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  1. Things I found Helpful

    Thank you for sharing!
  2. Frequencies in Italy / Lago di Garda

    fmscan.org worked well for me. Italy seems one of the countries for which it's reliable.
  3. microphones near gunshot

    Perhaps there's the opportunity to record a simple dynamic microphone onto a separate track? And there's the need to properly adjust (or even disable) the limiters to avoid heavy pumping after the gunshots.
  4. Sennheiser 6042

    Used the 6042 with 20 year old SK50 too and those transmitters sounded better than ever before. There is no preset for them, but the "5200-II" setting did well. So that's probably a good idea.
  5. 664 Power Issue

    Maybe voltage broke down a little bit once in a while due to a battery issue? The 664 might have recognized this as a weak battery and have cycled down. Perhaps changing the battery type setting will help?
  6. Sennheiser 6042

    Great receiver, I've been using it for about eight months now, mainly with SK5212. And never had issues. It has an excellent range and great filters (I have a hop transmitter in my bag and there are no effects on the EK6042). Very rugged and reliable, best sound. Much less compander artifacts than with the older EKs. The option to receive EW is great too. cons: the slot adapter is too bulky and heavy and the analogue outputs' level is a little too low if you have to use a line input (SD633 Inputs 4-6).
  7. NAB 2018 Products update

    Here in Germany there's 99% V-Lock usage, in film business as well as in ENG/EFP business. So that makes kind of sense for a company based in Munich. But I too think that no cam op would be happy if you show up with such a brickstone, especially if he or she has used Nano Lockits or Tentacles before.
  8. Maybe stolen gear on ebay

  9. Maybe stolen gear on ebay

    Strange. This auction has ended for 1.250 € which is quite low for this combo. Just one of the Schoeps is worth more than that, even used. But no doubt this is an original Sound Devices cardboard box.
  10. Wireless Frequencies Germany and Ireland

    790-823 MHz are already lost to 4G. Fmscan.org works well for Germany to find free channels.
  11. Sound Devices recorders - which way to go?

    I work with both and can say for myself that 664 sounds a little warmer. But there is no difference in preamp noise: both are excellent
  12. sd 664, time code duration, it reset to zero

    Timecode set to Free Run or Ext Tc(Cont)? If in Free Run this is not normal.
  13. 633 firmware improvements

    Inputs 4 to 6 Trim up to 22dB. That's possible on 688 and 664.
  14. Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    That induction inducts the mic itself and the cable between lav and transmitter, I guess, so changing frequencys won't help unfortunately. I even had that once with a wired(!) MK41 (!). Recently talked to a Sennheiser developer about this issue. It was new to him that this is a big problem for us. For oncoming products they will think about testing induction noise (within the other tests a new product runs through before thrown onto the market).
  15. Hearing Follow Focus

    Can be annoying. I experience RF problems too sometimes with Steadycam remotes.