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  1. The Cost of "Wide & Tight"

    "Wide and Telephoto", as one veteran DP once put it to me.
  2. RIP Kevin Ward - TAI Audio

    I spoke to Kevin a few times on the phone this summer - always a wonderful attitude. See ya later, Kevin. Bob Marts
  3. Sound carts on process trailers/camera cars.

    I once spent a long night with my cart on a merry-go-round. I couldn't get decent radio mic reception from the closest stationary hiding spot, so I found a wheel chair lockdown spot on the opposite side of the merry-go-round from where we shooting a long dialog scene. The wheel chair holder fit the spread of my PSC upright sound cart wheels perfectly, so there I sat all night going around and around (trying not to get dizzy).
  4. Can You Hear Me Major Tom?

    Another song from space with Chris Hadfield http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57569205-1/astronaut-records-song-from-space-with-barenaked-ladies/
  5. Cinema Bus

    The Last Cinema Bus
  6. Sound Has Speed?

    From a 1972 ad
  7. Most of us know of the Stellavox and Uher 1/4" tape film sound recorders, but I bet not many know that Sony tried it's hand at a portable time code recorder. I saw a prototype at an AES show once but never saw it on the market.
  8. Hanging a sound blanket

    Thank you. I have impressed a few grips with this :-)
  9. Hanging a sound blanket

    Here's a technique I invented years ago for hanging a sound blanket. You need one C-stand with an arm plus 1 more arm and head. This set-up lets you stretch the blanket out tight and you don't have to deal with the No2 grip clips loosening up or popping off.
  10. 50 Years Ago Today

    Another link w/ some nice footage
  11. 50 Years Ago Today

    Fifty years ago today.
  12. I still own it but a lot of the caps dried out and it got a bit noisy. I keep thinking I'd like to have someone overhaul it but that could be expensive. It has really nice EQ and headroom. I still use an analog panel though - Cooper 208D.