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  1. Very personal, I would try them out myself. I personally find the Osix perfect concerning rumble noise, the Rycote is extremely robust, especially since they have introduced the Lyra. Cinela is the Mercedes Benz, but it needs careful handling and a quiet boom operator hand. I would also try the Rode Blimp which is very cheap. It has enough space inside for an MS combination.
  2. that could have been it. Had that with Sennheiser 5000 and it resulted in a strong gating effect without a clue. Couldn't figure it out though. Let's hope those tenants won't get mad with this tone around all the time.
  3. NeverClip for mixing the sound of starting space shuttle?
  4. Maybe a noise in the room that is not really audible for human ears? Something very low <50Hz or very high >16kHz, perhaps created by an air condition or a device keeping small animals away? That may have strange effects on the HDX compander in your transmitters...
  5. They have no heart. You mustn't develop anything that looks like a 416 and has the same dimensions. Sound seems not as good as you would expect from a mike looking like this. But I find the elimination of rumbling noise impressive, with the Rycote Lyra.
  6. Interesting! JWSound is such a wonderful site to improve your sound knowledge! I experienced even phase issues between two analogue wireless transmissions of the same type, in the higher audio frequency range - older Sennheiser HiDyn stuff. With Lectro SMb and SRb it was from about 5 kHz. The higher the frequ, the more the issue. I splitted a signal to two transmitters, made a stereo recording and examined the results on Audition. Exception: Sony DWX/N wireless (the newer ones) are in phase until at least 15 kHz. I suppose that Zaxcom and Lectro D4 will also do good when multiple signals are transmitted on one carrier.
  7. I will :-) Been there only once, recording just dialogue and no music, so I can't really judge how good it sounds. I noticed a remarkable range of my wireless inside. Maybe that's because of that isolated construction. That building is in an RF crowded harbour area.
  8. New Concert Hall opened in my town, after ten years construction time and the cost of 800 million Euros which is about 11 times more than firstly calculated. The whole hall is based on 362 steel springs, like a boom mike. Best sound on every single of 2100 seats, planned by sound specialist Yasuhisa Toyota. Special surfaces on the walls create and eliminate wanted und unwanted sound reflections. There is a giant 15 meter reflector hanging from the ceiling, mechanically isolated from the hall. No seat is more than 30 meters away from the conductor. Seats are coated with special sound fabrics. Yasuhisa Toyota made a 10:1 model before construction to examine acoustics. Yesterday, there was the opening concert, broadcasted live. I must admit: it sounded just great. Everyone did a fantastic job.,festakt130.html entire concert,elbphilharmoniekonzert102.html
  9. Side are the potis, level is an electronic value (attenuation) which is adjustable in the audio input menu. If you select Side only (recommended for more-than-one-man-crew), the electronic "Level" is deactivated (= switched to maximum) and appears as "+99" in the audio status menu.
  10. Maybe anything wrong with Bluetooth on the IOS Device? I always have to cancel Wingman App via double home button before it will reconnect.
  11. Oh, they have new cables with TC. I didn't know them because I bought one long ago and never thought about breakout cables any more. I have this one
  12. I have no Wisycom but everyone I meet who's using it is quite happy with it. There is a nice choice of transmitters for all cases and the Sennheiser 3000/5000 compatibility mode sounds even better than a Sennheiser receiver itself (except the new EK 6042 of course). There are even radio stations here using it for outside broadcasts. But yes, I heard of their bad customer service, but that's about three years ago. Maybe they got better, now established in the market?
  13. Very sad, mostly all of us Germans know exactly this place very well and have been there many times. For work and for holiday.
  14. Have the Ambient. Very light and reliable, works with normal AAs and draws little power. Only negative: It's nearly impossible to mount it somewhere without accessories.