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    My mother bought me my first tape recorder when I was nine. I spent 17 in major market radio, handling the writing, voicing and production of hundreds if not thousands of commercials and promo announcements. I also began producing local bands.<br />
    <br />
    In 1986, I left broadcasting to pursue writing, audio production and talent work. I also began writing articles for magazines and web sites. I am currently a forum leader for the Creative Cow Audio Forum.<br />
    <br />
    As a guitar player, music production has always been a part of my life. In 2000, I began to attract the attention of local singer/songwriters. Helping them create their music has been a very rewarding part of my life. I mix live sound and work as a location audio recorder and mixer for film and video shoots. More information about my location audio work can be found here. <br />
    <br />
    I began shooting and editing video in 2005. I’ve written two books; “Advanced Audio Production Techniques” and “Ty Ford’s Audio Bootcamp Field Guide.” Info on my field guide can be found here. Another book is in the works.<br />
    <br />
    I re-wrote the NAB’s handbook on radio commercial copywriting and have twice updated the microphone chapter in the weighty NAB Engineering Handbook.<br />
    <br />
    Google “Ty Ford”...Audio...Talent and you’ll find more than you want to know. Also try www.tyford.com.<br />
    <br />
    Following a brain stem stroke in 2007, which passed though with no damage, I took a course in Chakra Balancing. In early 2009, I became a certified Chakra Balancer and Subtle Energy Therapist. More about that here. I also have a Facebook page for this practice. <br />
    <br />
    I am never bored. :)
  1. Sennheiser G3 with cos 11D

    Eric made these adapters for me some time ago. Good work!
  2. 633 loose object inside machine

    Cracker Jack surprise toy?
  3. Cos11 tie-clip alternates

    +1 for the Sennheiser for visible lavs!
  4. 4018c or a second 641

    Maybe this'll help. https://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2015/09/dpa-boom-mics-4017-and-4018-with-mmp-b.html Regards, Ty
  5. AES- NYC Report #2

    Here's my final report. Some neat stuff. https://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2017/11/aes-nyc-2017-part-2.html Regards, Ty Ford
  6. Aston Origin Large Diaphragm Mic Review

    compared to what. Christian?
  7. Hi, I've just published my latest review. The Aston Origin Cardioid Condenser mic. At $299....I'd say it's underpriced. http://tinyurl.com/ydy9rzlm Regards, Ty
  8. Shotgun vs. Hyper, deeper dive

    Yes. Inside, where you may be dealing with room reflections, closer is quite often better (unless you have a weird reflection problem) and the interference tube is not your friend for that reason. OTOH, the Sanken CS3e's element is at the tip of the mic, not at the base of what looks like an interference tube. It's a completely different design. And, yes, a CMC641 supercardioid with proper wind cutter does a fine job outside. BTW, an interference tube shotgun mic can be a poor choice outside if there's enough ambient to the side. The polar pattern of shotguns is sharp for HF, but a lot wider at mids and lows. You'll hear them on a "car-by" at 90 degrees.
  9. Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    WHAT! You disabled the ceiling mount feature!?!?!?!? ::joke:: Ty Ford
  10. Interesting Observation

    I'm a relative latecomer to this specific arena. My early acquisitions were Astatic, Lafayette and Radio Shack and a Shure M67 mixer manufactured before the conventions of male XLR output, female XLR input. I still have the beyerdynamic M101 omnis and the M160 ribbon. About six years ago, I scored a free full track Nagra (and external power supply) for my equipment museum. It was headed for the dumpster at an unnamed network in Washington, D. C.. Not two months later, I had a friend call with a quarter inch master of two songs that were the A and B sides of a local 45 rpm record. The box was marked Full Track Mono. The transfer to Pro Tools was glorious. The mix, done at Rodel (probably by Nelson Funk) was great. My friend was happy to get an emailed mp3. The SV255 Panasonic portable DAT never got as much use as I planned, but I still have two highly functional Panasonic SV-3900 and a hardwired remote control. Occasionally someone calls with DATS and off we go. I also have a functional 8-Track player; probably my most arcane bit of kit, but I am surprised that I still hear from people from time to time. et cetera......
  11. Alteros Wireless (a new branch of Audio Technica)

    AT has a tendency to lay back and seldom seeks the cutting edge, but when they do, it's pretty remarkable. Their AT5040 studio mic is one example. Here's my review of it. https://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2013/08/audio-technica-at5040-quad-diaphragm.html?m=1 Regards, Ty Ford
  12. Jeff Wexler was talking the other day about how Peter O'Toole's voice could be heard at a whisper a block away. I was diving into old movies last night and watched part of the first Pink Panther film and then Alice B. Toklas - It was a Peter Sellers night. Via streaming over a Chromecast, I found the first film moderately unintelligible and about half of Alice B. Toklas the same. Some actors popped out a bit but half were in the mud. Too much in the 100-300Hz range, if I were to guess. Do you think that was a bad transfer somewhere up the line? We were also discussing Jim Cavizel's whispery dialog on "Person of Interest" and how difficult it must be to catch his voice. Jan McLaughlin said Noah Timan did the work on that show and it won him an Emmy nomination. I don't know if you've ever watched the show, but it's a miracle how much separation he gets given how quietly Cavizel speaks. Noah, if you're around, can you tell us how you do that? Regards, Ty Ford
  13. Rupert Neve - Sound on Sound Interview

    Many designers could learn something from Mr. Neve.
  14. Alteros Wireless (a new branch of Audio Technica)

    that's what they said about VHF wireless.
  15. Alteros Wireless (a new branch of Audio Technica)

    Did it say no walls or corners?