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  1. Android vs Iphone. Samsung s5.

    I also just got the iPhone 7, it replaced an iPhone 4S that reached software EOL this fall. But after years of hard use it was ready to be replaced new software or not. My whole house is apple. Air Tunes speakers, appleTV, iphones, ipads, and macbooks. so staying in the eco system was the main reason for my update. But the big reason I've stuck with apple for the past 15 years is that their stuff lasts a long time. 5 years with the iphone 4s, 5 1/2 years on my laptop, 4 years on the ipad mini. With any PC or android phone I feel like they have 2 year clock and they are totally done when it runs out
  2. Headphone Switcher

    recently stumbled across this thing. It is a 4 input switcher (with 4 headphone outputs) only about $30. Reviews say it is susceptible to ground loops, but shouldn't be much of a problem unless you are also feeding in hardwired camera returns https://www.amazon.com/LINE5-Multi-channel-Headphone-Switcher-Amplifier/dp/B00HA11KFQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477363348&sr=8-1&keywords=headphone+switch
  3. The "official" cable is $16 on amazon. Stereo in on a 1/8" jack. Then you can slap a comtek, erx, tentacle sync, whatever on the camera. Not worth $100 for the kit. $16? Maybe. https://www.amazon.com/GoPro-3-5mm-Adapter-Official-Accessory/dp/B00A3MY7L8
  4. TA3 (or 5) F right angle connectors that don't suck?

    Where did you order these from? they look great
  5. IPS TV at IBC Amsterdam 2016

    I always enjoy your videos Simon, looking forward to watching them.
  6. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/media/release/20160909-02 I wonder how long it'll take before they make moves towards production sound
  7. Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    SMBus I2C is just serial communication. You'd need something to decipher it and something to display the decoded information. Arduino is an application and compiler that runs code on common microprocessors. You could use a $3 ATtiny85 chip that's a centimeter square driving some status LEDs, so "size" is as big as you make it.
  8. zoom F8 extended knob

    Nice knobs! Kishor, friend, you need to work on your posting. Not sure if it is a translation issue, but you keep using the 'tags' field for your content
  9. I've literally said it 100 times now, the worst thing with this recorder is the name printed on the top of it. You won't find any other company offering an 8 channel recorder for $1000. The preamps are good, the options are decent, the timecode clock (when powered) is stable. This does not replace higher end equipment offered by Sound Devices or Zaxcom, but this is a huge leap forward for the low-mid range professional market. It has faults, but it is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else even close to its price range.
  10. There is no battery/capacitor/power source that remains active if the Zoom F8 is powered off. This isn't something that can be fixed with a firmware update. the RTC is not timecode accurate. The "solution" is to put some AA batteries into the recorder to keep it alive between battery swaps. OR Connect a sync box to the timecode in and not have a problem.
  11. Arthur Modular Mixer

    looks like it uses a 48v DC power supply, wouldn't be too hard to get this running on cart power
  12. Can a digital camera tc drift WHILE rolling?

    Martin, A device cannot drift on its own unless it is being compared to another device keeping time. Every piece of timecode equipment has a level of precision: Sound Devices 688: ± 0.2 ppm (0.5 frames per 24 hours) Zaxcom Nomad: 1.54 PPM (1 frame out in 6 hours) Denecke TS-C: Typical ±0.2 ppm @ 23° C ±1 ppm @ -30° to +75° C Betso SBOX-1N: Temperature compensated oscillator (+/- 0.2 ppm) Less than 0.5 frames / 24 hours If you run them for 24 hours they'll all have slightly different values at the end of the day. Which one has the correct value? All of them? None of them? Did the 688 drift or did the Betso?
  13. Can a digital camera tc drift WHILE rolling?

    How is this related to the question that you original asked and that we all answered?
  14. Can a digital camera tc drift WHILE rolling?

    I think you are fundamentally confused about what drift is. Frames don't get lost or disappear, drift occurs because of the "disagreement" between the length of a frame between different pieces of equipment. The tiny clock inside our recorders, timecode boxes, and slates are typically of better quality (more precise) than those in cameras. Yet we still re-sync everything at lunch because of the inherent limitation of precision electronics. When something "loses 3 frames in a day" it just means the cumulative error in 24 hours puts it 3 frames behind. The reason cameras are notorious for slipping as they roll is because they only reference the precise clock from the LTC timecode box they are jammed with for information when they press record. This isn't a digital vs. analog issue, this is a precision issue
  15. Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    SMBus protocol is publicly published and uses the I2C serial protocol http://smbus.org/specs/smbus110.pdf so you could probably build one on your own in an afternoon with an Arduino