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  1. help

    Hello everyone? My bag is ps603, now here is broken, how should repair?
  2. Show me your bag

  3. Show me your bag

  4. Show me your bag

  5. Show me your bag

  6. Sanken COS-11D for Zaxcom ,How to wire?

    Problem is solved. thank everyone.
  7. Sanken COS-11D for Zaxcom ,How to wire?

    Thank you John. "are you using the screw type?" yes.
  8. Sanken COS-11D for Zaxcom TRX900LA, How to wire? Actors take on LA From the body. Excessive force Then mic no signal.... :'( :'( :'( lemo 3p!!! too fragile!
  9. Kamesan KS-342 Mixer

    I previously used.Is excellent。
  10. Show me your bag

    My "bag"