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  1. Searching for a splitter

    I just checked mine. +18.3 (as high as my tone generator will go) and no clipping without engaging the pad. At least. So these will work fine for line level. Now these are not Jensen transformers. I wouldn't record a string quartet through these but to send to Comteks or even a camera, I wouldn't think twice. Oh and this is NOT a distribution amp. This doesn't take one line level input and send out, like, 10 line level outputs. Those devices tend to be active and AC powered. This is eight channels of passsive 1x2 (one in and two out, one transformer isolated) splits. FWIW D.
  2. Searching for a splitter

    I use these; yes primarily for mic splits but I've put them on the scope and the transformers don't clip until, IIRC, +23dB or so. Plenty for line level if you "don't go nuts." https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Split8--art-s8?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiLeygsvG2gIVE57ACh3kdQ39EAQYASABEgKXHfD_BwE D.
  3. Naked Audio

    Apron-free? D.
  4. Schoeps MK41 capsule cleaning

    You are a brave man. D.
  5. So... Nothing new from SD at NAB, I guess.

    Wow. That has not been my experience with the 788T (knock wood.) In the more than 10 years I have owned mine, it has actually failed. . . . Once. Wore out the original HDD after 9 1/2 years. New SSD and back into business for what I would guess is another 10 years. Maybe worth sending it in for a check-up. I send mine in maybe every two years for "routine maintenance." Costs in the $350 range and the machine comes back completely to factory spec and good as new. FW all that IW. D.
  6. VER files bankruptcy under Chapter 11

    +1. D.
  7. Why Comteks?

    Yep. Just that. D.
  8. Help with circuit diagram of Nagra BM2 mixer

    Wow. I am impressed. D.
  9. Multi Tasking !!!

    And as long as you can say "gotta put the tripod down now so I can do sound." D.
  10. How did they capture this audio? [BBC 1979]

    You mean, the way it is supposed to be done? Oh wait, that's just old-man talk. D.
  11. Boom operators - Cool photos

    I say "just put a lav on the Fisher Boomman." D.
  12. Boom operators - Cool photos

    A lost art. Glad to see some folks keeping it alive. D.
  13. 96khz to 48khz converter

    It will be easy for them, which doesn't mean they won't bitch about it Tell them that you thought the interview was SO important that it deserved to be recorded at a higher SR. D.
  14. AES inputs on high track machines

    The longer you wait, the more Dante gear there will be. I think, in time, it will cover high track count problems very nicely in a lot of price ranges. Dante will never be "cheap" because Audinate charges a certain fee for the Dante license but I just bought a simple four-in by four-out Dante to analog box made by Glensound from Gotham just above $500 (IIRC). Ferrofish, mentioned above, as well as Attero Tech (I have their Dante to 32x analog box) are building nice Dante boxes as well. Many more jumping on the Dante train and it's rollin' hard. After all these years in the sound business, I still find it amazing that I can send my 32 track at 96k recording rig from the stage to the control room, hundreds of feet away, on one Cat5e cable. Wow!