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  1. Yes, there are thousands of 2000 / 3000 / 5000 and EW SK's and SKM's around, looking for a modern receiver. Tried it out. The EK 6042 does emulate those companders perfectly - even vintage transmitters like the SK50 (still in service) sound better than ever. Very good filters, quick button response, still not enough AF output level for use on LINE inputs though. That programming tool works with internet browser, while the EK is connected and powered via USB to the computer. Ideal to service a big number of EK's.
  2. Impressive! Those carpenters must have been great.
  3. Did that dolly really roll on a wooden boardwalk? How did this sound?
  4. Sony TCD-D7 Consumer DAT recorder. Actually bought it when I was in school and only used it for student projects. Used it as a walkman too, best sounding walkman of all times :-)
  5. interesting to hear & see this working! A large printed out MIDI file.
  6. Highly recommend the IRig Pro. The difference to IRig Pre is that the A/D converter is built in, so you can achieve much better audio performance 24/48. So it's more or less a sound Carl for the phone. Also you can set levels manually with a poti. When the green light switches to yellow, you have reached -10 dBFS. It is connected via Lightning. I used it successfully with a SD 664 with output set to -10. So a wireless "hop" would also work.
  7. PSC has been redesigning the six pack to make the Sennheiser EK6042 fit in. A new version will be released in about two months. Maybe with some other improvements...
  8. Sennheiser EK 6042 Sony DWX-N Sony UWP-D (URX series) Audio Ltd. En2 CX2
  9. Cheaper wireless and that Røde stuff is much more a Job Killer than Automixer in my opinion. As a 633 user I was not familiar at all with this feature and now I tried it out: You need proper signals, proper gain and the knowledge which channels have to be in Automix and which not. And everytime you have to judge by listening if that mix makes sense or not. Otherwise your mix will probably end up in a horrible mess. It's rather a tool. So I think that "Automix" is the wrong word for it.
  10. You can select different line levels by that menu item. But it's not Mic level and not further adjustable.
  11. X1 and X2 are single symmetrical outputs and Tape Out is a 2ch left/right non-symmetrical output with a different level. Although they look the same, they are completely different.
  12. And how about TRIM on inputs 4 to 6 to +22dB?
  13. No sorry, that is of course not correct. I meant carrier instead of bandwith. Oh dear.
  14. + 1 for LSP 500. Very useful tool for many situations. You can also use it for playback in the field to or as a live monitor...
  15. Digital transmitters emit a constant RF stream all over their bandwith. So they interfere more than the FM analogue ones.