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  1. Change is inevitable

    The only constant in life is change. Congrats Eric. I know your fastidious attention to detail will carry through with your business.
  2. Ambient or Denecke for Lockit?

    If you're willing to go the Ambient Masterlockit route, the 204 with wireless jam, remote battery monitoring, etc. is a great feature set. I own 2 and they've come in very handy on Marvel shoots where you need word sync.
  3. Sonosax SX-R4+

  4. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Any updates on the control surface? I've seen pictures, but can't seem to find any info on release dates. Also, how is the slate mic? Where is it located? Can an external slate mic be used?
  5. A good mic for Screaming and yelling?

    I always use my trusty MKH-50 with the 10dB pad engaged. Works like a charm.
  6. Sennheisers MKH816TF

    Thanks David! What's the difference between 815 and 816?
  7. Sprint drops out of 600 MHz auction

    Incorrect on a few counts. Electromagnetic radiation occurs at many different frequencies throughout the spectrum in nature, from infrared to ultraviolet. Pulsar stars have been known to emit energy in the band we use for wireless audio transmission. Secondly, Block 27, 698 mhz is the top of the legal limit in the United States.
  8. WTH??? Lectro SMQV M???

  9. Petition for A Sound device CL12

    I imagine software assignment of the trim pots to the existing hardware could be implemented in a future firmware update. I for one would miss having individual trim control.
  10. iPad stand ?

    I use one from www.ram-mount.com They make one for nearly every device around.
  11. Opinions on Sony digital wireless

    Still limited to 50 mW. Range is my only concern.
  12. Ambient Master Lockit & Zaxnet anyone?

    I am not familiar with zaxnet, but ACN has 24 wifi channels to choose from. Expect you would be able to coordinate frequencies.
  13. Ambient ACN-LS users?

    Not true. They have an internal battery which holds TC for at least 10 minutes. Rado, you must have been on the wrong battery chemistry in the SYS menu setting. Also, their battery telemetry is extremely accurate. I monitor all the slates and lockits via the Tonmeister App connected to my Master Lockit. You can choose the battery chemistry (Alkaline, Lithium, or NiMH) and all are amazingly precise. The slates stay on for about 10-20 minutes past the 0% indicator, which I find very helpful. Full use of the battery scale makes the entire scale more accurate and meaningful. I can only imagine having slates that are exactly frame accurate all day, from start to finish, is a huge asset to our telecine (Dailies) technicians. So far the feedback is "It works!". As Eric stated, NiMH rechargeables easily last a long day. After 14 hours, the slates typically indicate 30% charge or better. Last few days in the Georgian summer heat, the NiMH have reported better than advertised voltage. The slates therefore indicate Ext Power or periodically fluctuate 40% up or down. I blame the heat index of 112, and an uncharacteristically high voltage from the cells. And the display rotating to the correct orientation when they hit tailsticks is super cool.
  14. Ambient ACN-LS users?

    I've been using them a couple weeks now. Love them. Four AA nimh solidly last a 14 plus hour day. Haven't tried to get two days out of them, but probably would not last. When used with the Master Lockit, they are continuously jammed throughout the day. They get painfully bright. Haven't needed more than 60% brightness. Bud
  15. Electronic sound reports

    I use Wave Agent and save a copy onto the media at wrap. All the metadata has already been entered onto the files through the recorder, and I don't need access to the internet at wrap. Then the dailies crew sends out an email to whomever wants it. I figure they'll always have access to the internet. Bud.