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  1. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    Seperately and not wanting to derail thread.. but other options.. i changed to these as i was tied in with a lot of np1 chargers /power adaptors etc..same weight as standard lith np1.....http://www.hawkwoods.co.uk/Prods/Product/NP-98 Richard
  2. New from Rycote: Looks interesting

    Tac!t is very prone to interference , mobiles, zaxcom tx etc..Richard
  3. Boom Pole Quick Connect

    Separately Rycote are/ were developing a boom quick release system ..not sure when it will see the light of day but from what i saw in proto type it looked very good..richard
  4. TX antenna combining

    What length of antenna would you use on a combiner to cover 216 and uhf?
  5. Zaxcom Maxx + RX200 dropping signal

    Typo error over 15v should read..
  6. Zaxcom Maxx + RX200 dropping signal

    Hi Rado I got sent a Zaxcom tech note about 2 years ago, if ext voltage was over 12 v the power to tx dropped and caused tx issues..I'll see if I can find the tech note sent to me..it's an official modification.. thanks richard Hi rado can't find tech note but here is the thread from 2 /12 years ago the end of the thread mentions the mod... cheers richard
  7. Zaxcom Maxx + RX200 dropping signal

    There was an issue with ext battery power..the ext batt voltage to internal TX had an issue with voltage over 12 v..mod to maxx power supply required..richard
  8. DPA RFI Problem

    Hi i found that tac!t cable anwhere near a zax tx would make it unuseable also found the tac!t would pick up bad rf from mobiles etc in doc setup
  9. M/S mic for documentaries

    Hello the pearl Msh10 is a great stereo doc mic the hyper capsule has enough reach as a mono mic in most situations IMHO...
  10. Mozegear TIG Q28 on a job, in a sync test

    My original TIGs are now starting drift over a 10hr peiod compared to what they were orginaly..
  11. Odd mic noise problem with audio samples

    I had this on Maxx..is the hpf set to off or low setting , setting hpf to 90-100hz cured it....could be something similardit was LF distorting the a-d on input channel...richard
  12. Lectro SRc field reports?

    As someone about to possibly purchase 4 x SRC these field rrports are a bit worrying..Richard
  13. Nomad clock battery

    Hi the maxx battery is directly under the cf card slot...
  14. Lectro SRc field reports?

    Hi larry quick question if i may..in theory could you run more tx in a smaller freq space ie example ch38 in uk with an SRC than with a SRB..this is in Switch mode..thanks..richard.
  15. schoeps accessories and RF

    Hi constantin it picks up rf from a good 15 feet away..so the mic is completely useless in a vicinity of a zax tx..pearl are awsre of the problem...richard