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    My mother bought me my first tape recorder when I was nine. I spent 17 in major market radio, handling the writing, voicing and production of hundreds if not thousands of commercials and promo announcements. I also began producing local bands.<br />
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    In 1986, I left broadcasting to pursue writing, audio production and talent work. I also began writing articles for magazines and web sites. I am currently a forum leader for the Creative Cow Audio Forum.<br />
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    As a guitar player, music production has always been a part of my life. In 2000, I began to attract the attention of local singer/songwriters. Helping them create their music has been a very rewarding part of my life. I mix live sound and work as a location audio recorder and mixer for film and video shoots. More information about my location audio work can be found here. <br />
    <br />
    I began shooting and editing video in 2005. I’ve written two books; “Advanced Audio Production Techniques” and “Ty Ford’s Audio Bootcamp Field Guide.” Info on my field guide can be found here. Another book is in the works.<br />
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    I re-wrote the NAB’s handbook on radio commercial copywriting and have twice updated the microphone chapter in the weighty NAB Engineering Handbook.<br />
    <br />
    Google “Ty Ford”...Audio...Talent and you’ll find more than you want to know. Also try www.tyford.com.<br />
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    Following a brain stem stroke in 2007, which passed though with no damage, I took a course in Chakra Balancing. In early 2009, I became a certified Chakra Balancer and Subtle Energy Therapist. More about that here. I also have a Facebook page for this practice. <br />
    <br />
    I am never bored. :)
  1. Alteros Wireless (a new branch of Audio Technica)

    AT has a tendency to lay back and seldom seeks the cutting edge, but when they do, it's pretty remarkable. Their AT5040 studio mic is one example. Here's my review of it. https://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2013/08/audio-technica-at5040-quad-diaphragm.html?m=1 Regards, Ty Ford
  2. Jeff Wexler was talking the other day about how Peter O'Toole's voice could be heard at a whisper a block away. I was diving into old movies last night and watched part of the first Pink Panther film and then Alice B. Toklas - It was a Peter Sellers night. Via streaming over a Chromecast, I found the first film moderately unintelligible and about half of Alice B. Toklas the same. Some actors popped out a bit but half were in the mud. Too much in the 100-300Hz range, if I were to guess. Do you think that was a bad transfer somewhere up the line? We were also discussing Jim Cavizel's whispery dialog on "Person of Interest" and how difficult it must be to catch his voice. Jan McLaughlin said Noah Timan did the work on that show and it won him an Emmy nomination. I don't know if you've ever watched the show, but it's a miracle how much separation he gets given how quietly Cavizel speaks. Noah, if you're around, can you tell us how you do that? Regards, Ty Ford
  3. Rupert Neve - Sound on Sound Interview

    Many designers could learn something from Mr. Neve.
  4. Alteros Wireless (a new branch of Audio Technica)

    that's what they said about VHF wireless.
  5. Alteros Wireless (a new branch of Audio Technica)

    Did it say no walls or corners?
  6. Don't have a clue what this will mean yet, but heads up. http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/news/94346acf8514d8fb/index.html Regards, Ty Ford
  7. Anyone have any experience with this?
  8. Rode NTG4+ mic

    Yes. https://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2015/04/rode-ntg4-and-ntg4-shotgun-microphones.html
  9. on-camera hypercarioid X/Y to reject op's noises?

    You have answered yourself, young Skywalker. Post. where even sounds recorded in stereo can be folded down to mono. Where discrete sound effects can be panned to the center. Smile and know that you know more than you know.
  10. Farewell innovation?

    None of our business......slow news day?
  11. http://www.alteros.tech/0484_0001_01_AlterosGTX.pdf Hmmmm
  12. Hi, Amidst the chatter and clatter of what to do when the door closes on the 600MHz band. Here's a reasoned response. Now for all of you still using 700 MHz.......well........you know. http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/site/16505e589e0be6c8/index.html Everyone's situation may be different. How do you see this situation and what's your strategy? Regards, Ty Ford
  13. SD 633 MP3 recording Sounds lousy

    It's weird. The above are on target. In a simple universe, transcoding mp3 file to wav files don't get you any advantage.
  14. Sony C-800G studio tube mic

    what he said...
  15. new microphone

    Thanks, mr soundtrane. (Vinod) Interesting. 19 capsules......on separate tracks via USB to software? Well the Behringer X air live sound mixing system sends out 16 tracks via USB. I'd probably prefer the audio coming into Pro Tools, but could be persuaded otherwise. So these 19 capsules mounted on a ball; are they cardioid? They'd have to be to be directional enough to do what they claim. I've made some good Blumlein recordings - crossed figure of eights. Here's one. Maybe for surround ambience......prolly not for dialog. Yeah, I guess in the "Brother Where Art Thou" world of everyone standing around one side of a mic for one track, this makes sense. I'll reach out. Wonder if I can get one with all Schoeps capsules....