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  1. This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Stephen Cabana just bought Foldup 126. Still amazes me how many work-flow setups people do on this cart, Stephens shown me another. Oh and that's boom op CJ sitting at the cart, reading a script...
  2. RastOrder RMC Cart

    RastOrder News... The RMC cart is returning. It will largely be a title for variants, i.e. bottom module variant 1 & top module variant 3 etc. This seems to me a way to take on some personal design work flows for people. Please understand I am not really interested in re-inventing the wheel, or completely designing your workflow to suit some imaginary cart. There are plenty of good cart designs for sale out there. If you don't want one of mine. Or you can build one yourself. Below is a modified SU cart I built for a Video Assist operator. I call it RMC variant Bottom mod1/top mod 1... Thank you for your interest.
  3. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    This is another example of slates used. I ran this one for a year on a current affairs program. We travelled extensively worldwide. (A bit like 60 minutes) This shot was taken somewhere in Los Angeles. Probably 70% of work was interviews, so I never had the Nagra hanging on my shoulder that often Slate was a bit heavy, however you can see I am not loaded down with radio mics & other stuff, just 10 D cells inside the Nagra 4.2. I never used it for documentary style shooting. Don't even remember where I bought it.
  4. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    While I am at it here is an add for the "electronic" slate I used a lot then. It flashed the number and a light above the number and fed a burst of corresponding tone to the Nagra (or it activated the Nagra tone) simultaneously. Pity I threw it out!!! I also often used a single hand slate, particularly in remote unfriendly environments.
  5. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Here are some pictures of my IS Nagra, with its cover. I used this Nagra as my main & my backup machine for many years. A bit like how I felt on the day. It never gave me any trouble. I bought it second hand and it had already had a working life, probably just ran it in. It did not come with a cover so after a bit of deliberation I took it to a local canvas sewer. She worked out this simple solution. Rachel, this might give you some ideas. In those days I guess we were never loaded up that much with extra equipment, particularly in my main field of documentary. So the cover usually carried my small slate, a pen & notepad (for sound sheets). It could also carry 2 radio mic receivers, which was max that I used then. Hanging about with my IS Nagra
  6. Rastorder Mb (Mixer bag) cart

    Ben Osmo & his Mb cart
  7. Rastorder Mb (Mixer bag) cart

    August 2017 We have just revised the pricing of our Mixer Bag cart - see RastOrder.com.au. Rob
  8. RastOrder Cart: SU-01V

    Below is from Jo Manly (Antiques Roadshow, UK), giving me the biz on his SU cart. Hello Rob. No, the wheels have not fallen off despite me loading it up with an unbelievable amount of equipment. I am very impressed. After all our correspondence about the desk shelf I can confirm that it does accommodate a Yamaha DM1000. Although it fitted perfectly (raising the back up a few mm) I was worried about the weight on the shelf runners but they have been fine. In the attached photo you can see from top down. Dual monitors JoeCo multitrack Desk metre bridge. Yamaha DM 1000 IEM tranmitter. 3 Sennheiser dual radio mic receivers 2 Tait radio base station transceivers UPS which is basically a car battery in a 1U space Drawer of bits. It takes two to lift it and even then it is a struggle but wheeling it around it handles beautifully.
  9. Rastorder Foldup cart COVER

    July 2017 - Revised pricing for Foldup covers. See rastorder.com.au
  10. RastOrder Cart: SU-01V

    Hi Jeff - I randomly buy different tyres for SU - trying to keep in the size of 20" by 2.3" or 2.4". The SU needs a fatter tyre, because of its size & the weight it usually carries. This one is a Fiction Troop BMX tyre - limited Edition Urban Camo. I try to give these ones to the younger folks... Rob
  11. RastOrder Cart: SU-01V

    Chan Cheuk Hang Degas - on location with his SU cart, Hong Kong. Degas Chan's SU cart - Hong Kong.
  12. Cheapo boom pole

    Mike where did you find this picture? I really admire people like these. Rob Stalder So much Ying and Yang in this discussion. This is an elephant in the room discussion. Ying - David that link to the 3 legged post so impressed me. You always have a way of shining light through the forest canopy, in such a polite way. Yang - Aginzo, from my POV you may bat for the other team. But I am so impressed with the refreshing way you put your debate, I would like to offer you a 20% discount off any cart of mine you would like to buy. Email me if you might be interested. Disclaimer - I do buy some Chinese, Taiwanese, Indonesian & South Korean parts... Rob
  13. Video Chat with Jan

    Really nice conversation. Thank you both for sharing this.
  14. Horizontal Real Estate

  15. Back in the day

    Back in the day (when we hadn't actually heard of "Occupational health & Safety standards" and when we only had one track. Well. I saw this car up for sale recently & realised I had done a full on lap of Mt Panarama at Bathurst in it. Don't let its comely car next door looks fool you, it was a fire breathing monster. Below is from my "Who I am today" One excellent occasion was at Bathurst car races where channel 7 was entering an SL/R5000A9X Torana, we went up to do a bit of a promo story. There was a seat for LG, I had to sit on the floor under the roll cage. I had a hard wired tram just inside the driver’s helmet & a dynamic mic for FX - mixed to mono of course, on my Stellavox. Off we went for a very fast practice lap, I only looked at the speedo once, going up the mountain we were doing 90 mph. Then we followed it around in the 7 helicopter with the doors off, LG sitting sideways on the rear seat, hand holding the ACL. I loosened my belt & leaned over him with my 816 just inside the slipstream. You could so hear that V8 storming across the mountain, along with the occasional fx of the rotors snipping leaves & twigs as we slid in & out amongst the trees. This is its for sale info; The Holden Torana A9X that Bob Morris drove to the 1979 Australian Touring Car Championship is set to be auctioned in Sydney. Offered by Mossgreen auctions, the ex-Morris A9X has the potential to be the first Australian muscle car to sell for more than $1 million at auction, with a guiding range between $850,000 - $1,050,000. Morris's 1979 ATCC win was particularly special as it came at the expense of Peter Brock and the mighty Holden Dealer Team, who were at the height of their powers at the time. Morris scored four round wins to Brock's three, giving him the title by seven points. The car also placed second in the 1978 ATCC behind Brock and lined up on the front row of the 1979 Bathurst 1000 before DNFing on lap 95. Morris took victory at Calder Park in 1978 as well as landing podiums at Symmons Plains, Oran Park, Sandown and Lakeside. He added to this tally in his 1979 title season with victory at Oran Park, Sandown, Lakeside and Adelaide International Raceway and a further podium at Calder Park. Purchased by its current owner, Peter Briggs, in 1979, the car was retired from competition in September 1980 and was placed in the York Motor Museum, where it has remained bar a stint at the Fremantle Motor Museum. The car remains in its 1979 livery and is completely original, presented in the condition it was last raced. This is no pristine show car, it bears the scars of a life lived on the racetrack. Mossgreen's auction of rare collector cars takes place of May 28 at Carriageworks in Sydney. Ah those good old days... Sometimes I miss them.