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  1. Rycote Sps 200 kit

    You can buy also the Rycote modular Windshield Kit 3 (30mm, No CB) - Product Code: 086071.
  2. wingman?

    No. The problem it is another.. If I try to enable a track in 633 but I have not done this in the app, track remains disabeld.
  3. Wisycom and Sanken CUB-01

    Hi. I have a problem to use the Sanken CUB-01 with the transmitter Wisycom MTP-40S. Does anyone have any suggestions on its connection mode? Thanks.
  4. wingman?

    The only thing I find wrong is the impossibility to arm a track if it was not enabled in the app.
  5. Show me your bag

    Because its belt transmitters have the possibility to vary the emission power from 10mW to 100mW and because his receivers are true diversity receiver with four receiving modules, one for each antenna and each channel. Also with just two transmitters I can cover the entire range from 470MHz to 698MHz.
  6. Show me your bag

    I put in a Wisycom instead of a Lectrosonics. I sold a Lectrosonics kit and I'm going to sell also all the rest of the equipment to change to Wisycom.
  7. DPA 4017b

    Hi. Has anyone tested the 4017 on the background noise using different preamps?
  8. Best boom mic for noisy environments.

    Schoeps says no: only one of the two output channels can be transmitted. Only pre dsp or only post dsp.
  9. Show me your bag

    First image is my SPS200 setup for ambient and/or nature sounds. The other is my light setup.
  10. Best boom mic for noisy environments.

    I do not think. Plug on has a connector XLR with three holes for mono and for stereo it has five holes. But two channels out of SuperCMIT use a single XLR mono connector where on pin 1 it comes from dsp and on pin 2 not.
  11. Best boom mic for noisy environments.

    Zazxcom says it.
  12. Best boom mic for noisy environments.

    I own a Schoeps SuperCMIT 2U and this is a great microphone in interior and outdoor. It is a little difficult to position using the 2-position in dsp, especially when fast moving the pole, while 1 in that there are no particular problems. Unfortunately for this application must use the wire or plug on Zazxcom, bearing in mind, though, that you can only use the output from the dsp and not also the analog output. In connection with the wire instead you have two output channels: one from the dsp and another bypassing the DSP, as a simple CMIT 5U. I got good results even from the DPA 4017B, compact and lightweight, very incisive from a distance.
  13. Soundfiled SPS200

    Good morning. After a long time I'm back with some comments on the microphone Soundifield SPS200 I purchased some time ago. I bought the kit 1, ie only the microphone and cable. Later I also bought the flexible short wire to reduce noise when mounted on windshield suspension. Now I use it in a Rycote WS2, I already had, with the hard gray Lyre and I am quite well. I have one doubt, and that is whether the fact that two capsules are quite close to the junction of the anterior dome of the windshield and therefore fail to capture well the sounds that come from that direction.
  14. Trim on 633 - a suggestion

    And I come from 788T too.....
  15. Trim on 633 - a suggestion

    When adjusting the trim / gain using the appropriate potentiometer for input 1 - 2 - 3 it would be useful it were also shown the value in dB for the mic and line inputs as well as with the digital inputs. Sergio.