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  1. I never change the cones on my 742's anyway. One is analog and the other digital. It's just not sturdy enough to change it on a daily basis. What else isn't "proper" on the ZMT48V?
  2. it is a ZMT3 with 48V and XLR connector. Real runtime on a NP50 might be 2-3 hrs I guess.
  3. thats the big IF. My ZMT3 runs 3.5-4h max on a Fuji NP50. And thats without 48V.
  4. my BoomOp will love it: weighs only 3.1oz (88g)!! and no ext. antenna needed?!
  5. for Neverclip to work you DO NEED compressor working! That's from Howy. Otherwise you dont overload your mic pres but the TRX would not record / transmit the hot signal. So I have mine at -3dB, ratio 20:1, fast&fast.
  6. seems the two little mono/stereo switches below the headphone outs need some cleaning. Doing several on/offs rapidly brought it back to life. btw: I thought mono would feed a stereo signal to both ears? With Cooper Mono seems a Stereo-Signal gets routed to the left (tip) output only. Why is that?
  7. first problem in 10 years of using my CS208V1: headphone out 2 and 3 are used for IFB BoomOp and Director/Video etc. Now when I´m pressing PL the audio cuts out on those 2 outs (which wasn´t the case so far). Thats when using the ext slate mic. The PL signal sounds like a bad gated mic (on/off/on/off) Switching the headphone out from stereo to mono on HP2 cured the problem for a couple of hours. Now it doesn´t make a difference. In headphone 1 (my one) everything still sounds as always including PL with ext slate mic. So I guess the ext mic, the ext mic-preamp is still working fine. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Any Cooper user experienced something like that before?
  8. thanks! Good to know.
  9. They sell those dots. But I doubt very much they will sell the straps too. They've got their own brand ...
  10. Where did you buy them?
  11. Cedar Germany asked me bout my recent findings ...
  12. got a Mix8 and have found a way to pimp my small standby / bag-cart
  13. benefits of the DNS2: cleaner Mix-track for use in editorial, dailies, screenings for producers, test-screenings etc. - all happens several month before audio-postpro touches the unprocessed audio from the isos cleaner Comtek-feed for director and last but not least: cleaner mix to MY ears. It´s a relief believe me. Have been shooting with 2 Alexa65 for 90 days now I know my ears and nerves would have suffered way too much without the help of the Cedar. These cameras are pretty noisy since the second fan for the DSP is not going low in rec-mode. Without the DNS2 I only could have hoped / imagined that post-production will denoise my audio and safe the performance. By using the DNS on set I know ON the day, that my audio will be usable. Post might / will go again and use the isos to start with but this is several month ahead. Got a call in the beginning from the editor complaining about the noise floor. He was NOT using the mix-track but tried to build his own mix from scratch. I told him to do himself (and me) a favour and to use my mix. Haven´t heard from him since (well that might be for other reasons - hope not).
  14. Look at my pic: a very nice comfy Directors chair. But the hight of the cart allows for sitting AND standing and everything inbetween.
  15. Thanks Constantin. I've got a curved thumb just from googling after linear motors Project for the next downtime I guess. Normally winter that is but not this year. Day 87 today ...