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    Sony UWP Wireless System

  2. Indeed I am. Look , I realized a while ago I won't change your mind. I just hoped you would crack it open, at least a bit… No such luck. When I was a teenager I read von Danicken's books and was all over the Bermuda Triangle, etc. It's all fascinating stuff, but, ultimately… it's all bullshit. I'm sorry you can't see it. I'll just say this (and, please, don't bother replying. I won't visit this thread again): if aliens visited the Earth, I can GUARANTEE we would all find out RIGHT QUICK. Just give it the common sense test. Peace, BK
  3. Blas Kisic

    iOS app for controlling your venue?

    Hi there. I'm currently using Wireless Designer on my MacBook Pro, and am interested in this iOS app. Please contact me at your convenience, as I would be willing to be a beta tester, if you still need one. Regards, BK
  4. fieldmixer, you're giving the US government too much credit with secrecy and other aspects. I know it's kinda comforting to think you're above us all and are aware of these momentous revelations, but there are quite a few people who are far smarter than you and me, who understand that the Rosswell incident is much ado about nothing. Yes, I've read a lot about this and other incidents, and found that the common sense explanation that makes sense is simply that there are many ingorant people out there who came up with outlandish stories. Do you also think that 9/11 was an inside job? That no planes crashed into the buildings? Point me to any historical event (JFK's assasination comes to mind) and I'm sure we'll find a bunch of inconsistencies and unexplained tidbits. People are horrible witnesses. I've seen it in court and I've seen it in my own life. We misremember (sometimes inexplicably badly,) our prejudices color our recollection, we change our story, etc. These are the facts. Before becoming a mixer I worked as a court interpreter, and I can tell you - it's shocking. Now we're talking about events that happened decades ago. You expect witnesses to keep their stories straight, especially if they're bullshit? Good luck. Please accept the fact that there's been no UFOs in NM, or alien abductions, and move on with your life. Thanks, BK
  5. Blas Kisic

    Seahawks All Access is back!

    PM'd you yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Against my better judgement, I will pipe in briefly to add a tiny dose of reason and common sense: Dear fieldmixer: have you ever tried to make a group of, say, a dozen people keep a secret? Now, imagine if the secret was momentous - like, I don't know, something that would change the way we see our world. Now, imagine we're not talking about a dozen people, but a couple hundred. Do this excercise, but without thinking about UFOs or Greer or any of us. Do the excercise as a logical experiment. You know, like a scientist. I am fairly certain there are other cultures out in the universe, but I am also fairly certain that, if they find the way to the Earth, we would all find out PRETTY QUICKLY. And, by the way, the fact that flat earthers were mentioned on this thread, hence comparing them with Greer and UFO abduction conspiracy "whistleblowers" should tell you something… Cheers, BK
  7. Blas Kisic

    FCC License

    I filled it out on a Mac, some three years ago, and it was very arcane and cumbersome, but I was able to do it. IIRC, I ended using Firefox, which isn't the browser I normally use. Cheers, BK
  8. Blas Kisic

    slow mo playback for music video

    If you're in Pro Tools, there's a way to use, yes, math - let's say regular speed is 24fps and they want 35 fps. All you had to do is figure out by what percentage 35 is higher than 24, then apply that percentage to stretch the track. HTH, BK
  9. Blas Kisic

    slow mo playback for music video

    Just two observations: -The music tracks should be summed to either left or right, and the other channel should contain the timecode signal -Do not pitch-correct the timecode signal in the short track Good luck, BK
  10. Blas Kisic

    Mackie 1620i and Boom Recorder

    Cedric, there's no reason why you shouldn't mix with the faders. Please check the manual again - you're probably missing a step somewhere. As far as connecting your F8, don't use the four aux outs. That's not what they're for. Use the 1/4" ports underneath the inserts. They're labeled as stereo pairs, but that doesn't matter. Good luck, BK Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks, Tom. I was all set to go, but I messed up my knee real bad the weekend before, and couldn't leave the house… Pretty bummed I couldn't make it. I know it's early days, but I'm curious whether it'd be possible to update current recorders and syncboxes to the new standard with a firmware update. Were there any manufacturers present? Cheers, BK
  12. Blas Kisic

    Looking for Oldest Sound Devices Product In Use

    Oh, boy… Thanks for point it out! BK <feeling sheepish…>
  13. Blas Kisic

    Funny, but not really

    Not sexual harassment, but possibly relevant: I was in the middle of what started as an OTF interview with an NBA celebrity at a signing table but became a walk'n'talk, and ended up in a tight room while outside were more fans waiting to get autographs. So this late 50s guy starts to butt in behind me and pushing my arm, messing up my boom. I tried to softly swat him away, but he kept going. I turned and whispered to him to please wait outside. It became a bit of a scuffle because he thought he'd miss the change to get his shit signed, though I explained that the player would come back out again. Anyway, it turns out that he was a bit "lit" (I could smell it on him) and wanted to make sure his family didn't miss on the signed posters. The DP told me later that at some point he actually heard me say "don't touch me!" because the guy kept pushing my arm… It seems that the location person saw everything from behind and, though he complained to her, she waved it off and told me I'm cool. Needless to say, I was quite upset, not only because he didn't let me do my job, but I spoke during the take. BK
  14. Blas Kisic

    Looking for Oldest Sound Devices Product In Use

    Congrats, Jon, and the rest of the company! I'm a big fan, and have owned most of your products at one point or another. All the best, BK
  15. Blas Kisic


    I just learned something new: Macassar ebony is a kind of wood from Indonesia (Diospyros celebica,) and its name comes from the main port on Sulawesi island. From what I can gather, Macassar _Oil_ is the product Jan is probably talking about. Now, whether it is actually the oil from the wood, or just borrowed the funky name, I guess Jan will have to confirm… Thanks, Jan!
  16. Blas Kisic

    What Car Do You Drive?

    José, that's actually in my immediate plans. I've researched all its competition (Nissan NV, Ford Transit, et al) and, at least from the specs point of view, it beats them all hands down. Just FYI, this car is actually a Fiat Dobló, sold throughout Europe. I was there this summer and they were everywhere. I'll be doing a test drive in the next couple of weeks, and probably purchase one before the end of the year. Currently I have a very capable V10 Ford F350, but it's a gas guzzler and, at 7' high, it can't get into some parking structures… Cheers, BK
  17. Blas Kisic

    SD 6 series & app knowledge in LA

    Robert, I have two 6-series mixers, and am fairly well-versed in their operation. I am, in fact, thinking of ordering the dongle so as to start playing with the software. Assuming they have them in stock at Trew, I should have one installed, and be familiar enough with the "Wingman," by the time you're back in town. In any case, I have found that Ryan Coomer at Trew is a good source of info on all things Sound Devices, and if you and I don't connect, he might be a good person to contact. Cheers, BK
  18. I have an aging Mackie Onyx 1620 in my cart, with a FW card, which connects to a MacBook Pro. It has served me well for a few years, but I'm having issues with a few mute and solo buttons. I've taken it in for service, but the issues persist. Chances are, it would cost close to what it's worth now ($450) to have those buttons repaired/replaced, so I'm looking for a board to replace it. I need 8-12 input channels, at least two submixes or aux outputs and talkback, as well as FW or USB connectivity for Boom Recorder. I've looked at and considered the following mixers: Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 AI Allen & Heath QU-16 Yamaha LS9-16 (not sure it has talkback, though) Soundcraft Si Expression Any thoughts, comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, BK
  19. Blas Kisic

    Alternative to Mackie Onyx mixer

    Got it. Yeah, I just feed TC from a Denecke SB3 into the last track: rock-solid timecode all day. BK
  20. Blas Kisic

    Alternative to Mackie Onyx mixer

    Phil, I don't use the clock when I record with Boom Recorder - I feed TC from a Denecke syncbox into one of the inputs. All the recording actually happens into my laptop. The mixer is just for routing. Unless I misunderstood your comment… BK
  21. Blas Kisic

    Alternative to Mackie Onyx mixer

    Thanks. Unfortunately, it weighs 36lb, which is 11lb more than the 1620i weighs - and I'm trying to go down in weight, if possible… BK Leaning toward the A&H at the moment… Will keep you all posted. Thanks for your comments, BK
  22. Blas Kisic

    mercedes benz metris cargo

    Richard, you may want to take a look at the Ram Promaster City Tradesman van. Its specs beat the Transit, as well as the Nissan NV200. I went to see one and came away truly impressed. I will be going for a test ride this weekend, and will probably be buying one within the next two months. I wasn't aware of the Metris - will take a look. But I'm sure it's more than the $25,000 I'm planning to spend on the Ram… HTH, BK
  23. Blas Kisic

    Mixers expectations for Booms etc

    This sounds petty and somewhat inconsequential, but most experienced mixers I know are somewhat OCD about how they keep the gear in the carts/drawers/cases, and have a particular way how they wrap the headphone cables, lav wires, etc. and like things done a certain way. You may feel those are not important things to keep in mind, but you'd be wrong. I know that I would probably not hire back a boom operator or utility person who didn't do those things. And the reason is, I want to find things the same way and in the same location the next time I need them - it saves me time and energy. BK
  24. Looking to hire a sound mixer fluent in Arabic and English for documentary project (NOT reality) in September-October. Most of the shoot involves international travel. Competitive rate. You can be based in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. Ideal gear would be: lightweight ENG bag (SD 633 os similar) with two wireless lav receivers, TC syncbox and mono wireless feed to camera. Still in the preproduction phase, don't have a budget or a schedule yet. Please send me your CV and list of gear at: blas-at-blaguecommunications-dot-com Thanks!