sound NYC

    Thanks Eric
  6. jwill

    Pro Sound NYC

    Hello JW Sound people, I just got an email from Andy Hilton and Jim Flynn indicating they are the "new" Pro Sound and moved to 109 West 38th Stin NYC! Any idea what happened to the Topham Family? Is everyone ok?
  7. jwill

    View From The Office:

    4 days in Hawaii, one day of work...all indoors at Medical Conference
  8. jwill

    Problems with Wingman

    Yes, I too have had the wingman app just stop working...although my record continues just fine.. A minor annoyance and Im only using it as a sort of "eye candy"
  9. jwill

    Your first sound setup or kit ever

    When I was laid off from my news gig in 2011, after nearly 30 yrs, I decided to go freelance and back to my roots ( motion picture sound recordist) I purchased a used 302 with portabrace case, used 8'6' k tek boom pole, used Pelican case ( from wtb/wts JW Sound)... new Sony 7506 Headphones, my original MKH 416 from my news days and cables and hand mics and Sony ECM 77s from my days in news....all in $1100 ! Still use the kit...all run on AAs' ...Ive added sony wireless to the kit
  10. jwill

    View From The Office:

    Stinky Sneakers NYC!!
  11. jwill

    My MKH 50 stopped working. Sent to Sennheiser USA....

    Paul Over the past 6 years, I have acquired 3 416s'and 2 50s', bought them used...had them shipped to Sennheisser and never been charged more than 50-60$. One 416 is from 1982 one 50 from 2000. It takes a couple of weeks, but once in the system your good!
  12. I see Remote Audio offering an NP style battery that is priced like Varizoom/switronix but is lighter and 98 watt hrs...30% more capacity! Tradeoff is if you already are invested in NP 1 technology, the remote audio unit has a different cup to BDS system and a different charger!
  13. jwill

    Show me your bag

    My latest update, 411s' powered by NP-1 633 powered by np970s'
  14. jwill

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    I use this Sony wireless system in my back bag with a 302. All run on AA batteries, for run and gun...news! I have to say they are easy to use and they just work. The sony lav mic that comes with units is just OK and the butt plug has been flawless. my 2 cents