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  1. “Upgrading” Wires

    +1 I normally go for B6 in a tie knot. But some voices won’t sound good no matter how much the capsule sticks out. Changed to a COS11 instead and suddenly the actor just sounds fine.
  2. “Upgrading” Wires

    the more mics the better. Even better: more and different mics ;-)
  3. A question on MS recording for film

    what mics are you using? My CCMs need a cable between mic and TRX742 to get rid of RFI basically what Constantin does. Either on a stand, mounted up somewhere where the mic can stay for the whole scene or on a boom pole with a 2nd BoomOp
  4. A question on MS recording for film

    +1 for MS in sound for film. Just had a chat with a postpro guy yesterday who does the dialogue editing on a movie I have mixed. He was very happy with my MS tracks in addition to the dialog tracks for any given crowd scenes. Brings a lot of life into the scenes. Btw post over here prefers discrete MidSide rather than already decoded material. Best to ask before the shoot starts - if possible.
  5. Netflix teaser "Dark" first German production

    We had a fantastic screening in Berlin‘s „Zoo-Palast“ on Monday. Over 1000 people watching the first 3 episodes on the big screen. It looked and sounded great and most important was anything but typical German telly. All in German which is great since it keeps our production sound in play. Give it a shot and hope you like it too!! https://nyti.ms/2hZZuVM
  6. we are still shooting this one. First Netflix production in German. It's a fascinating story! Can't wait to see it this Winter.
  7. Netflix teaser "Dark" first German production

    new trailer:
  8. Rates in UK / Europe

    Everything that is based on hours (10hrs) would be labor only. Cause it implies that there might be paid overtime. Never heard of equipment getting additional fees if going over 10hrs.
  9. Netflix teaser "Dark" first German production

    I was the PSM 1stU on all 105 shooting days - yes!
  10. Netflix teaser "Dark" first German production

    Dark will be out on December the 1st. new teaser:
  11. QRX200 internal PSU introduces noise

    I´ve got a brand new QRX200 which gives me hard time. It injects some "fieping" noise into my system. Using the analog output here. It is the worst when I try to get both TRX on one TA5. The right output on both TA5 basically are not usable. Using TRX1 on output 1 (pin 1,2,3) and TRX2 on output 2 (pin 1,2,3) is a lot better but still audible. Got a replacement from Zaxcom - same noise. We (Kortwich and I) tried every kind of testing to no avail. Even powered the QRX200 of a different power source than the rest. My QRX100 is clean and a tested QRX235 was clean too. Could you guys with a QRX200 have a good listen to your analog outputs please to see if that is on every QRX200 out there? Thanks, Matthias
  12. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    I have no clue. Best guess: just swap the $ for €
  13. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    video is shot in Berlin and the bag is made by Kortwich - funny! 😉
  14. QRX200 internal PSU introduces noise

    me and Kortwich both tested the QRX200 at the time of me purchasing it 2 years ago. Striped the setup down to just the QRX200 feeding a Nomad (even tested with a 788) and nothing else. 2 units same issue. A QRX235 and QRX100 in the very same setup were clean. But it´s all 2 years old. (meaning I gave up on this one ;-)
  15. Speedy Recovery

    Gute Besserung Jeff und komm schnell wieder auf die Beine!
  16. QRX200 internal PSU introduces noise

    It's been 2 years since I got my one. Maybe things have changed. At that time a new replacement got the very same whine. Just saying.
  17. QRX200 internal PSU introduces noise

    sort of. When I buy gear I will test it under perfect conditions. Total silence etc. That quite often did reveal the problems. Under shooting conditions you might not notice it. And I can´t fight every single issue to death. Your choise ;-)
  18. QRX200 internal PSU introduces noise

    using the regulated 12V from an Audioroot and using the 2 TA5 for 2 TRXs is ok under most circumstances. Thats what I still do ... Using it for radio mics (lavs) only though.
  19. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    my solution for mounting the ZMT48V
  20. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    my BoomOp will love it: weighs only 3.1oz (88g)!! and no ext. antenna needed?! https://www.trewaudio.com/product/zaxcom-zmt3-hm-plug-on-transmitter/?mc_cid=4d7bb911be&mc_eid=adac8ec55a
  21. Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    took out my 2 rarely used Cos11 and both got this shiny oily cable too. Where does this come from??
  22. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    using original Fuji NP50
  23. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    btw runtime with a Schoeps CMIT5U / 50mW: 3hours sharp. So you wanna change after 2.5hours to be safe. Miles away from 5 hours ...
  24. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    my ZMT3 48V lets me adust the phantom power to 45V (five) max not 48V. Is that a typo within the ZMT or ...? from the manual: This menu is where the phantom power is turned on and adjusted from. The ZMT3 Phantom has 5 user selectable power options:  OFF, 12V Phantom, 24V Phantom, 36V Phantom or 48V Phantom
  25. Schoeps CMR vs. Colette cable

    just check that your wireless TX is on their list of compatible systems: CMR-compatibility-charts.pdf