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  1. Sennheiser mkh 416 vs 8060 indoors

    I would love to, but I have to save up some cash first. It seems strange to me that they haven't made a improved mic in respect to humidity and RF resistance 40 years later with updated technology and alot more experience..?
  2. Sennheiser mkh 416 vs 8060 indoors

    Thanks for your input! I decided to buy the 8060. Can't wait to try it out Axel, do you think the Rycote AV softie windshield kit, would be an allright alternative for indoor use? http://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk/rycote-av-softie-windshield-kit-for-sennheiser-mke-600-mic.html
  3. Hello! I currently use a 416, but thinking about selling it and buying an 8060 instead. I like how the off axis response doesen't sound so filtered. I do alot of unscripted work, so it would great to not have such a noticable off axis respose. Anyways, how well does this mic do indoors compared to the 416? Most of the work I do is indoors, so it would great to have an all around mic. I guess the reflections would sound better on a 8060 because of the more natural sounding off-axis response?
  4. 664 acting wierd

    Hello fellow soundpeeps! Today I was on å shoot the 664 I used turned itself off a couple of times in the morning. The menu lagged when I used the Rotary fader to select values in the menu, and sometimes the selector on the screen jumped up a value when i scrolled down. Luckely it dident turn of for the rest of the day, but the menu was still wierd. I tried to remove the media, and chnge the BDS, but it dident seem to help. Does anyone have a clue about what could be wrong?
  5. Hello! Does anyone know how to adjust the level from the 5 pin audio output on sony xdcams? I searched the manual and found nothing. The camera op couldent help me either. The level is way to high and overloads the headphone amp on my 664 :S
  6. Red Scarlet timecode jam

    He couldent help me. Seem like he dident know anything about TC. What is timebase?
  7. Hello! Yesterday I did a shoot with Red Scarlet. I tried to jam the scarlet with my 633, but it would not jam. I set the 633 to free run, and went into setting->TC and set it to "brain", but it would not jam. I dident find the different TC setting rec run, free run etc. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? Thanks.
  8. Sennheiser g3/wireless questions

    But is the audio quality very noticable? Im doing mostly TV-programmes. I would ofcourse use better wireless if Im doing a movie.. Is it possible to use the RF output with headphones?
  9. Sennheiser g3/wireless questions

    Hello! So I have a couple of noobish questions. Im thinking about investing in G3's because of its price. The ME2 lavalier is going to be used as a backup lav, and Im investing in cos-11 or maybe DPA. The other alternative is the Sennheiser 2000, but they are ofc more pricey. The main difference seems to be the frequency bandwith. 2000 have a 75 mhz bandwith, and g3 45 mhz. So, what Im asking, is how much problem a limited bandwith is going to be? I "always" find alot of free frequencies when I scan the various locations here in Norway. How far apart do the frequencies usually have to be, to prevent intermodulation? It doesent seems to bother me much, but on the other hand, I have not been limited to a small bandwith when I used the 2000 before. I guess it also depends on the transmitter power and how far apart the transmitters are? Thanks for your input.
  10. Hello! Does annyone know of a plug in I can use with non-HD pro tools that does the same thing as the field recorder workflow function in HD? What about syncing recorder audio to an camera scratch track? Can I align audio with timecode in non-HD PT? Thanks:)
  11. Faulty DC-plug SD 633

    Hello JWsoundgroup! My 633 died, and resurrected a couple of days later. Then it worked fine for a long time, until it died again. Turns out it was a bad connection in the DC-plug. Is this a general problem with the 633? Have anyone experience the same?
  12. Faulty DC-plug SD 633

    Hello JWsoundgroup! My 633 died, and resurrected a couple of days later. Then it worked fine for a long time, until it died again. Turns out it was a bad connection in the DC-plug. Is this a general problem with the 633? Have anyone experience the same?
  13. What if you are doing a one man band kind of a gig? Running LET into camera L/R with 3-4 lavs and boom? I often prioritize the boom on one track and focus on the boom, and let the lavs open on the other without mixing. The lavs does not sound good because of phasing issues, but is it common to mix while you are booming..? Edit: So the question is. Do you mix while you are booming? Or do you sacrifice a good lav track to get a good boom track?
  14. Starting out as a freelancer

    Ok, thanks for your input. I will follow your advice and wait with the gear.
  15. Hello! Im Anders from Norway, and Im about to finish filmschool in about a month or so, and my plan is to start out as a freelancer. Im pritty curious to how it will work out, because Im done with the education system, and not very keen on doing some dead-end unskilled job for the rest of my life. Im lucky to have a family that will help me finance an zaxcom nomad, a ntg 3 and a couple of lavs. Im about to take the step into an uncertain future, so Im hoping to get some advice from you people.Because I dont have alot of experience, do you think its a good idea to start with a low price to get experience and a network? Any general advice on how to get a foot in the door as a newbie?