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  1. ***I'm back*** RastOrder SU cart.
  2. As others have said; Recorder in bag for you to record on. 1 or 2 radio mics in case you need them. I'd just have 1. Boom pole & say Sanken CS3 that has excellent rejection & huge reach. Remember you can get to anybody quickly with a boom pole, totally flexible. Wireless audio hop to camera, not cable. Directional mic on camera, to 1 channel - on auto. All of you to have ID of some sorts & 3rd person to run interference with officials. Look there will be so many crews there just be out & proud, don't hide, you will blend in with the rest of the media - n law against it. And you probably don't want to be where the rest of the media is anyway. Have adapter leads for radio to hook into PA if opportunity arises.. I have used a Comtek for this many times, just plugged it in & walked away. My experience is to be independent of camera, there are always wonderful sound grabs to be had as extra. Often you can capture 2 handed confrontations with your boom & the camera mic. Make sure you ID them on the tracks & maybe even write them down in a notebook. Sounds old fashioned, but you could do a small handheld slate (end) for ID purposes. Sounds fun, have a good time. RS
  3. I used a foam on my CS3 inside a Rycote zep for many years. Had a 416 in another - same, same. Never noticed any colouration, or lessening of wind related distortion effectiveness. Sure was easy to get off for indoors. Just take zep end cap off, undo 2 cap screws & slide mic out. Had cut out foam at mid point to enable front cradle mount. RS
  4. That's good Mirror, now I know where I stand...
  5. The narrow/wider pattern - I forgot about that. On the MS5 you could dial up the width of the pattern on the exterior of the mic. Did some nice pieces to camera that way.
  6. Another mic setup you could consider is a good quality MS stereo mic. I used a Sony ECM-MS5 for stereo ambiences for doccos way back when 2 track recording first came in. I experimented with a few scenarios, some similar to what you intend and had some good results. The centre capsule style was about a hyper cardioid, so gave good independent quality at a reasonable range. You would not have to worry too much about orientation without picture. You would (should) get a finished product on site. I think a good MS encoded signal can be unencoded if need be later. I may be wrong about that, its been a while. Maybe others could help you explore this scenario.
  7. RastOrder Closed for Summer Holidays – 2nd December 2016 to 2nd January 2017
  8. The G10 outside the future site of the new RastOrder Factory...
  9. Maybe this is a good time for me to share my van experience - mainly for Australians. I have had my LDV-G10 for almost a year now - almost 20,000 kilometres. It was a leap of faith at the time - Made by Shanghai Automotive and Industrial Corporation. This van is brought into Australia by the same people who originally brought in Hyundai. So I was looking for a van to replace my old Camry V6 petrol wagon. I paid AU$30,000 on road. Renault van was about AU$35000 & only available in manual. Merc Vito, Ford Transit & Volkswagon were well above AU$40000 & VW was seriously boring. A second hand Hiundai I-Load with 50000 k on the clock was abt AU$34000. The Toyota Hiace was AU$35000++ & who wants to drive around sitting on the motor, drivetrain & wheels with your legs dangling down in front of them. So I took the leap of faith. Its everything I hoped it would be & everything they say it is. 2 Litre turbo petrol, purrs like a kitten, no harsh noise on mine when I put the foot down, but I have done mostly long distance k's to run it in. Fuel consumption is better than the Camry (in over drive) and I have to say it can match it for power. Van with load of 750kg, towing trailer with 750kg, no problem, you wouldn't even know the trailer was there. There are comments about heat from the fire wall. I had that, but it went away about 5000k. I would suggest any Aussie soundo after a van - go look at it. Here is a road test link. I did a little country road trip a while back in my cousins Peugeot 308 - 2 litre turbo diesel, auto. Now that's a car I would love to own... Rob
  10. I didn't realise you could pull the box out, fold the cart and move on - that's lateral application of the foldup...
  11. Nevo. I never get tired of seeing what people do with my carts. I can see the logic of your work, I'm impressed. (I love the monitor brackets) Thank you for sharing on this page in particular. Best wishes, Rob
  12. I have often been asked how to attach an antenna pole to the side of a Foldup cart. The short answer is by a clamp of some sorts. There is really no place for holders (like Toolflex). As yo will see from the pictures, One position works, at the rear/bottom 2 shelves. But its really too far down. The front position gets in the way of the folding mechanism. However if you don't want to fold it - it's another story.
  13. Aluminium rack drawers in bottom of Foldup - not me - Eric from Singapore - nicely done Eric. He attached rack rails to the front uprights and inserted the drawer units. I think he also supported them from the backl.
  14. Man at work... Tully - Israel.
  15. Well the fat whoever hasn't sung yet, but we are open again. Its been a long road. Have stock of Foldups & Mb carts. Still working on VK & SU - been a bit of a hiccup translating specifications to the manufacturing company, no doubt you've all had this problem. Its just that I had hoped that by dealing with me I could make your path to cart ownership a little simpler. Best, Rob Stalder