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  1. Neumann RSM 191 Matrix box needed?

    I have done some productions with this mike and it can gave me very very good results, in stereo but also as a dialogue mike using only the M capsule. Vivid and warm - typical Neumann sound. I just stumbled over two points: - You need a very good shock mount and an effective windjammer. - That matrix box is hardly shielded against RF. With an analogue transmitter aside, it "may" work, but with a digital transmitter it's almost impossible. I needed a lot of space between transmitter and matrix box. It worked for me at least with the matrix box as a beltpack on my bottom and the transmitter in the bag. My body worked as an RF blocker so to say. Maybe Neumann has improved this - the ones I used were a few years old.
  2. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    I've got the new version too, and yes, the connector is missing. I didn't mind because I don't need it, but if this annoys you, write a mail to Ron Meyer saying that you had expected more. He seems very cooperative and understanding.
  3. Very interesting. That codec of the (old) N series is superb, also the Cross Remote. I'm curious about them making a new portable receiver too.
  4. Bluetooth sender cheap on amazon

    May this bei useful as a camera return in ENG situations? For checking if the hop works properly. Anyone tried?
  5. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    I muss admit that I never had success hiding an ME2. Additionally to the size that mike is pretty vulnerable to rustling noise. You can try putting it into a furry windjammer like Bubblebee. That's an option for thick clothes of course. Advantage of ME2 is that it has loads of output level. Preamp noise won't bei a problem.
  6. Recording applause in Germany - Advice

    Zeigermann will get you everything if you let them a little time! You can also search for a rental house in the Netherlands that may be located closer to Marl than Hamburg. Don't care about the border - it's EU.
  7. Interference from Movi with wireless hop

    Probably voltage converters? Are Movi, A7S and G3 connected to the same battery? Try powering them idependently.
  8. Any solution for Files backup with Ipad?

    Yes, that's true. I don't know whether this problem has already been solved, but I heard of accidents like that too. Never happened to me though (MacPro, always updated to latest OS). ExFat is still a compromise to serve both Windows and Apple worlds. The good thing with this device is that it writes to 2 drives simultaniously and quite fast, not writing anything onto the cards like a computer does.
  9. Any solution for Files backup with Ipad?

    https://www.nextodi.com/products/nd2901/ Best backup solution and a real problem solver. No computer or pad necessary any more.
  10. Timecode slate

    TC slate is always a good idea, never had anyone complaining or requiring a normal slate instead. It is inevitable for cameras which don't have any useable timecode option. Many shooters show up with an FS7 (without the TC adapter), FS5, Alpha7S, 5D, C100 ...
  11. Frequency Coordination

    Using pre programmed banks / blocks (Sennheiser G3, 2000), using calculation software SIFM (for Sennheiser 5000 series), just leaving recommended space between freqs (digital systems like Sony DWX and Sennheiser 6000/9000). If there are different systems in use I try to seperate them as far away from each other as possible, e.g. Sony 470-478 MHz, Sennheiser 5000 582-596 MHz and G3 658-666, depending on the local freq. availability. Works best for me.
  12. Pocket AES to analogue converter?

    I would like to use wireless receivers with AES out (Sennheiser EK 6042 and Sony DWR-S02DN) on the inputs 4-6 on the 633 and 7-12 on the 664. The analogue output level of these receivers is too low and I've made thoughts trying a different way.
  13. Pocket AES to analogue converter?

    That's indeed worth trying out, thank you. There may be issues with the unbalanced audio when powered through the same battery as the mixer (5 volt converter), but I'll see.
  14. Hi, does anybody know a 2ch, small, portable, light and battery supplied AES-3 to analogue line level converter? I'm looking for something to make some line inputs suitable for occasional use with AES signals. Any ideas? I go mad since I don't find any device like that. Greets Mungo
  15. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    There's a new version shipping right now to cope with larger receivers like the Sennheiser EK 6042.