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  1. Interesting. How exactly does this work? Is there a "load settings from card" smwhere in the menu?
  2. aah. ok. thanks for the reply! just wanted to make sure I don´t mess around
  3. I have 9.62 / 9.31 / 9.23 / on various TRXs now. After formatting the card within the TRX I normally found a "delete me" file on the card. Not now. Tried with different TRXs / versions. Any ideas?
  4. You all know the option to ignore certain members?! Don't let those trolls spoil your day.
  5. Isn't that the other way around?? From ... to the ear? Or does it both ways now?
  6. What about a tiny tiny TX with fixed settings that only transmits say 2m distance. One could have the lav & tiny TX hide in the hair/behind the ear and the standard TX with the tiny RX mounted somewhere in the costume.
  7. Anyone with a source or DIY of a right angle Lemo connector for a Schoeps CCM? When using the CCM as a plant the long tail is a PITA.
  8. I can engage a private line on my mixer to the Director and do let him know if there is a problem. Than its up to him to call cut or to finish the take. So far every Director appreciated this kind of discreet way of telling.
  9. Bej Bej Apps is the one I'm using. Waveform to find your cues would be nice though.
  10. I'm using Voice Recorder Pro. Get your file via email and open it with that app. lets you set markers, safe and name them.
  11. It's his 3rd movie. "Life of others" got him an Oscar, "The Tourist" - well ... and now this one. Actually quite dialogue heavy dispit this more musical trailer.
  12. Braveheart
  13. that's why I'm saying I can only do 180' (polarity) whereas in post they actually slip (timeline) the audio. But if time diff is creating phasing and I hear that nasty hollow sound I'll try and hear what it SOUNDS like if I flip the polarity. No one but me? Mmh ...
  14. it does help for sure. I hear it 😉 It's just that I can only do 180' whereas in post they can slip by the frame.
  15. speaking of flip the phase: how often do you guys use this to help reduce phasing in your mix? e.g. 2 actors close to each other or a plant mixed in with the lav or just the Boom with a bit of lav. I know that post will have different phase on different takes but I just can't stand that phasing sound in my mix and always try what sounds best.