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  1. RIP - Ed Greene

    I had the great pleasure of working with Ed twice here in Minnesota. This was back when I was a very inexperienced A2. We had some wonderful conversations and I learned a great deal about how he approached mixing the big shows. I concur with Glen about his kind, helpful, mentoring nature, and would add he had a great sense of humor. I don't remember the jokes anymore, but he had some good ones!
  2. iZotope RX6 and beyond...

    I'm a user of RX6 Advanced and I take it upon myself to practice on and learn the software on terrible sounding tracks whenever I get the chance. Fortunately as a PSM these tracks aren't mine but downloads from Gear Sluts or other forums that deal with post. Its the "can anything be done to save this track" scenario. There's the old saying that states "you can't polish a turd". With RX6 and other post tools you actually can polish the turd to a point but it will never be what you could have if the track was recorded well in the first place. The ability to synthesize unrecoverable dialogue might change all that but in my opinion it would still be worth it to do the best you can on set. One of the first things I notice if I watch a low budget movie or any project that didn't get it right on set is noise reduction if its done poorly and/or overcooked. The tools are complex and may not work the way you think they do and its a process that works differently on every new track. Its also time consuming if you do it right.
  3. Lectrosonics LT vs SMQV

    Thank you! I bought the LTs and LRs when they first became available. The SRCs weren't even introduced until over a year or more later. I probably would have gone with them if they were available. I don't have too much trouble using the IR sync or using the menus. The SRs weren't available or even introduced when I bought these. I was a fairly early adaptor of the LT/LRs. I just wanted something new, smaller, and lighter for my bag. I had all 211s that I wanted to move while they still had good value.

    Jim I'm so sorry you lost your best friend! Thanks so much for telling us what was going on behind the scenes.
  5. Un-corrupt WAV files with Audacity

    tried again. Got some sound files that would play (maybe all of them) surrounded by digital hash. The files are a little fast when I play them in Audacity.
  6. Un-corrupt WAV files with Audacity

    Anyone know of a way to import the disk that comes up as unreadable into Audacity? I can see it in Disk Utility.
  7. Un-corrupt WAV files with Audacity

    Well Audacity didn't do it. I could see the CF card in Disk Utility so I made a new disc image of it so I could import it into Audacity. The files that came up were digital hash. I might be doing it wrong.
  8. Lectrosonics LT vs SMQV

    Here's my bag set up. I've since gone from homemade coaxial dipoles for antennas to Lectro SNA dipoles. The antennas are going into a PSC Multi SMA and the low profile TA3s are from Audio Department.
  9. Un-corrupt WAV files with Audacity

    I didn't Philip! I'm going to make sure all the files match up from using Zaxconvert (I had multiple projects that I hadn't back up yet) and then I'll try the Audacity procedure. I'll come back and let you know how it goes.
  10. Un-corrupt WAV files with Audacity

    Sort of on the same topic. Yesterday my producer started copying my Nomad card to three hard drives via a program called Hedge. When the process started the card showed up as normal and started the copying process. After a few minutes the copying was aborted and after that the card was deemed unreadable by the computer. We tried other card readers and different computers, all with the same result. I had this happen one other time with Shot Put Pro. So the card was somehow corrupted so the computer couldn't read the card. Any ideas as to how this happens? I've already converted the files from the MARF card and sent them to him so nothing was lost except for time. Would like to avoid this in the future if possible. Our DP did a scan with a program called Rescue File Pro by Sandisk and the files were there, just couldn't be seen by the computers.
  11. Lectrosonics LT vs SMQV

    I have them clipped to a plastic rail that I attached to my Orca 32 with velcro and zip ties. They're oriented vertically so I have to tilt the bag to see the screens. I have the battery eliminators on them so I have no need to remove them for battery changes. There's lots of space between the receivers and the compartment the Nomad is in in so I can get my hands on the on/off switch and menus. Not ideal but I mostly just need to turn the power on the rxs so its workable. I'll post a photo later so you can see what I've done.
  12. Cheapo boom pole

    If it doesn't work out as a boom pole you could always use it as an antenna mast.
  13. Need 3 wirless mics

    Good to know! Thanks for the response!
  14. Need 3 wirless mics

    Very off topic and in the when you have time category. What do you think of the build and sound quality of that brand of wireless and are you using their stock lav? I have a simple audio only traveling show that I need to outfit and this gear is incredibly inexpensive. I could buy instead of rent at those prices.
  15. Interesting new wireless system

    Philip there is also the UR1 tx and UR5 receiver. http://cdn.shure.com/user_guide/upload/89/pdf_en_ur5_portable_wireless_receiver_ug.pdf http://www.shure.com/americas/products/wireless-systems/uhfr-systems/ur1-bodypack-transmitter $800 for the tx and $1200 for the rx. I demoed one of these sets a while back. They have very good range and sound pretty good. Although not as nice as Lectro to my ear.