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  1. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    Not the same, but similar versions Baby pin version: http://www.filmtools.com/carts-and-dollies/cart-accessories/magliner-5-8-side-baby-pin-mag-np-sd.html Dual side mast mount: http://www.filmtools.com/carts-and-dollies/cart-accessories/magliner-antenna-base-for-vert-cart.html
  2. Zaxcom TRXLA-series Protective Case

    Any progress update on this?
  3. 2.4ghz is a frequency not a protocol. Wifi, Bluetooth, Zaxnet, and hundreds of other communications protocols operate within that spectrum
  4. The IFB200 can control parameters of the receivers through the menu system on the IFB200, it can also transmit commands sent from a Zaxcom recorder by sending additional data over the LTC timecode stream. If you went with a QRX235 with the IFB board (or QRX100 with IFB) there is a bluetooth dongle and ZaxMote iOS software... but after the initial release it has all but been forgotten.
  5. BDS connectors

    The Tensility connectors are too short, they'll fit, but they'll have a lot of play as the shank needs to be 12mm long, not 7.5
  6. Roland R88 b and h today only

    It is now marked Discontinued, must have been a firesale to clear old stock
  7. BDS connectors

    I'm in the middle of a bag rebuild/rewire. You can get molded right angle BDS (and Zaxcom QRX) connectors with attached power cable. They are part number CARA761KS07984 from Switchcraft. They are $17 each, which stings when the regular connector is just $3.50, but I've been in a buy once cry once mood lately and I'd rather pay the premium to have exactly what I want in my bag
  8. Recording 160dB?

  9. Recording 160dB?

    Not so much music as burst of LF sine wave
  10. Recording 160dB?

    so you'll want a dynamic mic, the SM58 is allegedly good up to 180dB but you'll need an inline pad as well as treat it as a line level signal. The electrical output of the SM58 at 160 dB SPL is +10 dBV or 3.2 volts. For reference 0.775 volts is equal to 0 dBu or -20 dBFS. That and usually in these "dB drag racing" situations the car needs to be air tight, so you won't be able to sneak an XLR out the door. So if you "need" the sound inside the car, you'll want some sort of recorder that can sustain that environment and vibration. What is most likely is you'll just need audio from outside the car. It'll still be loud as hell, but significantly lower than inside the car, You'll be pushing the limits of your gear but you won't need anything special (other than an inline pad) I'd suggest something like this on your boom, just incase "all the way down" is still too loud - http://www.sescom.com/product.asp?item=SES-MULTI-PAD
  11. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    What cart? I don't see any carts
  12. Android vs Iphone. Samsung s5.

    I also just got the iPhone 7, it replaced an iPhone 4S that reached software EOL this fall. But after years of hard use it was ready to be replaced new software or not. My whole house is apple. Air Tunes speakers, appleTV, iphones, ipads, and macbooks. so staying in the eco system was the main reason for my update. But the big reason I've stuck with apple for the past 15 years is that their stuff lasts a long time. 5 years with the iphone 4s, 5 1/2 years on my laptop, 4 years on the ipad mini. With any PC or android phone I feel like they have 2 year clock and they are totally done when it runs out
  13. Headphone Switcher

    recently stumbled across this thing. It is a 4 input switcher (with 4 headphone outputs) only about $30. Reviews say it is susceptible to ground loops, but shouldn't be much of a problem unless you are also feeding in hardwired camera returns https://www.amazon.com/LINE5-Multi-channel-Headphone-Switcher-Amplifier/dp/B00HA11KFQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477363348&sr=8-1&keywords=headphone+switch
  14. The "official" cable is $16 on amazon. Stereo in on a 1/8" jack. Then you can slap a comtek, erx, tentacle sync, whatever on the camera. Not worth $100 for the kit. $16? Maybe. https://www.amazon.com/GoPro-3-5mm-Adapter-Official-Accessory/dp/B00A3MY7L8
  15. TA3 (or 5) F right angle connectors that don't suck?

    Where did you order these from? they look great