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  1. North Korea microphone surplus.

    They want to be sure he never gets off pattern!
  2. Oade Brothers Audio upgrades

    I had a Marantz PMD 661 that I bought from them modified. It sounded great!
  3. camera link

    Cool, thanks for the info!
  4. camera link

    So that would mean that a Sennheiser G3 IEM could also get signal from an IFBT4 I would think. How about from a UM400?
  5. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    My first stereo system had a Dynaco 40 watt amp. Not a kit. It really sounded nice!
  6. 2.4 GHz amp in bag

    Try a separate power source for the amp to see if the rf is coming from the power distribution. What brand is the amp and where did you get it? I've been thinking about an amp for my Nomad.
  7. #metoo and sexism in general

    That's the reaction I've had to the Hide a Mic bra mount as well. It does take some explaining to be sure they get it right. I've found that if you run the mic underneath the center strap of the bra and clip the mic on with the clip part of the mount facing out its much quieter and less likely to show the clip through the blouse. Of course I illustrate this to the subject so they can do it themselves.
  8. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017

    https://alclair.com Custom in ear monitors. 20% off through November 26th. Many of my colleagues here in town use these and love them.
  9. Sony UWP transmitter antenna tip replacement? UTX-B03

    They would likely have the tips Rado linked at a hobby store that carries RC planes, cars, etc.
  10. Boom and Live Vocals. Good lesson from 1955.

    What a great performance and reminder of what's possible when you keep it simple and have great talent. Love the little boy getting into it and then being calmed down with just a gentle touch on the neck from Ernie, and the complete natural reaction to the performance.
  11. DIY camera snake?

    Just to give you some ideas. I use this with my rig.
  12. Podcast Microphones

    Heil dynamic mics are a good choice for pod casting.
  13. Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    The weight of the Piano doesn't bother me at all. As was stated its lighter than the Rycote offerings. It also gives more wind protection with shorter fur so it can be placed a little easier without getting into the shot.
  14. Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    I don't use my MK41 outdoors so I only have a regular foam for it. I'm looking at the Bubblebee spacer or similiar for it so I can use it outdoors too. I own the PIA-1 for my CMIT and I love it! I mainly keep the short fur on it unless I'm using it indoors, then I just use the cloth inner skin. I have a higher wind furry that is no longer offered and is shorter than the two high wind versions listed. I've only had to bring it out three or four times in very high winds. Otherwise the Piano short fur is enough.
  15. NFL sideline mic

    Of course! I've got them on CBS this coming weekend!