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    Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Disrespect for sound is one thing. Been going on since mixers wore ties. It's the complete on-set madness I can't handle. And thus. . . .retired. I remember Jim Webb saying to me (on a huge Hollywood job we were doing in the 1980s somewhere) "Ya know Doug? They just don't make movies the way they used to." I remember thinking, I hope I never say that. Well. . . . D.
  2. As Jeff Sessions says (about something entirely different) "Zero tolerance." D.
  3. tourtelot

    Tomorrow morning breezes in Rio Rancho, NM

    Nope. Just a road-runner. D. Oh, and I miss NM. I DO NOT miss Atlanta. Sorry to all my Atlanta buds.
  4. tourtelot

    Film Camera Noise

    And remember, a lot of film camera noise can be reduced by a trained and diligent camera assistant. As said, film loop sizes in the movement have a lot to do with camera noise. If it is particularly noisy after a re-load, have the camera assistant change the loop size. As well, movement pitch in an SR2 (IIRC) can be changed by the assistant "on the day" and can sometimes make the noise better. And unlike what Philip suggests, and he has a TON more experience at this than I do, I always believed that taking out camera noise in post was something that everybody knew how to do. I could have been making up that story just so I was able to sleep at night I remember being forced to endure some Arri 35mm camera on some feature that was not a "sound" camera because the DP wanted a lighter hand-held. Oh, and nothing in front of the lens. Verboten! Nightmare! Then the operators on Breaking Bad who worked hand-held all day after all day with perfectly tuned BLs (35mm) on their shoulders that were just the quietest little cameras in all the world. That was one cracker-jack camera department. D.
  5. tourtelot

    Knurled Thumb Screw for Denecke TS-2?

    Just talked to Charlie yesterday. Absolutely one of the nicest people in all the industry! D.
  6. tourtelot

    Something is up with the HTTPS version of the site…

    It's getting on 5PM here. I'll think I'll work on some spirits for a little while and see if I feel better. Gin, I think. D.
  7. tourtelot

    Something is up with the HTTPS version of the site…

    If only she claimed to have a cure for GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), I might have been interested. D.
  8. tourtelot

    Editing numerous times – Bad?

    Wait for it Philip. Post #9236 will be the proverbial straw. D.
  9. tourtelot

    AC Power For SD USBPre2?

    What are owners of this box doing when they want to power it from AC in stand-alone mode? A simple iPhone charging cube? D.
  10. tourtelot

    Schoeps CMC3u/CMC5 Amplifier Cleaning

    No need to take a peek at the inside of Pete's re-works. They are spotless. :):) Oh, and Dalton Great idea for near-field mic testing. Would have never thought of that. D. PS. If anyone has any CMC4s for $250 each, I'll buy them all.
  11. tourtelot

    Best windscreen for close voice recordings

    If you need/want to put the mic close (proximity perhaps), the Håkan pop-screens seem to be at the top of peoples' list right now. I have one for my LDC and it works really well. No breath pops and no (to my ears anyway) coloration. Wash it out with dish detergent and put it back to work. Not any particular plug for the retailer here. No experience. On a quick Google search, a pretty good description of the Håkan line: https://www.kmraudio.com/brands/hakan D.
  12. tourtelot

    Question for the Nagra aficionados...

    God bless the Harvey Mod. One of the best decisions I ever made. It fixed SO many UI problems! D.
  13. tourtelot

    Question for the Nagra aficionados...

    FWIW, I read that Halliburton cases were specifically made to deform in the case (sorry!) of impact to adsorb the shock and protect the contents. I actually have a bunch of Halliburton cases that still travel with me and protect the contents, mostly microphones, including a briefcase that I have had since my rock and roll touring days in the 1970s and 1980s. Still works fine, but doesn't see a lot of use lately , holding a studio-style headphone distribution mixer that rarely gets used for the work I do now. Road-warriors! D.
  14. tourtelot

    Cloud-based mixing

    I believe Pro Tools as well. D.
  15. tourtelot

    Looking for a non audio looking bag for my MixPre 3

    A Coach clutch? D.
  16. In the day, I actually did a lot of work with a fabulous (and now retired as am I) MOW producer who insisted on me being on every day of every scout which turned a three-week MOW into a four-week production. I was and always will be eternally grateful for his vision. D.
  17. tourtelot

    On My Radio

    Wow. You don't see a Creed Taylor album cover every day. D.
  18. tourtelot

    Seeking GOLD RE-20 (a la Rush . . .)

    Hi Glenn. No Gold RE20; only grey But hope you are doing super well. D.
  19. Yeah, fu*k Facebook. Criminals! Don't consort with criminals! D.
  20. tourtelot

    The "Less Suck" Fader

    I used to have a battery powered (LARGE) Simpson VU meter mounted in a box with a pot sitting on my monitor mixing desk that was labeled "FUNOMETER" and it would go up and down depending on many factors; like if I was getting mic stands thrown at me or there was a cute woman sitting next to me on the road case that doubled as my seat. It was often easy to tell what sort of mood I was in from time to time simply by reading the attitude on the meter. Judas Priest always made the meter go up and KISS always made the meter go down. I also had two non-working pots on my Midas panel labeled "bottom" and "funk" which were two words bandied about frequently in those days. Worked with a lot of R&B bands. D. PS. I LOVE "more oboe."
  21. tourtelot

    Nomad resets timecode, date, time, etc. on power down

    Oh yes, the trip to Germany for Schoeps takes a while, but not nearly as long as my (still ongoing) experience with Gefell. My two UM70S mics have been gone since September with not a whole lot of free-flowing info. That being said, I have not missed them (well, once. Yesterday!) and I will be glad if the long wait translates into perfectly repaired mics. D.
  22. tourtelot

    Nomad resets timecode, date, time, etc. on power down

    I'm sorry. Struggling with the same issue for two and a half years? And you haven't sent it back? Or did I miss something? D.
  23. tourtelot

    Resistors for TA5F Lectro wiring

    I LOVE you guys. And I don't even own any wireless mics anymore. D.
  24. tourtelot

    How to fix a audio track after the shoot?

    Not to be a dick, but betcha hire an audio person next time. Lesson learned? D.
  25. tourtelot

    Searching for a splitter

    I just checked mine. +18.3 (as high as my tone generator will go) and no clipping without engaging the pad. At least. So these will work fine for line level. Now these are not Jensen transformers. I wouldn't record a string quartet through these but to send to Comteks or even a camera, I wouldn't think twice. Oh and this is NOT a distribution amp. This doesn't take one line level input and send out, like, 10 line level outputs. Those devices tend to be active and AC powered. This is eight channels of passsive 1x2 (one in and two out, one transformer isolated) splits. FWIW D.