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  1. Old Sound Mixers don't fade away, they just need somewhere to rest their mixer bags.

    Me too. Happy birthday JW.
  3. This could be me & my foldup cart...

    CJ's doing it with the SKB sliding shelf. Works for me (and obviously for him).
  4. Boom operators - Cool photos

    Found this the other day. 1968 Channel 7 Sydney Australia - "The Mavis Bramston Show" - to air live. Rob Stalder on Boom, Michael Brown on dolly.
  5. DD cart

    Me too... Its not rack mount width. Its a little itsy bitsy Muppet of a cart. Its not trying to be all things to all people. I think the external tray width is 400mm. I think rack width is about 495mm. Now Mirror it needs a bit of lateral thinking here and I know you are capable of it. Most rack mount products could sit on the shelf and hang off the side... So if you want a rack mount cart I make several.
  6. DD cart

    My first overseas shipment was FedEx AWB 8406 5847 1023 on 28th July 2003 to Mr Dave Diamond (DD) in Los Angeles USA. It was a big call for Mr Diamond to buy a sound cart (SU) from someone a world away, sight unseen and money up front. I have named my new cart after Dave Diamond. The DD cart
  7. DD cart

    DD cart page up on my website RastOrder.com.au - go to products page, link in top right corner.
  8. Snap On Rack Panels

    Nice. Great way to close off openings to protect from elements & present a neat & light appearance.
  9. DD cart

    The DD cart is available now. I still haven't made a page for it on my website, so if you are interested, please email me. Rob
  10. Freight rates & other things

  11. Hi all - this is the page i will post abstract information abt Rastorder P/l & our products/goings on etc... Periodically i will delete posts that are no longer relevent. Rob Stalder Rastorder Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia
  12. DD cart

    Derek, you've got it. No specific catering for mounts of any kind - tried to keep costs down. However there are a plethora of solutions out there... There are attachment points for 4 x boom/antenna poles. Re folding - There are 2 bolts for each shelf. One could be taken out & some pivoting of the shelf would occur - but this was not intentional. Personally if you look at the dimensions of the cart, it doesn't take up much space, particularly with the wheels off. And they really do come off with the push of a button. The Mb adopts the same principal. When you take the wheels off, it can be packed in a vehicle like a medium/large pelican case. Rob
  13. DD cart

    The 3 Amigos - The Foldup, The DD cart & the Mb cart...
  14. DD cart

    This cart will be on my website and available in about 2 weeks. Some information; Overall ht ground to top 1 mtr 5 mm. (39 1/2") Ext wheel width 600mm (23 3/4") Ext frame width 460mm (18") Int frame width 410mm (16") Ext shelf width 400mm (15 3/4") Int shelf width 395mm (15 1/2") Consists of 2 x side frames connected at rear by 2 x rear frames - bolted. Side frames have multiple holes in them, giving some flexibility in shelf placement. Top shelf 400mmW x 320mmD - open front - 15 3/4" x 12 1/2" Middle shelf 400mmW x 400mmD - open front - 15 3/4" x 15 3/4" Bottom shelf 400mmW x 400mm D - 4 sided lip with castors attached - 15 3/4" x 15 3/4" Wheels 12 inch tubed tyre - push button quick release - attaches to side frames. Accessories not included. AU$1000.00 Plus GST for Australian buyers
  15. RIP - Chinhda Khommarath

    I too am saddened by this news. He was a man of vision and had an enviable attention to detail.
  16. Freight rates & other things

    RastOrder cart prices have been revised for 2018, downwards - yes that's what I said... I hope it makes them a little more affordable. See individual cart specification pages for prices. Also a little spoiler alert. We will be releasing a new cart in a few weeks. Best, Rob
  17. This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Hello Nate. What you have done is brilliant, I can see your lateral mind working overtime. Thank you for posting those pics. not just for others to see, but for me too. I am very impressed. Re the lucky dice valve caps, I try to include one of these and one of these on (most) of my carts, because I can. Best, Rob
  18. New audiophile (?) portable reel-to-reel recorder coming?

    Oh Lordy. Its so beautiful I don't think I would care whether it was better or worse than whatever. Mind you I am probably still back in the 80's...
  19. RastOrder RMC Cart

    RMC 6 is a bit of a departure from my normal setups. Just experimenting here. Still kept the 2 modules - lets call it - Variant BM2/TM2. Went for these 7 inch castors on the front. They don't have brakes so I added some wheelchair brakes on the 20 inch wheels. Top module has no sliding shelves, just 2 fixed shelves bolted together. I have added a second rack strip about 200mm in to allow for stepped setups & monitors out of sunlight. On the rear I have added upside down handles with Rotocastor Omni directional castors. https://www.rotacaster.com.au/ I prefer side handles as they keep the rear free for attaching anything. Much the same as I always avoid having a full length wheel axle in the bottom, wasting space. The handles are well attached.
  20. RastOrder RMC Cart

    RastOrder News... The RMC cart is returning. It will largely be a title for variants, i.e. bottom module variant 1 & top module variant 3 etc. This seems to me a way to take on some personal design work flows for people. Please understand I am not really interested in re-inventing the wheel, or completely designing your workflow to suit some imaginary cart. There are plenty of good cart designs for sale out there. If you don't want one of mine. Or you can build one yourself. Below is a modified SU cart I built for a Video Assist operator. I call it RMC variant Bottom mod1/top mod 1... Thank you for your interest.
  21. Freight rates & other things

    RastOrder is having a half price freight discount promotion for December 2017 & January 2018. We will be open through the Australian Christmas holiday period. (Maybe a week off between 25th and 30th Dec 2017)
  22. This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Thank you Nate, I would like to see what you did. I try to please everybody, but its impossible... So I like to see how my carts are adapted by users.
  23. This could be me & my foldup cart...

    These dual monitor brackets for the foldup seem to be breeding. Everyone's making them except me... Pete has just come up with another fine solution. Nice one.
  24. This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Thanks Kristian. Seems your not so bad at making things either.
  25. This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Hi Derek. The rear upright bars are 25 x 25 mm square tube with 3mm wall thickness. The socket on the top removable half shelf also has 3mm wall thickness and is strongly welded. You would need to be conservative in the amount of weight you put on it. I think the thing to watch is that excessive weight might bend the rear upright outwards. Thereby making the uprights too wide to fit the top half shelf back on. If you get my drift. In which case you might have to bend it back - either using the said top half shelf or a rubber hammer (lightly). Rob