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  1. Hollandaudio

    Jeff Wexler gets a very unique honor

    road trip lol
  2. Hollandaudio

    behringer x32 dante

    Recently saw that Gotham is selling the x32, dante card, and pix 970
  3. Hollandaudio

    Movie Slate and Nomad Touch Integration

    As the title says is anyone have good success combining these two items? I see its possible but I would like to hear some user experiences
  4. Hollandaudio

    RIP Rudy Van Gelder

    Love me some Coltrane. RIP
  5. Hollandaudio

    RIP Dave Schneider

    seeing this late. condolences to his family
  6. Hollandaudio

    Very sad news today

  7. Hollandaudio

    I-pad arm

    I use this one http://www.thejoyfactory.com/product/mma209
  8. Hollandaudio

    RIP Prince Rogers Nelson

    gone too soon. Saw him Essence Fest 2014
  9. Hollandaudio

    Mega Deva hard drive fail

    THATS Whats UP!
  10. Hollandaudio

    Mega Deva hard drive fail

    sorry friend. Sounds like a corrupted hard drive. Another one to swap?
  11. Hollandaudio

    RIP - Haskell Wexler

    Sorry for your Loss. The craft, art, and business will feel his loss
  12. Hollandaudio

    Bag/cart hybrid.

    Good looking
  13. bee using this for more than a decade. First on windows and now on android