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  1. Ursa Pro Mini AES not working

    Like most BMD products, URSA was designed in vacuum without regard to how the real world works. Should it have src on its inputs? Yes. But also should Zaxcom be able to put out an industry standard 48kHz (as well as normal 23.98 LTC)? Yes.
  2. Remoting Nomads Zaxnet Antenna

    This has been sitting in my ebay cart for awhile, https://www.ebay.com/itm/263022626523 I mostly do corporate interviews, so my rubber ducky antenna has worked fine for the past year as I'm at most 10 feet from talent.
  3. Soundbag as Hand Luggage

    I fly with my sound bag as my personal item, a carry on pelican as my "carry on," and if needed a larger pelican with more gear checked. I have a VdB small pole that fits easily in the carry on case, and if needed I can usually get the camera department to pack a longer pole in their tripod case. You need to be careful though, as your flight could be too full to accommodate your carry on, so you'll need to be ready to pull your batteries out and hand carry them on the plane. So because of this it is often worth it to buy the early boarding upgrade. Check with the airlines your are flying for both their rules as well as the destination countries rules. US rules limit you to 100 wH batteries as carry ons, with larger batteries if approved by the airline and pilot (they won't be)
  4. Custom low profile right angle plugs - Seen this?

    for $10 a connector it certainly wins the cost vs. labor debate. The current $20 connectors were too much in my opinion. I've heard rumors that new mini connectors were coming from Cable Techniques, and now that they are here I'll be getting a couple to replace the "good enough" DIY monstrosities in my kit.
  5. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    Not the same, but similar versions Baby pin version: http://www.filmtools.com/carts-and-dollies/cart-accessories/magliner-5-8-side-baby-pin-mag-np-sd.html Dual side mast mount: http://www.filmtools.com/carts-and-dollies/cart-accessories/magliner-antenna-base-for-vert-cart.html
  6. Zaxcom TRXLA-series Protective Case

    Any progress update on this?
  7. 2.4ghz is a frequency not a protocol. Wifi, Bluetooth, Zaxnet, and hundreds of other communications protocols operate within that spectrum
  8. The IFB200 can control parameters of the receivers through the menu system on the IFB200, it can also transmit commands sent from a Zaxcom recorder by sending additional data over the LTC timecode stream. If you went with a QRX235 with the IFB board (or QRX100 with IFB) there is a bluetooth dongle and ZaxMote iOS software... but after the initial release it has all but been forgotten.
  9. BDS connectors

    The Tensility connectors are too short, they'll fit, but they'll have a lot of play as the shank needs to be 12mm long, not 7.5
  10. Roland R88 b and h today only

    It is now marked Discontinued, must have been a firesale to clear old stock
  11. BDS connectors

    I'm in the middle of a bag rebuild/rewire. You can get molded right angle BDS (and Zaxcom QRX) connectors with attached power cable. They are part number CARA761KS07984 from Switchcraft. They are $17 each, which stings when the regular connector is just $3.50, but I've been in a buy once cry once mood lately and I'd rather pay the premium to have exactly what I want in my bag
  12. Recording 160dB?

  13. Recording 160dB?

    Not so much music as burst of LF sine wave
  14. Recording 160dB?

    so you'll want a dynamic mic, the SM58 is allegedly good up to 180dB but you'll need an inline pad as well as treat it as a line level signal. The electrical output of the SM58 at 160 dB SPL is +10 dBV or 3.2 volts. For reference 0.775 volts is equal to 0 dBu or -20 dBFS. That and usually in these "dB drag racing" situations the car needs to be air tight, so you won't be able to sneak an XLR out the door. So if you "need" the sound inside the car, you'll want some sort of recorder that can sustain that environment and vibration. What is most likely is you'll just need audio from outside the car. It'll still be loud as hell, but significantly lower than inside the car, You'll be pushing the limits of your gear but you won't need anything special (other than an inline pad) I'd suggest something like this on your boom, just incase "all the way down" is still too loud - http://www.sescom.com/product.asp?item=SES-MULTI-PAD
  15. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    What cart? I don't see any carts