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  1. Frequency Coordination

    Using pre programmed banks / blocks (Sennheiser G3, 2000), using calculation software SIFM (for Sennheiser 5000 series), just leaving recommended space between freqs (digital systems like Sony DWX and Sennheiser 6000/9000). If there are different systems in use I try to seperate them as far away from each other as possible, e.g. Sony 470-478 MHz, Sennheiser 5000 582-596 MHz and G3 658-666, depending on the local freq. availability. Works best for me.
  2. Pocket AES to analogue converter?

    I would like to use wireless receivers with AES out (Sennheiser EK 6042 and Sony DWR-S02DN) on the inputs 4-6 on the 633 and 7-12 on the 664. The analogue output level of these receivers is too low and I've made thoughts trying a different way.
  3. Pocket AES to analogue converter?

    That's indeed worth trying out, thank you. There may be issues with the unbalanced audio when powered through the same battery as the mixer (5 volt converter), but I'll see.
  4. Hi, does anybody know a 2ch, small, portable, light and battery supplied AES-3 to analogue line level converter? I'm looking for something to make some line inputs suitable for occasional use with AES signals. Any ideas? I go mad since I don't find any device like that. Greets Mungo
  5. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    There's a new version shipping right now to cope with larger receivers like the Sennheiser EK 6042.
  6. filming in a suana

    Steambath is nearly impossible, maybe a waterproof Lectro with a VT 506 will do. But acoustics in these rooms is another problem: bare walls, horrible echo. Never had issues in dry sauna (with Sennheiser equipment). Major problem was the transmitter and boom getting too hot to hold.
  7. NanoFlash CF recorder (video/audio) replacement

    Depends on the codecs you want to generate. Nanoflash could record in XDCam HD422 1080i, which is still relevant for some TV workflows. There is no other such recorder on the market. Check out the machines from Video Devices and the Blackmagic Videoassist.
  8. Boompole's cable options for SILENT run&gun

    Personal taste. I always use an external cable for that kind of shoots. It's 5 meters long an about half of it is fixed on the bag with a velcro. If I have to use boom's full length, I simply release the velcro. That works really quickly. I can exchange the cable easily when something's wrong and I can switch quickly to overhead miking (talking head Interviews).
  9. Perhaps the ultimate location speaker

    The ultimate survival tool for bad DJ's. "The music's so bad I shoot your speakers!" Seriously, that volt meter is a very very good idea, especially for location work.
  10. Sound Devices Vatican version

    Now we've been waiting for the Nomad "Black Edition"
  11. Noise on the return cable from FS7

    Same experience with a wireless hop (old Sennheiser 5000 stuff): Some returns are clean, some dirty. Especially when camera is recording, there is some periodical beep sometimes. I couldn't figure out yet when it appears but think it depends on the model - maybe some FS7's are ok, some not.
  12. Need Small Phantom Power Thing (Thing?)

    Ambient UMP 2 is perfect: light, small and draws little power. But difficult to mount.
  13. Sound Devices 664 sounds better than 688?

    No doubt of course, especially an internally recorded file. It may be more significant when listening to the outputs: 633: A/D + D/A. 664: all analogue.
  14. Sound Devices 664 sounds better than 688?

    As a regular user of 633 and 664 I experienced a more "analogue" sound on the 664 in contrast to that "digital" 633 (which has a digital signal processing like the 688). The 664 sounds a little warmer, forgiving, the limiters more smooth in my ears, while the 633 is a little harsh sometimes but clean and direct. But I won't judge which is better, it depends on the sounds, the voices, the mikes used. Like the difference of - let's say Sennheiser 5000 series to Lectro Hybrid.
  15. Problems with Wingman

    Same. Using it with Ipad mini 2 and sometimes it just freezes. Record continues, nothing serious happens. I quit the app with the double home button and "push" it away, then start again. Takes only a few seconds. I hope SD will fix this in the future.