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  1. Gear for Sale

    Awesome post Mr. Teas! D.
  2. Stolen SD 688

    Unfortunately, the auction format makes this tricky. You need to wait til it's over to buy it back which gives the seller plenty of time to get spooked. If it were me, I'd make a Phoenix police report right now, providing applicable serial numbers and let them start the proceedings. This way, no matter whom the gear finally gets sold to, or if the seller bolts, you will already have a plan in place. Unfortunately for someone who might buy the lot unsuspectingly, they will need to give the lot up as receiving stolen merchandise is also a crime. You might have to wait to get it back but I wouldn't take the chance that the seller will pull out and then try and sell the lot in a different market, sending you off on yet another search. It's all in one place. The seller is not very smart trying to sell immediately, selling on an easily monitored site, and showing serial numbers. BTW, a similar posting on another site got me off my ass and I have just finished taking photos of all my mics along close ups of serial numbers, pairs of mics in boxes, photos of groups of mics in their appropriate cases and a full .pdf of each case's complete contents. I feel like I have proof of ownership covered pretty well. I have put this information in my Dropbox so I have it anywhere that I might travel. Best of luck getting it back but to see it all in a lot on eBay must be both so damned maddening and also so relieved at the apparent ease in recovery. Wow! D.
  3. House of Cards Original English series

    16mm compared to the crap we see from three handheld cameras today? No comparison. I said a silent thank you to Chris Nolan for having the balls (and the commitment) to shoot on film. 70mm to boot! God bless. D.
  4. The Broadcast Cart Machine

    Oooooh. I remember those!!!! Commercial bumper music on the sports trucks. Ah, those were the days. Oh, they failed all the time with spectacular results. Lots of shouting from up front in the comms. Haha! D.
  5. Maybe he'll get a nice intern with a Shure FP31 and a couple of SM57s. D.
  6. Hippies

    Who Needs The Peace Corps. D.
  7. 16-Channel Analogue to Dante Location Mixer

    The 12VDC makes this hard. There are plenty of Dante mixers with fair to midlin' preamps and lots of routing capability with Dante out there. I wonder how many new-development products of the type you describe would get sold. It's a pretty specific product. That is asking a huge R&R commitment for no real guarantee of sales. The control surface that runs one or two recorders has appeal but those recorders aren't Dante enabled, AFAIK. A Presonus (or Yammy) panel and a JoeCo Dante would work well but it involves a fairly sophisticated inverter and an efficient battery. I used to run a Yammy 01V96 but the Lithium big block batteries and the real sine-wave inverter cost almost as much as the mixer and took a large commitment to field the rig, D.
  8. Pelican transport case

    Sorry for being short. Your profile shows San Francisco so I just assumed. . . . And we all know what happens when one assumes. D.
  9. Pelican transport case

    Stop by your local pro camera store and take a look. D.
  10. Multi camera question

    As Reg says, there are often negotiations that make multi-camera work for sound, but not nearly often enough. That's why TV sounds like shite these days. No perspective to the sound; everyone on lavs. The guy across the room sounds like he's a foot away and like everyone else in the scene. Gotta say, a couple of seasons of TV was enough to show me that it was time to retire So, so happy now recording sound that almost never has a camera in the area and if it does, what I need to do is always more important to the client. Mic stand in the shot? Move the camera! D.
  11. Panatape noise on Sennheiser 5212 tx

    Panatapes make an acoustic noise. It'll show up on your booms as well. Oh, I forgot. No one uses booms anymore. My bad. D.
  12. antiques

    Oh yeah. All us old guys had one D.
  13. Sound Quality - Then and Now

    As the legend Jim Webb said to me on a job in the 1980's sometime, "Doug, they just don't make movies like they used to." Nothing new to out complaints. D.
  14. 2 cardiod back to back=figure 8

    This is a very under-used function of a figure-of-eight mic. Good reminder! D.
  15. Control surface vs mixer

    Just so everyone knows, my "tease" was a high-five to digital; I remember the days of double 24-track 2" analog with 14" reels that we would over-lap as to not miss a note of large rock concerts. My 24-track rig is for recording music; it's not small and doesn't fit on a cart Grace Dante preamps, JoeCo recorders, Lynx Dante converters for True P8 preamps. Up to 24-tracks (actually could do 32 with a submix of some sort) at 96k with the control room and the stage/studio connected by one piece of Cat5e. With an in-line switch, 200m apart is possible and with fiber, up top 10 kilometers! Network cameras on the stage, talk-backs, playbacks, cue-sends, etc. Lots of SKB racks stacked up to the sky. Used it to record a choral CD that comes out in November. More complicated than my usual rig; a SD788T and two, maybe 4, mics. Sometimes simpler is better. D.