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    Happy Birthday Jeff! This site and your friendship mean so very much to me!
  2. Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    Arc welding can have an effect on wireless as well. I've never had an issue with Lectro gear around it.
  3. Show me your bag

    Just used a 10T and it was in a small Stingray bag. Wasn't using the L-mount batteries but it did have the AA battery sled on it and there seemed to be plenty of space below it.
  4. Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

    Thanks for the great explanation Larry! I do know that I get much better reception with my two SNA-600s on the outside of the bag than I ever got with whips or even my home-brew coaxial dipoles.
  5. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Producer in a video editing session. Can we pan this shot to the right?
  6. T power to 48v

    Pete did a CMC for me also! Great work!
  7. Show me your bag

    Thanks Jim! I'm using the PSC RF Mulit SMA. It lives in the bottom of the bag to the right side as you're wearing it in the same cavity as the receivers. There's a lot of room in there with the receivers being so small. I'm not familiar with Stridsberg. I'll have to look it up. I looked up Stridsberg. Which model do you use with what wireless?
  8. Show me your bag

    Nomad 10 with four Lectro LRs. There's usually a Lectro D4-T in the front pouch but I took it out for the moment.
  9. Defending your Work

    So they discovered a certain someone didn't know what they were talking about? Good for you!
  10. View From The Office:

    It was a busy time for all involved. I was just giving you some grief. I was at the Convention Center for nine days leading up to the day of the Super Bowl so there was really no time to get together anyway.
  11. View From The Office:

    You were in town and you didn't call me?
  12. NFL Boom ops

    I don't think I'll ever live this down! LOL! I just found out that Fox's Emmy submission video for technical excellence has this towards the end.
  13. Defending your Work

    So they have full fidelity audio on two of the cameras they could edit with and they still aren't happy? Was the second person in the interview so noisy that he couldn't edit around the undesired sound? Didn't anyone else who was listening have an issue with the offending noise? Sorry this happened but it seems as though some one threw you under the bus.
  14. Mics on women

    I'm with you Dave. I have the person place the holder between the bra strap and the body with the clip facing out. I find it shows less and is more secure so you get less movement noise.
  15. North Korea microphone surplus.

    They want to be sure he never gets off pattern!