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    My mother bought me my first tape recorder when I was nine. I spent 17 in major market radio, handling the writing, voicing and production of hundreds if not thousands of commercials and promo announcements. I also began producing local bands.

    In 1986, I left broadcasting to pursue writing, audio production and talent work. I also began writing articles for magazines and web sites. I am currently a forum leader for the Creative Cow Audio Forum.

    As a guitar player, music production has always been a part of my life. In 2000, I began to attract the attention of local singer/songwriters. Helping them create their music has been a very rewarding part of my life. I mix live sound and work as a location audio recorder and mixer for film and video shoots. More information about my location audio work can be found here.

    I began shooting and editing video in 2005. I’ve written two books; “Advanced Audio Production Techniques” and “Ty Ford’s Audio Bootcamp Field Guide.” Info on my field guide can be found here. Another book is in the works.

    I re-wrote the NAB’s handbook on radio commercial copywriting and have twice updated the microphone chapter in the weighty NAB Engineering Handbook.

    Google “Ty Ford”...Audio...Talent and you’ll find more than you want to know. Also try www.tyford.com.

    Following a brain stem stroke in 2007, which passed though with no damage, I took a course in Chakra Balancing. In early 2009, I became a certified Chakra Balancer and Subtle Energy Therapist. More about that here. I also have a Facebook page for this practice.

    I am never bored. :)
  1. Hi, I have a client who's a PC user and whatever he was using to record his SKYPE calls in split track wav files doesn't work anymore. DO you know of a PC software that does split track recording, records wav files and works with SKYPE? Thanks, Ty
  2. Depending on the specific environment and direction of off-axis sound sources, there might be a slight loss in HF response. See what happens over time. Regards, Ty Ford
  3. as I said elsewhere, no rf phantom, noisier than a 416. Outside maybe. Quiet inside dialog, no. Regards, Ty Ford
  4. I was referring to real life. The difference between 50 mW and 250 mW is not even close to 5 times. Add directional antenna arrays and you get additional distance.
  5. I think power (25, 50, 100mW, etc) is more about density (coverage) within an area than distance.
  6. I never owned an 1800. I get stuff to review and typically send it back after the review, otherwise my storage area would be bursting at the seams. I do have friends with them and they seem to like them. The System 10 is simpler to operate. If you need the 1800 features, then go that way. Regards, Ty
  7. I have two Audio-Technica System 10 with B6 lavs. They run in the 2.4 GHz band. I think they sound pretty nice. http://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2015/01/audio-technica-system-10-update-more.html Regards, Ty Ford
  8. great intel! Thanks!
  9. Eric Toline has doen this for me several times. "The link" is a 6 inch or less "shorty" that plugs onto the end of the lab and then into the G2/3. Ty Ford
  10. I've always considered the ME66 as "student grade" mics, along with the NTG1 and NTG 2. The NTG-3 is wider in pattern than the MKH416, but sounds good. But I agree, your next step should be a DPA 4017, Schoeps CMIT, Sennheiser 4060. Or maybe a DPA 4018 or Schoeps CMC641. Then you'll start hearing a difference on every piece of work you do.
  11. As a Mac user and S5 owner, it took me a bit to learn the secret handshake necessary to transfer files from the S5 to the Mac. I have to do that each time I want to start a transfer session. Just one more thing to remember. It's be nice if it was plug and play.
  12. Yeah, bad cable with occasional problems due to whatever would be my guess.
  13. Hmm. this is actually turning into a rate discussion. Interesting. It's water over the dam, but were there similar concerns when smart slates and comteks were forced down the throats of the sound department?