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  1. Here is an interesting use of our new hand held. The hand held was hard wired to the PA speakers. No external equipment was needed to feed wireless transmitters as the transmitter is inside the handheld itself. The handheld also provided a backup recording of the event. This allowed a seamless recording of all vocals and instruments with a Deva5.8 and a RX12 in a sound bag as well as a virtual multitrack recording contained in every transmitter synced with Zaxnet time code. The Subway players appeared more realistic without the extra gear that would be needed without the Zaxcom transmitting and cabled handheld. TRX743s were used as plant mics mounted to the ceiling. See if you can spot someone you know in the crowd.
  2. This video was recorded live with all Zaxcom recording wireless. The internal transmitter recording feature was not utilized. It is not often that our wireless is used for these musical type of applications. when they are it shows what the system can really do. I think the Never clip and digital modulation provided a great linear high dynamic range track. Receiver audio is from the RX12 AES outputs. The Nintendo instruments are a very cool part of this and were directly wired to the transmitters. Glenn
  3. glenn

    techniques for quieting internally cabled boompoles

    You might look at the ZMT-Phantom by Zaxcom. It is a recording digital transmitter that positions behind the mic at the top of the boom pole. Pull the cable out of the pole and you have a lighter pole with no cable noise. The transmitter supplies 12V-48V phantom power and is the size of a Zippo lighter. Glenn
  4. glenn

    ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    Zaxcom wireless utilizes 100% digital modulation. The output power of the transmission constantly changes from a minimum level of 0 mW to a peak level of 75mW. This is identical to the FCC tested and approved average power level of 35 mW. Because the data in the Zaxcom transmission is contained at the peak of the signal, it is this value that is most equivalent to FM analog wireless for range comparison purposes. Glenn
  5. glenn

    Deva 24

    Nothing has changed with our Zaxnet transmitter for Deva24. The Deva24 will work with IFB200 just like the older Devas. When we are ready the internal transmitter module will be submitted for CE and FCC testing. As it is the same as the IFB200 it will get approval and then we can distribute it. Glenn
  6. glenn

    Deva 24

    There is no need for a external time code reference as the internal temperature compensated crystal oscillator is very accurate. Glenn
  7. glenn

    Deva 24

    The time code rating is very very conservative.
  8. glenn

    Deva 24

    For now the connection to the IFB100/200 will be the Zaxnet transmission source just like the older Devas. No other info is available at this time. Glenn
  9. glenn

    Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

    Any whip antenna is wire cut to a specific length. The difference of a pixel either way can be the difference of only 1 dB and can happen just based on relative antenna position at any given moment.
  10. Congratulations Mark to you and you team. Glenn
  11. glenn


    They are very similar in range. ZHD96 is better with reflections and takes half the bandwidth. Glenn
  12. glenn

    Zaxcom STA042 accept spdif 75 ohm Signal?

    Since this is none standard I can see my staff not knowing. If you simply go through a balancing transformer it will work. Glenn
  13. The TRX900 with stereo adaptor is one of our best products and totally unique. Stereo audio quality has never been a customer complaint in the 15 years the product has been out. In fact the Audio quality far exceeds any Analog wireless link available today. Glenn
  14. glenn

    Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    It is the same on the IFB200 and the TRXCL. You can adjust the trim pots on the back for max level. If you are not feeding the IFB200 balanced you should connect pins 3 and 5 to 1 on the ta5 input .
  15. glenn

    Zaxcom Bluetooth

    Blue tooth is not able to have accurate time code and has a very limited range. Both are show stoppers for us. Zaxnet overcomes all of that. Glenn
  16. glenn

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Battery Life

    Real Fuji NP50s are like the needle in the haystack. Tough to find . Our ZMT transmitters will do 5 hours on the real ones. In our tests we have found that real batteries have Panasonic cells and work very well. Off brand and fake Fuji cells last about 3.5 to 4 hours in our transmitters. Glenn
  17. glenn

    Deva 24

    We have been shipping Deva24 for the last 2 Months in our "Soft Release program". There will be official news soon. Feedback from our early adaptors has been excellent. Glenn
  18. glenn

    Zaxcom TRXCL3

    Re-blocking older camera links is not cost effective as there are large filters that can not be unsoldered without a lot of time time and effort that would not be cost effective for the customer. The new wide band camera link has a much lower noise transmitter output that is the same as the one we use in our current series of wide band wireless transmitter that eliminates the need for the large filters. Glenn
  19. glenn

    Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Maybe I am wrong here but the "Lectro Quadra" system being talked about here operated in 902MHz to 928MHz not 2.4 GHz. The Zaxcom IFB system does operate in 2.4 GHz. It is a tunable narrow band system and is of course much more than IFB with time code distribution and Zaxnet remote control. While 2.4 GHz has many users our system is great for a short range IFB monitor. Glenn
  20. glenn

    Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    I am sure that after 5 years of continuous use on professional football players our mechanical stability more than excceeds the requirements of a staged publicity stunt with a potato and a card board box. Glenn
  21. glenn

    QRX200 internal PSU introduces noise

    Almost everything these days has 1 or more switching power supplies inside. If the frequency of a power supply (1 to 2 MHz) is too close to other devices that also have switching power supplies they can mix together and the sums and differences can fall into the audio pass band and can become a problem. I am sure this can be solved with a DC power filter or some other minor bag configuration change. I am available at the office to help over the phone. Glenn
  22. glenn

    Speedy Recovery

    I am sure you got "sound medical advice" get well soon. Glenn
  23. Since Zaxcom wireless can fit 10 channels per MHz we do not foresee any problems for our customers due to this and our 100MHz transmitter tuning. Glenn
  24. glenn

    Deva 24 seminar

    I have edited my original post to clearly and correctly identify our invention "The hard disk multi-track production recorder" I believe this is the text on both our Emmy and Academy award for the invention of the Deva. The Deva 24 input trims will be active on all inputs including Dante. The total track count is 24 in all modes. Dante will allow for 16 ins and 16 outs. Glenn
  25. glenn

    Deva 24 seminar

    The Deva24 is a finished product in terms of hardware and there is no more "work" to do. The software will be ready for the beta testers in a couple of weeks. All units on display last week (Atlanta, LA, New York and Amsterdam) were recording files. In fact the one shown in LA had 30+ segments recorded. Showing the Deva24 in Amsterdam and in US cities was never a question. With the release of the product so close the sound community needs to see the unit in order to make informed decisions on which way they might like to go. In my opinion showing the product results in people having the best tools going forward as no one is going to wait for something that is not the best choice for them. To be fair Glen you misquoted Jack. Jack said "Its pretty real" not "it's real". One is absolute and one is not. Jack is writing the manual for us and his opinion was fair and appropriate as he has been working with the hardware and software. We and many other manufactures show products before they are ready in order to properly inform the sound community. We did not invent this style of promotion. It is in fact something that all of the other major lines you carry have done in the past or are currently doing. Current examples include Lectrosonics and Audio Limited. Because Zaxcom invented the multi-track production recorder and we have an established track record, I think the sound community has accepted the fact that the Deva24 is very "Real" in terms of a next generation Deva that is near release. The Deva24 as you have pointed out should be spectacular. It will not be long before it should able to justify that speculation. Glenn