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  1. I'm also a huge fan of my Piano used with a CMIT5U! Love it!
  2. Is that power distro on the right side?
  3. I really try not to bust a take unless its really, really a forgone conclusion that the noise is unworkable. I do a lot of home improvement shows, industrials, mostly small crew stuff. I'll catch the producer/directors eye and make an appropriate gesture to indicate there's potentially an issue. Then after we cut I'll ask for another go at the same question if I think its bad enough to warrant it. In interview situations this is really important I think. Other wise a potentially wonderful sound bite might get cut off prematurely and the person being interviewed could completely lose their train of thought. If its a really emotional moment even more so since that can't easily be recalled or recreated. This approach has worked well for me. I also try to keep it positive and upbeat. I've gotten new work because the producer's usual sound person showed up on set with a sour attitude and put everyone on edge.
  4. I've done hundreds of just these types of shows and everything you say is spot on.
  5. Beautiful design and workmanship! If I needed a cart I'd certainly use yours for inspiration! I love the color change to red when you're recording.
  6. Here's a clip of a CBS parab person getting knocked down. I know you were all wondering what my collision sounded like and it would have been something like this. I did the last game of the season on Sunday and the PR guy for the Vikings presented me with an autographed pair of game gloves from Brian Robison (96) and a large photo signed by him and Linval Joseph (98). I was also the ESPN Not Top Ten for the year, and was part of the year's NFL top fails list. Good times! I did get free glasses and eye exam from Lenscrafters as well as another pair from OG Eyewear.
  7. I leave my Nomad on except at lunch or if there's going to be an extended period of no shooting. I have the Nomad on the unswitched leg of my BDS so I have to use the Nomad switch to turn it off and on. I use the BDS to turn the rest of the system off. Wireless etc. I did this because I would trip the fuse on the BDS once in awhile if I powered up all the wireless and the Nomad together. If you're doing a doc style shoot, leaving it on makes it that much quicker to get back up and running after a break. Keeps any wear on the Nomad switch down as well.
  8. Situational awareness is so important as you say John! My rash decision to hurry across that tunnel almost cost me more than a sore body. All to save a few minutes. I've been out on the football field during warm ups or post game so many times swinging a boom without any close calls. I got a care package from an advertising agency that happened to be promoting railroad safety. The tag line is: If you wouldn't want to be hit by a charging defensive lineman, you definitely don't want to be hit by a freight train. They sent me a bunch of branded items and some band aids, cold packs, and a bed serving tray. They appreciated me demonstrating the concept so emphatically. Thanks so much Jose'! Thanks JB! I really appreciate that!
  9. My hands were full otherwise maybe...... Have you heard about my new web show? I hear its a huge hit! Thanks Crew, I don't think there would be an iso of my mic. The parabs/goal post mics and cable cam mic are all sub mixed. He opens up the parabs as needed and since that was officially pre game the parabs would have been down. I have a volume control for my mic alone and it was up but it didn't sound like much. Just a loud clatter or clunk as the handles and cross bar came off and the dish hit the ground. I use a four point strap (Portabrace) and I'm glad I wasn't wearing it at the time. That would have been bad. I saw my doctor and I have a lower back sprain and a sore couple of ribs in the back. No head trauma that he could notice. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
  10. No wonder I felt like I got hit by a car! Its a good thing he didn't hit me full on, I might not be typing this. I can see my glasses against his number in the freeze frame. Never did find the right bow. I looked for it at half time but it might still be stuck in his shoulder pad.:) I finished the game and had an early call on Monday morning. I credit ice and ibuprofen for getting me through. Those headphones cushioned my head pretty well as I didn't get much of a head knock. I've done this job for at least 20 years and I really enjoy it! Its officially a utility position but its fun and my sound guy experience gives me a unique dedication to getting the best sound possible with that parab. I made a rash decision to get to the other side quickly because my IFB hadn't been working and after I finally got faxed I was hustling to get over to the other side of the field to get into position. I didn't realize we were so close to the run out and thought I could make it before anyone came out. I couldn't see anyone in the tunnel and there were no security guards anywhere in sight so I went for it. I really should have just gone around the back of the Viking ship and I would have been fine. Lesson learned! I'm not a rookie but I made a rookie mistake. I understand it was all over the world and on many shows but its frankly embarassing and as a freelancer its not the kind of notoriety I would like to have. I'll be getting a more thorough check out today and several vendors have offered me glasses! Especially Lens Crafters since Joe Buck made the suggestion I'd be heading there. I really am thankful it wasn't worse and I was able to carry on. I've gotten so many kind messages from everyone and I really having something to celebrate this Thanksgiving!
  11. Is the DR a modular system like the Venue 2?
  12. I have a pair of the Silver Bullets and have used them on a variety of instruments and they're really pretty good. Very small too.
  13. I did have some sleeves made up for insulating the antennas from bare skin. They're made of fleece and have velcro on them to attach to the Neopax or Versaflex pouch/strap I'm using. I have had issues with shorter range due to skin contact so I had these made up. They don't add much bulk and are less annoying than a stiff straw or a hush lav on the end.
  14. I recently tried the auto mix in my Nomad 10 on a group of four people wired in a large open space. Wasn't terribly noisy or open sounding but since we were doing double system this was an ideal time to experiment. Of course I had the isos pre fader so I wasn't too worried about the mix itself. Also my son who was the DP was going to edit so I went for it. I put the principle person on the left channel by herself, and the remaining three in auto mix on the right channel. I thought it worked pretty well once I got the levels dialed in. In my experience that's the key to these types of tools. The gain staging still has to be right and soft talkers have to be boosted and the louder people brought down. Its a nice way to bring down the overall background and minimize comb filtering in a larger group.
  15. But you're using a Deneke PS1A for phantom not the tx. So.... since the SM81 works fine, it would seem the mic is the issue.