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  1. I'll vote for the DNS2. Shooting with 2 Alexa 65 with fans audible even when set to "rec low". The Cedar does magic!
  2. Terradek receivers to match with any of their TX for less than $300. i've got everything wireless but need to be cabled to get HD pic?!
  3. I'm still on an older software where that feature works. According to Howy this option has been removed in more recent versions. Hopefully it comes back!!
  4. That did the trick! Thanks.
  5. I know its possible because I've done it before but now the "T" disappears when I hit the 2nd crosspoint. It works with every other assign (A/D/Z). Want the trim for my MS on 1 fader. Automatic trim is switched off. Any Ideas?
  6. If I use the SCmit I always use the processed output (record both ch) in the mix. If I want the unprocessed sound I go for the Cmit5U. The SCmit noise floor is much more audible. The idea was to buy a SCmit and sell one of my 5U but unfortunately its not a 1:1 replacemement.
  7. got word from Helmut directly: the Super CMIT is perfectly suited for dialog recording in film. However the mic does have different delays for different frequencies that can not compensated for when mixing the SuperCMIT with lavs unless one is using a fir filter, something normally not used by the production sound mixer.
  8. Its still unclear wether it is an attack or not. But the street the truck was taking before hitting the place is very narrow and bended. There is no chance of getting speed by accident.
  9. just 5 minutes from my place: me and my family is safe at home. That is just horrible.
  10. I found the SCmit to sound smtimes phasy by itself especially on male voices. Its like on a Tom-drum where you need to notch down a resonance to make it sound natural
  11. using the DNS2 on my recent shoot and gotta say I love it! It eleminates all of this low roomy part of the location sound. It just sounds cleaner and dryer. I don't get any add rental on it. But it gives MY ears pleasure while listening to my sound for 10-14 hours every day. This is the same with my Cooper mixer. I could go with a controller instead but prefer it just for my own comfort. On my projects post will work with Isos anyway - so I'll treat my mix to my liking. And editorial actually is quite happy as a lot of Screenings will happen before sound post gets involved.
  12. its misleading I believe. The lyre is actually not touching the mic at all. Right?
  13. heads up on a problem I have found with both of my 4098: the bottom of the little tube that goes on top of the capsule is very fragile. Especially when shooting in cold temperature. We did some very small adjustments to the mic hidden in a sun visor. Was enough to create a crack in the bottom part. The tube now sits too loose and would just fall off. Some tiny zip tie helps for now ...
  14. I am shooting a new Netflix series at the moment and had the opportunity to test drive a pre-release version of the new Schoeps MiniCMIT. Here are my findings: very small, very lightweight. It´s that small, there even isn´t a dedicated suspension available right now. I used a Rycote one for Schoeps CCM mic and changed the lyres (see pics). It works very well. Even when mounted as plant in a pic-car on a trailer. I had a CCM41 on the sunvisor and the MiniCMIT from down below. Couldn´t decide which sounded nicer. CCM41 very natural, MiniCMIT got this additional punch I like so much on the CMIT5U. The built in low cut (70Hz, 24dB/oct) is perfect for dialog recording on a boom pole. When used with a mini-XLR connector one could have the mic just below the ceiling. Might make it possible to boom where one would have changed to a different mic (CCM). Now you can keep the punchy sound of the CMIT throughout a scene. There is no high-boost nor proximity low cut as found on the CMIT5U. That´s the trade off for making the MiniCMIT - mini. For me that´s the main reason to keep the CMIT5U as my main mic and I´m happy that Schoeps decided not to replace the 5U by the Mini but make it a 3rd member of the CMIT family. I do use the high boost quite often in difficult locations when I need that extra bit of speech intelligibility. Even the low cut at 400Hz (prox effect) gets used sometimes when fighting some nasty reflections in the corner of a room. Since my boom mic is 99% used with a Zaxcom TRX742 that´s what I tested the MiniCMIT with too. There is the same tone and noise floor as with my CMIT5U. My TRX742 is always at the top of the pole next to the mic. Since I was fighting RFI for a long time I now know that EMC connectors by Neutrik are needed to reduce the noise. That´s still the same with the MiniCMIT. When used in the Rycote Cyclone with no EMC connectors I would get some RFI that would go away when touching the antenna. Same mic used in my trusted Cinela suspension with EMC connectors - no RFI. In short: MiniCMIT is just as good as the trusted CMIT5U but in a very small size. If you are used to the high boost / prox filter then keep the 5U too.
  15. I've got one for testing purposes since 3 weeks now. Will write a review later ...