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  1. thanks google :-) I'm based in Belgium, so I love to have a 'European' solution :-)
  2. did you hide some receivers or do you have 3 spare TRX's? :-)
  3. I would love to have a multicable with one USB connection and 2 or 3 audio channels. What kind of cable can I use? Would a (individually) shielded multicore/multipair fit my needs?
  4. Thanks a lot!
  5. Anyone experience with Canford cables?
  6. I'm looking for a 7 core microphone cable for my Sanken CMS7. Any suggestions?
  7. if erx is hooked up to an input set to mic + phantom, you damage your erx-output (it did happen to me). Better safe than sorry... Of course I can make another unbalanced cable, then I can workaround the phantom problem...
  8. thanks man!
  9. I had my erx3tcd serviced, the antennaboard is replaced, does this imply it is 'protected' to phantom power? I also have a erx1, I want to make a cable with a build in protection, where do I put the capacitor?
  10. Thanks! I couldn't find the adaptor with a 3.5mm connector in time, so I have one with an earpiece. But I will get there ;-)
  11. This weekend I need to record two walkie talkies (Motorola MTP850 s), I managed to get two earpieces (Eukay EU-B0101S-M7) that I'd like to use for a direct input to my recorder. Any ideas how to do this safely?
  12. Good point! I try to find another solution...
  13. Two years ago I build my own cart, based on a flightcase. I'm planning an upgrade: I want to install new big wheels and therefore I need new handles so I can carry it as a handtruck. The back of my cart has a rack profile where I would like to put these handles. Does anyone know where I can find handles - like the handles of a magliner - that fit a standard rack profile?
  14. As it needs to be a versatile set, I think I will write some manuals :-) Thanks everyone!
  15. Well, I'm of two minds in this, as I'm not gonna use it, I thought it might be easier if the 744 works just as a recorder and TC and therefore be post fader. As most probably only two transmitters will be used, I might consider left (boom)/right (wireless) out to 1/2 and 2 wireless direct out to 3/4.